Pedestrian Who Fell Into 6-Foot-Deep Trench Accuses Power Company of Negligence as $1.7M+ Trial Opens

$4.5M Verdict in Defective Design Tobacco Case, But Jurors Apportion Fraction of Blame to Cigarette Makers

LA Jury Awards $36.25M To Family Of Motorcyclist Killed By Truck, Beating Insurer’s $2M Settlement Offer

$1.3M Verdict in Tobacco Trial That Raised Questions Over When Punitive Liability Is Triggered

BREAKING: Billion-Dollar Verdict Hits Philip Morris in Massachusetts Cancer Trial

From Crash Cases to Product Liability Trials and More: The Latest Trials You Can Watch in the CVN Library

Cigarette Design the Key Issue as Wrongful Death Trial Opens Against Philip Morris and RJR

RJR Hit With $6M Verdict for the COPD Death of Florida Woman

Three Major Pharmacy Operators Begin Latest Opioid Trial in New Mexico, Watch Online via CVN

Monsanto Prevails at 1st Multi-Plaintiff Roundup Herbicide Trial in Missouri

Jury Awards $8M For FedEx Truck Crash, Beating $1.8M Settlement Offer

BREAKING: Rhode Island Jury Reportedly Awards $4.8M+ In Bellwether Hernia Mesh Trial

Jury Delivers $850K Verdict in Tobacco Trial But Apportions Fraction of Blame to Philip Morris

Rhode Island Jury Hears Closings In Bellwether Hernia Mesh Trial - Watch Online via CVN

Florida Jury Clears Physician Assistant in Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Death

FedEx Faces $5M+ Damages Trial Over Semi-Truck Crash, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

BREAKING: $1.7B Verdict Handed Down Against Ford in Trial Over Fatal Rollover Crash

Med Mal Trial Opens Against Physician Assistant Over Patient's Death From Blood Clot

Jury Told Monsanto Should Pay $215M For School’s Alleged ‘Forever Chemical’ Contamination

Ford's Design Decisions at Issue as Damages Trial Opens Over Fatal Rollover Crash

Monsanto Faces Latest PCB ‘Forever Chemicals’ Trial in Seattle, Watch Online via CVN

Missouri Jury Hears Openings in 1st Multi-Plaintiff Monsanto Roundup Trial, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Opening Statements Take Place in Bellwether Hernia Mesh Trial, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Ford Faces Trial This Week Over Rollover Crash That Killed 2

Monsanto Faces 1st Roundup Weedkiller Trial In St. Louis, MO - CVN to Webcast Gavel-to-Gavel

$7 Billion Awarded To Family Of Elderly Woman Murdered By Cable Company Service Technician

LA Jury Hits Real Estate Agent With $500K Punitive Verdict Over Concealed Fire Damage

$30M Verdict Hits GA Hospital & Doctor in Birth-Injury, Med Mal Trial

Update: Mistrial in Malpractice Case Against Nelson Mullins Atty

Key State Court Hernia Mesh Trial Begins Thursday in Rhode Island, CVN Webcasting Live

Trial Opens Against Georgia Obstetrician Over Child's Catastrophic, Birth-Related Brain Injury

Jurors Award Florida Man $100K in Trial Over Rear-End Crash

Closely Watched Private Plaintiff Opioid Trial Begins Monday In GA, CVN Webcasting Live

Homebuyer Seeks Punitive Damages From Real Estate Agent At Trial Over Allegedly Concealed Fire Damage

Med Mal Trial Opens Tuesday Over Severe Brain Damage GA Child Suffered During Birth

What's New? The Latest Big-Ticket Trial Additions to CVN's Video Library

|VIDEO| The Birth of the Application That Upends Medical Records Collection

Trial Opens Over Rear-End Crash That Florida Man Says Left Him With Long-Term Back Injury

Oregon Jury Awards $1.6M Verdict Against RJR for Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer, but Finds Smoker 50% Responsible

Drug Distributors Face Opioid Trial Tuesday In West Virginia State Court, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

UPDATE: Mistrial in Med Mal Case Over Emory Hospital Patient's Profound Brain Injury |VIDEO|

Jurors Hand Down $1M Award in Wrongful Death Trial Against RJR

$375M Awarded To Family Of Elderly Woman Murdered By Cable Company Field Technician

Florida Jury Clears Philip Morris of Responsibility for Marlboro Smoker's Death

Origin of Marlboro Smoker's Deadly Cancer a Key Question as Trial Opens Against Philip Morris

Woman Hit By Amazon Delivery Van Awarded $5M By California Jury

Trial Opens Against Nelson Mullins Atty Accused of Malpractice in Planning Estate Worth Hundreds of Millions

