|VIDEO| GA Jury Awards $28M in Trial Over Fatal Head-On Crash

$34.7M Total Verdict Hits R.J. Reynolds in Retrial Over Florida Smoker's Throat Cancer Death

Jury Hears Openings In $45M+ Childbirth Malpractice Trial - Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

|VIDEO| Key Moments from a Quartet of Recent, Noteworthy Trials

|VIDEO| Shane Read on the Bethany Schneider Closing That Won $5.5M TBI Trial Verdict

Johnson & Johnson Begins Another Florida Cosmetic Talc Trial - Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

California Jury Awards $2.45M In Walmart Parking Lot Slip-and-Fall Trial, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel on CVN

South Carolina Jury Hits John Crane With $1.75M Asbestos Verdict, Watch Full Trial via CVN

|VIDEO| How Katherine Hacker's Video Game-Inspired Demonstrative Helped Clear Monsanto in Roundup Trial

Bank of America Faces Trial Over Shooting At Las Vegas ATM, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Slip-and-Fall Trial Begins Over Pothole in Walmart Parking Lot, Watch Online Via CVN

Gasket Manufacturer Faces Trial Over Maintenance Worker’s Mesothelioma Death - Watch Online via CVN

|VIDEO| Shane Read Outlines How Keith Mitnik Reframed Defense Surveillance Video to Win $2.8M Verdict in Crash Case

Tesla Hit With $60.8M Motorcycle Crash Verdict In Zero-Offer Trial, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Florida Jury Deadlocks In J&J Ovarian Cancer Talc Trial

PacifiCorp Hit With $42M Verdict In 3rd Trial Over Labor Day Fire Damage, Watch Online via CVN

|VIDEO| The Crucial Evidence That Set Up $7M Verdict in Yamaha Rollover Trial

Tesla Faces Indiana Trial Over Truck’s Collision With Motorcyclist, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Trial Over 'Mountain View Fire' Damage Begins Wednesday In LA - Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

|VIDEO| Shane Read Details How This Arash Homampour Closing Keyed a $33.8M+ Verdict

Electric Utility Co. Faces 3rd Class Trial Over Damage from Massive Wildfires, Watch Online via CVN

R.J. Reynolds and Retailers Prevail at Trial Over New Mexico Lung Cancer Patient's Death During Pandemic

$10M Settlement as Jury Deliberates in Trial Over Deadly Crash Involving Big Rig

Trial Opens Against Florida Hospital Over Patient's Post-Op, Infection-Related Death

J&J Faces Talc Trial Over Anesthesiologist’s Ovarian Cancer Death, Watch Online via CVN

Bottled Water Company Hit With $130M Verdict Over Liver Illnesses, Watch Full Trial via CVN

Yamaha Faces Trial Over Golf Car Rollover Crash That Injured Georgia Toddler

Jury Clears ATV Rental Company Of Liability For Rollover Accident

|VIDEO| Veteran Attorneys Detail the Deposition Approaches That Help Win Cases in the Courtroom

Bottled Water Company Facing Damages Trial Over Liver Failure Outbreak, Watch Online via CVN

Trial to Open Over Fatal Georgia Crash Involving Big Rig

Philip Morris Prevails in New Mexico Trial Over Long-Time Marlboro Smoker's Lung Cancer Death

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2023

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts of 2023

Nevada Bottled Water Company Faces Trial Over Alleged Liver Illnesses, Watch Online via CVN

Class-Action Damages Trial Begins Over Oregon’s Labor Day Fires, Watch Online via CVN

Phase 2 Of Class Action Trial Over Oregon’s Labor Day Wildfires Begins Monday, Watch Online via CVN

|WATCH| Trial Consultant Explains How Jeb Butler's Closing on the Value of Life Helped Win a Blockbuster Verdict

|VIDEO| Highlights From Four Recent, Must-Watch Trials

R.J. Reynolds Cleared in Trial Over Massachusetts Man's Bladder Cancer

$16.6M+ Verdict at Trial Over Big Rig Crash That Left Georgia Man With TBI

Trial to Begin Against Trucking Co. Over Claim That Big Rig Crash Left Georgia Man With Brain Injury

MA Jury Hands Down $20M+ Tobacco Trial Verdict Against RJR

|VIDEO| The Ken Reilly Opening That Helped Clear J&J in Blockbuster Talc Case | Teachable Moment of Trial

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Watch: Top Trial Presentation Expert Details Verdict-Winning Demonstratives

Plaintiff Atty Says $31.5M+ Med Mal Verdict Largest in AZ History - Watch Trial Online via CVN

