How Bethany Schneider's Vivid Argument, and a Leaky Faucet, Sealed a $5.5M Traumatic Brain Injury Verdict

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Jul 18, 2019 3:26:24 PM

Arguing the long-lasting effects of a traumatic brain injury at trial can be difficult.  Symptoms may not be immediately and obviously visible to others, and the defense may argue that the impact of the injury is less than what the accident victim claims. But at trial in June over a traumatic brain injury a Georgia taxi driver suffered, Bethany Schneider’s vivid closing countered defense arguments on the injury's severity and won a seven-figure verdict. 

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Alwyn Fredericks' Opening Statement Paves Way for $3.5M Verdict in TBI Trial |VIDEO|

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Aug 4, 2017 7:38:30 AM

In mild traumatic brain injury cases, jurors may not be able to see the outward symptoms of a plaintiff's brain damage immediately. Because of that, it’s critical for a plaintiff’s attorney to lay the groundwork for a significant damage request by conveying the severity of the injury in the first moments of an opening statement. In Wicker v. American Family Insurance, Cash, Krugler & Fredericks’ Alwyn Fredericks combined visual aids and clear analogies during his opening to set up a seven-figure verdict in his client’s 2015 trial.

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BREAKING VERDICT: $15M Award to Survivor of Truck Crash that Killed 5 Georgia Southern Nursing Students

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Jan 19, 2017 1:28:26 PM

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Update 1/20/17: Jurors awarded $15 million in compensatory damages to Megan Richards for the injuries she suffered in the 2015 trucking crash that killed five of her Georgia Southern University classmates. The jury apportioned 100 percent of fault to trucker John Wayne Johnson and trucking firm Total Transportation of Mississippi LLC. It also found Johnson's actions showed conduct potentially warranting the imposition of punitive damages. However, Bryan County Superior Court Judge Charles Paul Rose told jurors the parties' attorneys agreed to accept the award "as-is," without a determination of punitives. CVN will provide additional news coverage and gavel-to-gavel, on-demand video of the trial as soon as possible. 

Pembroke, GA—Attorneys Tuesday battled over the injuries a former Georgia Southern University nursing student suffered in a fiery tractor trailer collision that killed five of her classmates, as trial opened against the trucker and trucking companies she says are responsible. Richards v. Total Transportation of Mississippi LLC, et al. SUV2015000174. 

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Settlement Halts Slip and Fall, TBI Trial Against Shopping Plaza Just Before Closings

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Sep 29, 2016 11:28:17 AM

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West Palm Beach, FL—A former realtor settled her suit against the Florida property owner and painting company she said were responsible for the fall on a shopping plaza ramp that allegedly caused her traumatic brain and spinal injuries, shortly before closing arguments were expected to begin in the trial. Sumner v. Lantana Palm Beach Retail, et al., 2010CA11199.

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Shopping Center Ramp's Paint Job Caused Traumatic Brain Injury, Attorney Says as Multi-Million-Dollar Slip-and-Fall Trial Opens

Posted by Meghan Gourley on Sep 15, 2016 11:06:15 AM


Palm Beach, FL—A South Florida retail property owner's paint job on an access ramp led to a woman's traumatic brain and spinal injuries, an attorney representing the woman argued as trial opened Wednesday against the property owner and painting contractor. Sumner v. Lantana Palm Beach Retail, et al., 2010CA11199.

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