Charter Communications Faces Texas Civil Trial Over Elderly Woman Murdered By Service Technician

Emory Healthcare Faces Trial Over Hospital Patient's Severe Brain Injury

Jury Returns $21.4M Verdict Against Monsanto In 3rd Trial Over PCB Contamination At Wash. State School

$14M+ Awarded To Cyclist Struck By SUV In No-Offer Case

|VIDEO| Key Moments in a Half-Dozen Recent, Big-Ticket Trials

Woman Run Over By Amazon Delivery Van Seeks $25M At Trial, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Nissan Prevails At $25M+ Trial Over SUV’s Multiple-Fatality Rollover Accident

Trial Opens Over Fiery Fatal Crash On High-Speed Driving Track, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Cyclist Struck By SUV Seeks $18M At Trial, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

CA Jury Awards Deaf Motorcyclist $3M Over Big Rig Truck Crash

Doctor & Nurse Prevail at Trial Over Death of Patient Discharged From GA Emergency Department

Monsanto Faces 4th Trial Over Injuries Supposedly Caused By PCB 'Forever Chemicals' In WA School

Med Mal Trial Begins Against Nurse Practitioner & Dr. Over Patient's Death Hours After ED Discharge

|VIDEO| Florida Opioid Trial Opens Against Walgreens

|VIDEO| How Keith Mitnik's Argument Keyed a $12M+ Verdict Against Florida Rehab Center

Med Mal Trial Set to Begin Over Patient's Death After Emergency Department Discharge

WATCH NOW: Openings of $26M Med Mal Trial

Elite California Attys Begin Damages Trial Over Big Rig Truck Collision with Motorcycle - Watch Online via CVN

Concrete Co. Faces Claim That Mixer's Crash Into Big Rig Ended Trucker's Career, as GA Trial Opens

Jury Hands Down $1.5M Verdict in COPD Trial Against RJR, Finds Smoker Largely at Fault

Product Liability Trial Over Triple Fatality Rollover Involving Nissan SUV Begins

Nissan Faces Trial Over Multiple-Fatality Rollover Accident, CVN To Webcast Gavel-to-Gavel

Trial Begins Against RJR Over Florida Man's COPD Death

First Monsanto Roundup Weedkiller Trial In Missouri Begins Monday, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Opioid Trials Beginning In West Virginia & Florida, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Traffic Safety Co. Prevails In $7M+ Trial Over Motorcyclist’s Collision With Construction Drum

$4.2M Verdict Against RJR Caps MA Trial Over Woman's Fatal Lung Cancer

Update: GA Private-Plaintiff Opioid Trial Continued

Jury Awards $7.2M+ Over Fatal Rear-End Collision, Beating Initial $50K Settlement Offer

As Jury Deliberates, Parties Settle Suit Against Booster Seat Maker Over Crash That Paralyzed Child

$12.35M Verdict, as Life Care Centers of America Found Largely Liable for Patient's Bone-Deep Pressure Sore

Ford Hit With $20M Verdict In Missouri Asbestos Trial

Trial Begins Against R.J. Reynolds Over Massachusetts Woman's Lung Cancer Death

Rhode Island’s Opioid Trial Against Teva Begins Wednesday, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Florida Rehab Facility Faces Trial Over Bone-Deep Pressure Sore Patient Developed

Trial Begins Against Car Seat Manufacturer Over Crash That Paralyzed Toddler

Ford Faces Missouri Asbestos Trial Over Former Mechanic’s Mesothelioma, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

UPDATE: $15.4M+ Total Verdict Against RJR at Trial Over 50-Year-Old Smoker's Death

Motorcycle Passenger Blames Collision with Traffic Drum for Traumatic Brain Injury, CVN Webcasting Trial Gavel-to-Gavel

Monsanto Faces Third Trial over PCB Contamination in Washington State School, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

|VIDEO| The Karen Terry Opening That Set Up $2.4M+ Med Mal Verdict

Healthcare Providers Prevail at $30M+ Malpractice Trial over Teenager’s Blindness

Trial Begins Against RJR Over 50-Year-Old Smoker's Death

$10M+ Malpractice Trial Over Teenager’s Blindness Begins, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Jury Awards $9.75M at Trial over 80-Year-Old Ex-Smoker's Death

MedMal Trial Over Teenager’s Permanent Blindness Begins Monday, CVN To Webcast Gavel-to-Gavel

Jury Awards $10M in Trial Against RJR Over Ex-Smoker's Bladder Cancer

|VIDEO| Kelley | Uustal's Cristina Pierson Breaks Down Trial Over Drilling Accident That Left 9K+ Businesses w/o Water