Jury Awards $11M+ in Florida Trial Against RJR & PM Over Smoker's Cancer Death

MGM Hit With $21.7M Verdict Over Electrocution From Hotel Iron Leading To Amputation

Latest Post-Bankruptcy J&J Cosmetic Talc Trial Begins In CA, Watch Online via CVN

|VIDEO| How Christian Morris' Damages Story in Openings Set Up a $7.2M+ Award | CVN's Teachable Moment of Trial

BREAKING: San Diego Jury Hits Monsanto With $332M Roundup Verdict, Watch Online via CVN

Hotel Iron Blamed At Trial For Electric Shock Allegedly Causing Leg Amputation

AZ Jury Hears Opening Statements In Childbirth Brain Injury Trial

Jury Clears Ford In SUV Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Leak Trial, Watch Online via CVN

$1.25M Verdict In Zero-Offer Case Breaks Monsanto’s Roundup Trial Winning Streak

|VIDEO| Key Moments From Four Recent, Headline-Grabbing Trials

Philip Morris Prevails in Trial Over New Mexico Smoker's Death

Florida Jury Awards $1M in Trial Against Philip Morris Over Marlboro Smoker's Cancer Death

San Diego Jury Hears Latest Monsanto Roundup Openings, Trials Continue in MO and PA

|VIDEO| Why This Memorable Demonstrative Helped Win a $10.9M Verdict for a Pedestrian Injured in a California Crosswalk

$200M Verdict Hits RJR for Massachusetts Woman's Lung Cancer Death

Latest Monsanto Roundup Trials Begin in Missouri and California, Watch Online via CVN

|VIDEO| GA Jury Awards $300K at Trial Over Student's Wreck-Related Knee Injuries

BREAKING: Monsanto Wins Directed Verdict In Latest Missouri Roundup Herbicide Trial

Smoker's Ties to Florida a Key as Retrial Opens Against Philip Morris Over His Cancer Death

Massachusetts Trial Begins Against RJR Over Longtime 'Newport' Smoker's Death

|VIDEO| The Unforgettable Demonstrative That Helped Set Up a Massive Trial Verdict

Monsanto Denies Herbicide Cancer Link At Latest Missouri Roundup Trial, Watch Online via CVN

Missouri Jury To Hear Latest Monsanto Roundup Trial Openings, Watch Online via CVN

$20.2M Verdict in Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Death After Receiving Opioids

Los Angeles Jury Rejects $34.7M+ Roller Coaster Brain Injury Lawsuit

Med Mal Trial Opens Over Death of Florida Man Treated With Powerful Painkiller

|VIDEO| How This Closing Demonstrative Helped Clear a Hospital in a Negligence Trial

|VIDEO| How to Avoid the Key Pitfall Attys Face When Working With Medical Experts

Trial Begins Over Deadly Georgia Wreck Involving Big Rig

Watch Historic Montana Youth Climate Change Trial With CVN Video Library Subscription

Following Claims of Juror Misconduct, Georgia Crash Case Settles for $2.05M

$2.3M Verdict Hits Nursing Home in Wrongful Death Trial Over Patient's Bed Sore

LA Jury Awards $30M For Murder Of Child By School Employee, Beating 75K Settlement Offer

|VIDEO| Creating Demonstrative Aids and How Lloyd Bell's Demonstratives Set Up $26M Med Mal Verdict

Trial Begins Against Nursing Home Over Death of Florida Woman Who Developed Severe Bedsore

Six Flags Faces Trial Over Alleged Roller Coaster Brain Injury - Watch Online via CVN

LA School District Faces Trial Over Child’s Fatal Beating - Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

|VIDEO| How One Expert's Ability to "Teach" a Jury Helped Clear a Doctor in $120M Med Mal Trial

BREAKING: Anesthesiologist Cleared of Fault in Med Mal Trial Over "Dancing Doctor" Video

|VIDEO| Major Moments in CVN's Recent Trial Coverage

Trial Set to Open Against Anesthesiologist Involved in Viral "Dancing Doctor" Video

Trial in Hawaii Opens Against Philip Morris Over Ex-Smoker's Lung Cancer

California Jury Awards $18.8M In First Post-Bankruptcy Johnson & Johnson Talc Trial

WATCH: Shane Read Shows You Verdict-Winning Techniques of Top Trial Attorneys

Timeline of Smoker's Fatal Cancer a Key Question as Trial Opens Against Philip Morris

Car Crash Victim Awarded $8.9M, Beating 25K Settlement Offer, Following Rare Directed Verdict Win

