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Lawyers Argue Over Cause of Smoker's Fatal Cancer, as Trial Starts Against Philip Morris

Johnson & Johnson Reaches Tentative Settlement To Avoid 1st Cosmetic Talc Trial In Connecticut

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Barbershop Products Blamed For Mesothelioma As Latest NJ Cosmetic Talc Trial Begins

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R.J. Reynolds Hit With $12.5M Verdict at Trial Over COPD-Related Death of Former Police Officer

$26.75M Award in Retrial Over Smoker's Death More Than Doubles Original Trial Verdict

Trial Set to Start Over Crash That Florida Woman Says Left Her With TBI

Armored Truck Company Faces Damages Trial Next Week Over Georgia Crash

R.J. Reynolds Prevails Against $7M+ Claim Over Florida Man's Lung Cancer Death

Attorneys Argue What Fueled Florida Police Officer's Smoking, as Wrongful Death Trial Opens Against RJR

Trial to Open Against Georgia Doctor Over Skin Cancer That Cost Patient Most of His Ear

Motorcyclist Awarded $615K Following Damages Trial Stemming From Car Crash

$10.5M Award Handed Down Against Philip Morris at Trial Over Former Marine's Throat Cancer

NJ Jury Slams Johnson & Johnson With $750M Punitive Talc Verdict

Judge Orders J&J To Pay $344M For Deceptive Marketing Of Pelvic Mesh Implants

Attorneys Argue Over Fault for Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer, as Trial Begins Against RJR

Trial Over Exploding Jeep Gas Tank Begins Monday In Ohio, CVN To Webcast Live

Nation’s 1st Keyless Ignition Carbon Monoxide Trial Settled Days Before Opening Statements

Jury Deadlock Leads to Mistrial in Case Against RJR Over WWII Vet's Cancer Death

Johnson & Johnson CEO To Testify Live For First Time In A Cosmetic Talc Trial On Monday

|VIDEO| How Cale Conley's Dose of Humor During Cross Helped Key $6M Med Mal Verdict

First Multi-Plaintiff Monsanto Roundup Delayed By Last Minute Settlement Talks

$0 Punitive Award Follows $2.5M Verdict Against Philip Morris at Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

UPDATE: Crash Case Involving Alleged Brake Failure Settles Days Before Trial

Cigarette Design Cost Former Marine His Voice Box, Attorney Claims as Trial Begins Against Philip Morris

Trial Opens Against RJR Over WWII Vet's Cancer Death After Half-Century of Smoking

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Coca-Cola Loses Initial Trial In ‘Right Of Publicity’ Brawl Over Use Of Juice Seller’s Image

|VIDEO| How Louis La Cava's Closing Helped Clear Doctors at Trial Over Woman's Ectopic Pregnancy

Trial Set to Open Over Death of Stuntman on The Walking Dead

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris and RJR Over Massachusetts Man's Lung Cancer Death

Johnson & Johnson Faces Latest Talc Trials In Missouri and California

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|VIDEO| The Trucking Trial Argument That Delivered an $8M Verdict on $171K in Medical Expenses

Mistrial in $6M+ Case Against Philip Morris Over Smoker's COPD and Fatal Cancer

Coca-Cola Battles Juice Seller’s Grandchildren At Trial Over Right Of Publicity

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KPMG Avoids Damages Over College’s Financial Aid Audits As Malpractice Trial Concludes

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BREAKING: $157M Verdict, Including $148M in Punitives, Slams RJR and Philip Morris in Same-Sex Spouse's Wrongful Death Tobacco Trial

Doctors Prevail in Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Ectopic Pregnancy

Paralyzed Cyclist’s Lawsuit Against City of San Diego Heads To Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

Hospital Settles $63M Brain Damage Trial During Jury Deliberations

Jury Hands Down $42.5M Total Verdict Against Philip Morris and RJR in Retrial Over Smoker's Cancer Death

BREAKING: $8M Verdict Hits Trucking Company for Crash That Injured Georgia Motorcyclist

Jury Awards $9.2M, Plus Punitives TBD, in Same-Sex Spouse's Wrongful Death Case Against Philip Morris and RJR

Trucking Company Faces Trial Next Week Over Georgia Motorcycle Crash

NY Judge Hears Closings In $1B+ Exxon Climate Change Trial, State Drops Key Claims