Trial Begins Against RJR Over Ex-Smoker's Respiratory Disease Death

$10M Verdict Handed Down Against RV Dealership at Trial Over Fatal Collision

|WATCH| A Look Back at CVN's Courtroom Video Highlights of 2021

Trial Opens Over Deadly Florida RV Collision

Trial Over Fatal Collision With RV Set to Begin

Trial Opens Against RJR Over Former Smoker's Bladder Cancer

|VIDEO| Watch Key Moments in a Quartet of Recent Crash Trials

Jury Delivers Defense Verdict at Trial Over Parking Lot Crash

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2021

Jury Finds FL Company Responsible for Break That Left 9,000+ Businesses Without Water

Trial Opens Over Parking Lot Crash Florida Woman Claims Injured Her Back & Shoulder

CVN’s Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts of 2021

Plaintiff Closings Underway in Historic NY Opioid Jury Trial, Watch On-Demand via CVN

Trial Opens Against FL Company Over Break That Left 9,000+ Businesses Without Water

|VIDEO| How Nicholas Maniotis' Challenge to Plaintiff's Credibility Cleared State Farm in Rollover Crash Case

CVN Tobacco Litigation Roundup for November '21

$5.57M Total Verdict Against RJR for 49-Year-Old's Lung Cancer Death

Jury Awards $6M in COPD Trial Against R.J. Reynolds

$1.3M Verdict for Woman Injured in Florida Crash

R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris Prevail at Trial Over Massachusetts Man's Cancer Death

Jury Sides With Michelin In $17M+ Trial Over Allegedly Defective Motorcycle Tire

$5M Verdict Handed Down Against RJR for Camel Smoker's Death

Damages Trial Opens Over Crash That Florida Woman Says Left Her With Life-Long Pain

$95B Opioid Trial Begins Against Drug Distributors, Watch On-Demand via CVN

Los Angeles Jury Awards $21.6M To Parents of Teen Killed By Metro Bus, Beating $4.9M Settlement Offer

Bayer’s Monsanto Hit With $62M Verdict Over PCB Chemicals In WA State School

$17M+ Trial Over Michelin Motorcycle Tire Blowout Begins, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Tobacco Trial Opens With Battle of Timelines Surrounding Ex-Smoker's COPD

CA Judge Gives Drug Cos. 1st Opioid Trial Win - Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Trial Begins Against RJR Over Camel Smoker's Lung Cancer Death

LA Jury Hears Openings in Trial Over Metro Bus’ Fatal Collision with Child Cyclist

Monsanto Faces Closings Tuesday In Trial Over Long-Lasting Chemical “PCB” Contamination

Trial Begins Against RJR & Philip Morris Over MA Smoker's Throat Cancer Death

Trial Over Fatal Metro Bus Collision Begins This Week in Los Angeles, CVN to Webcast Live

$2M  Punitive Award Hits R.J. Reynolds for Smoker's Throat Cancer Death

$450K Verdict Caps Trial Over GA Woman's Injuries in 3-Car Crash

Trial Set to Begin Over 3-Car, GA Crash | CVN to Stream

|VIDEO| These Attorneys' Closings Set Up Verdicts in the Latest Big-Ticket Trials

Punitives-Only Trial Opens Against RJR Over Winston Smoker's Throat Cancer Death

Scissor Lift Manufacturer Wins Directed Verdict Following Month-Long Products Liability Trial

BREAKING: J&J Prevails at Trial Over Retired GA Teacher's Ovarian Cancer Death

CA Jury Awards Fired Professors $2.4M, Including Punitive Damages, In Wrongful Termination Trial

Update: Parties Settle Claims Over Mass-Shooting at E-Sports Tourney

South Carolina Jury Awards $32M Following 4-Day Asbestos Trial

Johnson & Johnson Scores Cosmetic Talc Trial Victory in Missouri

Watch Live via CVN: Chang, Littlepage, Dordick, Fell & More at the TBI MedLegal Conference

Water Heater Parts Supplier Prevails at Trial Over Plumber's Cancer Death

Attys Debate Whether Baby Powder Caused GA Woman's Cancer Death, as Trial Opens Against J&J

Deceased Plumber’s Asbestos Trial Begins Monday in South Carolina, CVN To Webcast Live

Monsanto Faces 2nd Trial Over Alleged PCB Contamination At Washington State School

Trial to Open Monday Against J&J Over Georgia Woman's Cancer Death

Veteran Talc Attys Square Off At St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Trial, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

$43M Verdict Hits Philip Morris for Florida Woman's Cancer Death

Johnson & Johnson Faces Missouri Talc Powder Trial Starting Thursday, CVN To Webcast Gavel-to-Gavel

Watch Lloyd Bell & Michael Geoffroy's Deep Dive Into Demonstratives Free On-Demand