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|VIDEO| How Mark Lanier's Cross-Exam Set Up a Headline-Grabbing Trial Win

Florida Jury Awards $132K in Tobacco Trial But Finds Smoker Largely at Fault

|VIDEO| How This Testimony Helped Clear a Surgeon in $120M Med Mal Trial

LA Jury Asked To Award $84M To Man Struck By Drunk Driver, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Doctor Cleared in Med Mal Trial Over Child's Devastating Pancreatitis

|VIDEO| Shane Read, on Building a Strong Cross-Exam & How Elizabeth O'Neill's Cross Helped Secure an Asbestos Trial Win

Punitive Damages Award In Class Action Wildfire Trial Pushes Verdict To $87M+

Trial Begins Against RJR & Philip Morris Over Florida Septuagenarian's Cancer Death

Jury Awards $1.2M for Injuries GA Lawyer Suffered in Rear-End Wreck

BREAKING: Oregon Jury Finds Electric Utility PacifiCorp Liable For Massive Wildfires In Class Action Trial

Trial Begins Against Philip Morris Over Florida Marlboro Smoker's Cancer Death

Up to $40M Sought For Georgia Lawyer's Injuries, as Trial Opens Over Rear-End Car Crash

Jury Awards $4M in Med Mal Trial Over Podiatry Patient's Nerve Injury

Johnson & Johnson’s 1st Post-LTL Bankruptcy Talc Trial Begins, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

|VIDEO| How Brian Panish's Closing Empowered a Jury to Reach an $8.3M Hip Implant Verdict

Monsanto Secures Defense Verdict In Latest Missouri Roundup Herbicide Trial

Jury Finds Engle Tobacco Claim Against R.J. Reynolds Time-Barred

|VIDEO| Highlights From a Trio of CVN’s Latest Trials

|VIDEO| The Defense Acknowledgment That Can Be Crucial at Trial

Johnson & Johnson Faces 1st Cosmetic Talc Trial Since LTL Bankruptcy - Watch Online via CVN

Timeline of Smoker's Fatal COPD at Issue as Trial Opens Against RJR

Jury Awards $21M In Airbag Defect/TBI Trial While Clearing Nissan Of All Liability

Multi-Million Wrongful Death/Dangerous Condition Trial Against City of San Diego Ends With Hung Jury

New Mexico Jury Clears Philip Morris in Trial Over Ex-Smoker's Cancer

Missouri Jury Hears Opening Statements In Latest Monsanto Roundup Trial - Watch Online via CVN

Multi-Billion Dollar Class Action Trial Over Oregon’s ‘Labor Day Fire’ Begins, Watch Online via CVN

|VIDEO| How a Single Statement Set the Stage for a Blockbuster Trial Verdict

Class Action Trial Over Oregon’s ‘Labor Day Fires’ Begins Monday, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Latest Missouri Monsanto ‘Roundup’ Herbicide Trial Begins Monday, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

$0 Punitive Verdict Wraps Wrongful Death Cancer Trial Against RJR

$55M+ Trial Over Allegedly Defective Nissan Airbag Begins, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

GA Jury Delivers $9M Med Mal Verdict for Child's Debilitating Hand Injury

Punitives-Only Retrial Opens Against RJR Over Florida Smoker's Cancer Death

Family Seeks $2.3M+ From City of San Diego In Wrongful Death Dangerous Road Condition Trial

$13.5M Verdict Against RJR Wraps Trial Over 'Camel' Smoker's Cancer Death

|VIDEO| Major Moments in Five of CVN’s Latest Big-Ticket Trials

City Strikes $6M Settlement While Jury Deliberates in Dangerous Condition Wrongful Death Lawsuit

|VIDEO| How Simplifying Complex Medical Concepts Helped Set Up $68.6M Verdict

Watch Top Presenters From The 2023 TBI Med Legal Conference Live In REAL TRIALS via CVN

Trial Opens Against R.J. Reynolds Over  "Camel" Smoker's Cancer Death

Philip Morris & RJR Prevail at Trial Where Parties Disputed Origin of Woman's Deadly Cancer

Former College Soccer Player Awarded $2.8M at Trial Over Rear-End Car Wreck

CVN's Top Trials of 2022: Honorable Mentions!