Substance Abuse & the Bar: A Rare Approach to Treatment

Doctors Accused of Negligence Surrounding Florida Woman's Ectopic Pregnancy, as Trial Opens

Retrial Underway in Wrongful Death Tobacco Case, Months After $17.5M Verdict Thrown Out on Appeal

Georgia Court of Appeals Reverses Decision That Barred Suit Against Grocery Store Over Worker's Fatal Shooting

Latest Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder/Mesothelioma Trial Begins In Los Angeles

|VIDEO| How Paul Weathington's Forceful Closing Cleared Neurologist in $10M Med Mal Trial

R.J. Reynolds Prevails at Trial Over Camel & Kool Smoker's Fatal Cancer

KPMG Faces Malpractice Trial In College’s Lawsuit Over Auditing Of Financial Aid Office

Cause of Smoker's Fatal Cancer a Key as Trial Opens Against R.J. Reynolds

CVN To Webcast Historic Exxon Climate Change Trial Starting Oct. 22

|VIDEO| How Eric Rosen's Closing Rebuttal Helped Deliver an 8-Figure Tobacco Award

|VIDEO| FRG's Brad Thomas & the Closing That Helped Seal a $5M TBI Trial Verdict

California Jury Clears Johnson & Johnson In Cosmetic Talc Powder Retrial

BREAKING UPDATE: Mistrial, as Jury Deadlocks in Georgia Wrongful Death Talc Case Against J&J

Delayed CPR Blamed For Patient’s Brain Damage As $8M+ Medical Malpractice Trial Gets Underway

|VIDEO| Todd Michaels and the Closing That Secured $24.5M Med Mal Verdict

$100M Wrongful Death Trial Over Motorcyclist’s Collision With Armored Truck Settles During Jury Deliberations

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California AG’s Office Asks Judge To Award $800M As Nation’s 1st Pelvic Mesh False Marketing Trial Concludes

$0 Verdict Against RJR, Despite Jury Decision Tying Company's Cigarettes to Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

|BREAKING| Jury Hands Down $9.7M Verdict Against Philip Morris for Massachusetts Smoker's Cancer

|VIDEO| How Nick Rowley's Voir Dire Questions Blunted Adverse Opinion on Damages

Jury Hits Philip Morris With $1.35M Total Verdict in Trial  Over Cancer That Cost Smoker His Larynx

$100M Wrongful Death Trial Over Armored Truck’s Fatal Collision With Motorcyclist Begins In Texas

|VIDEO| How Brantley Rowlen's Closing Walk-Through Helped Clear Atlanta-Area Jazz Club in $2M Slip-and-Fall Trial

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris Over Cancer That Took Florida Smoker's Larynx

Attorneys Battle Over Talc's Alleged Link to Georgia Woman's Cancer Death, as Trial Opens Against J&J

$5M Verdict Slams Party Rental Company Over Bubble Soccer Accident That Injured Teen's Brain

Retrial Begins In $25M California Talc/Mesothelioma Lawsuit After Mistrial

Origin of Florida Smoker's Cancer a Key Question as Trial Opens Against RJR

BREAKING: NJ Jury Awards $37.3M Talc Powder Verdict After Judge Strikes Johnson & Johnson’s Entire Closing Argument

Georgia Trial to Begin Against J&J Over Claim Cosmetic Talc Caused Deadly Ovarian Cancer

Party Rental Company Faces Trial Over Bubble Soccer Accident That Fractured High Schooler's Skull

Attorneys Argue Over Whether Philip Morris Cigarettes Caused Massachusetts Woman's Cancer, as Trial Begins

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BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $572 Million In Bellwether Opioid Lawsuit

BREAKING: $30.8M Verdict Smacks Florida Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Catastrophic Brain Damage

California AG Rests Case In $1B Pelvic Mesh False Marketing Trial

California Attorney Brian Panish Named President Of ‘Inner Circle of Advocates’

Jury Clears RJR and PM at Trial Over Lung Cancer That Killed Florida Man After Half-Century of Smoking

Judge Will Announce Decision In $17B Bellwether Opioid Trial Monday, CVN To Webcast Live

BREAKING: Atlanta Doc Cleared in $10M Trial Over Patient's Blindness

Retrial Opens Against 2 Florida Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Devastating Brain Damage

BREAKING: Metro Atlanta Jazz Club Prevails in $2M Trip-and-Fall Case