Products Liability Trial Over Fall From Allegedly Defective Scissor Lift Begins, CVN Recording Gavel-to-Gavel

Jury Returns $11M Verdict In Wrongful Death DUI Case With No Settlement Offer

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris Over Link Between Its Virginia Slims & Smoker's Death

BREAKING: $38.8M Wrongful Death Verdict Beats $1M Settlement Offer At Trial Over Girl Killed By Garbage Truck In Crosswalk

Damages Trial Over 80-Year-Old’s DUI Death Gets Underway In Las Vegas

Fired Professors Take California Nursing School To Trial Over Sexual Harassment Investigations, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

|VIDEO| From a 5-Figure Fender Bender Case to a Toxic Tort Trial Mega-Verdict, Watch Key Moments of CVN's Latest Coverage

$10K Verdict Beats $1k Pre-Trial Settlement Offer In Low-Speed Whiplash Case

Garbage Co. Should Pay $65M+ For Fatal Collision With Pedestrian In Crosswalk, Jury Told

Endo Attorneys Spar With Judge Over NY Opioid Trial Default - Watch via CVN

|Video| Nick Rowley Shares the Key Advice He Gives Plaintiffs Before They Testify

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BREAKING: Monsanto Hit With $185M Verdict Over Teachers’ PCB-Related Brain Damage

Elite Trial Attys Gary Dordick & Keith Bremer Square Off Over Police Car Crash, CVN To Webcast Gavel-to-Gavel

|VIDEO| How These Lawyers' Closing Argument Stories Set Up Major Verdicts

BREAKING: California Jury Clears Kia In $83M+ Trial Over Allegedly Defective Seat Belt

|VIDEO| The Closing Theme That Set Up a Blockbuster Verdict in Trial Over Fatal Crash

|VIDEO| Critical Courtroom Moments in CVN's California Coverage This Year

Georgia Appeals Court Throws Out Directed Verdict for Doc Accused of Med Mal That Cost Patient Her Leg

Opening Statements Conclude In Historic New York Opioid Trial, Watch On-Demand via CVN

GA Appeals Court Upholds $6M+ Total Award in TBI Case Involving Man Hit by Falling Pipe

|VIDEO| Did You See That? The Key Moments in CVN's Recent High-Stakes Trials

Opening Statements In New York Opioid Jury Trial Underway, CVN To Webcast Gavel-to-Gavel

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Free CVN Webinar: Breaking Down Historic $123M “Duck Boat” Crash Verdict- Part 2

Bellwether Juul E-Cig Marketing Lawsuit Has Final Pre-Trial Hearing Monday, CVN To Webcast Live

|VIDEO| Lloyd Bell & Michael Geoffroy Break Down the Courtroom Fall That Set Up $15M Verdict

Baker’s Refusal To Sell Cake To Transgender Lawyer Violates State’s Anti-Discrimination Law, Judge Rules

Kia Faces $20M+ In-Person Trial Over Allegedly Defective Seatbelts, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

$2M Punitive Verdict Against RJR Wraps $2.54M Total Award for Smoker's COPD

$540K Verdict + Potential Punitives at Trial Against RJR Over Smoker's Lung Disease

Monsanto’s PCB Chemicals In School Blamed For Allegedly Causing Teachers’ Brain Damage, As In-Person Trial Begins

Georgia Appeals Court Ruling in Med Mal Case Clarifies Effect of Arbitration Clauses

|VIDEO| Top Trial Attys on the Social Media Content That Can Boost Your Law Practice

Monsanto Faces In-Person Trial Over School’s PCB Chemical Contamination, CVN To Webcast Live

Hotel Avoids Damages In $68M Lawsuit Over Child’s Near-Drowning In Hot Tub, Prompting Settlement

|VIDEO| A Trial Lawyer's Guide to the Latest Changes Affecting Medical Records

Jury Told Hotel Should Pay $68M For Child’s Near-Drowning In Hot Tub

Ex-Smoker Awarded $3M In Florida Tobacco Trial Against RJ Reynolds

RJ Reynolds Faces In-Person Florida Tobacco Trial, CVN Webcasting Live

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Trial Court Roundup: $120M Verdict for Man Paralyzed in Crash With Utility Vehicle

Bellwether Trial Over Alleged Parkinson’s Risk From Syngenta’s Herbicide ‘Paraquat’ Begins June 1, CVN To Webcast Live

Virtual Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Talc Trial Begins In Seattle, CVN Webcasting Audio Live

Free CVN Webinar | 2 Top Attorneys Detail How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Practice

$2.4M+ Award in Med Mal Trial Over Robot-Assisted Prostate Surgery

$9.5M Awarded At In-Person Wrongful Death Trial To Adult Children Of Pedestrian Killed In Crosswalk