Trial Opens Over Crash That Ex-Soccer Player Says Left Her With Lifelong Pain

City Crosswalk Design Blamed At Trial For Elderly Pedestrian’s Death, Watch Online via CVN

Jury Awards $29M+ Cosmetic Talc Asbestos Verdict

BREAKING: Trio of Drug Distributors Prevail in Key Private-Plaintiff Opioid Trial

Four Companies Face Cosmetic Talc Claims In South Carolina Asbestos Trial - Watch Online via CVN

$5M Verdict Hits Philip Morris in Trial Over Massachusetts Man's Throat Cancer

Renowned Neurosurgeon Prevails At $120M Malpractice/Battery Trial Over Patient’s Facial Paralysis

Expert Testimony In Zantac Bellwether Previewed At Key Pre-Trial Hearing - Watch Online Via CVN

Defense Prevails At $3.2M+ Trial Over Alleged Spinal Injuries From RV Crash

Jury Returns $47M Med Mal Award To Woman Suffering From ‘Locked-In Syndrome’ Due To Sodium Imbalance

Massachusetts Jury Clears Philip Morris & RJR of Liability for Woman's Cancer Death

Historic Artist’s Family Accuses Bank Of Mismanaging Assets at $85M+ Probate Trial

Attorneys Spar At Las Vegas Trial Over Plaintiff’s Alleged Spinal Injuries Following RV Crash

Jury Awards $6M in Trial Against RJR Over Florida Woman's COPD Death

First-of-Its-Kind, Private-Plaintiff Opioid Trial Opens Against Drug Distributors

Key Private-Plaintiff Opioid Trial Slated to Open Monday in GA

Patient Blames Prominent Neurosurgeon For Permanent Facial Paralysis at Medical Malpractice Trial, Watch Online via CVN

$5M Verdict in Tobacco Trial Over Death of Man Who Was Cigarette-Free for More Than a Decade

$82.6M Verdict in Rapper Flo Rida's Breach of Contract Trial Against Energy Drink Maker

$52M+ Malpractice Trial over Woman’s ‘Locked-In Syndrome' Due To Sodium Imbalance Begins

CVN’s Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2022

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris & RJR Over Massachusetts Woman's Cancer Death

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts of 2022

Texas Jury Clears Johnson & Johnson in $28M+ Pelvic Mesh Product Liability Trial

|VIDEO| Key Moments in Eight of the Latest Headline-Making Trials CVN Has Covered

|VIDEO| The Credibility-Building Testimony That Helped Key a Med Mal Defense Win, in Medical Testimony Master Class

Washington State Jury Awards $82M In Latest Monsanto PCB ‘Forever Chemical’ Trial

$6M Verdict in TBI Trial Over Mall Elevator's Ceiling Panel Collapse

Texas Jury Returns $10M+ Medical Malpractice Verdict For Paralyzed Patient, Beating Hospital’s $450K Settlement Offer

|VIDEO| The Mark Lanier Trial Notes That Helped Win a Massive Talc Case Verdict

TBI Trial Opens Against Mall Owner Accused of Fault for Elevator Ceiling Panel Collapse

Trial Opens Against R.J. Reynolds Over New Mexico Man's Throat Cancer Death

Texas Hospital’s Allegedly Delayed Treatment Blamed At Trial for Woman’s Paralysis, Watch Online via CVN

Walmart Prevails in Slip-and-Fall Trial Over Florida Mother's Back Injuries

Texas Jury Hears Openings In Johnson & Johnson Pelvic Mesh Trial, Watch Online via CVN

$14M Wrongful Death Tire Trial Settles During Jury Deliberations

NCAA Prevails At $55M Bellwether Trial Over Ex-USC Football Player’s Head Injuries, Watch Online via CVN

Iowa Jury Returns $27M Malpractice Verdict Over Delayed Meningitis Diagnosis, Beating $250k Settlement Offer

|VIDEO| How Expert Testimony Helped Win a $14.1M Crash Case Verdict, in Medical Testimony Master Class

$25 Million Medical Malpractice Trial Begins in Iowa, Watch Online via CVN

Tire Tread Separation Blamed At Trial For Triple-Fatality Rollover Accident, Watch Online via CVN

California Jury Clears Hospital In Bellwether Trial Over Alleged Use of Counterfeit Spinal Implants

$68.6M+ Award in Med Mal Trial Over Woman's Profound Brain Injury Following Sodium Imbalance

Wrongful Death Tire Tread Separation Trial Begins in San Diego, Watch Online via CVN

St. Louis Jury Hears Openings in Latest Monsanto Weedkiller Trial, Watch Online via CVN

Florida Jury Clears Philip Morris & RJR of Responsibility for Reverend's Lung Cancer Death

Monsanto Faces 1st Roundup Herbicide Trials in Florida and St. Louis, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Trial Over NCAA’s Alleged Responsibility For USC Linebacker’s Brain Damage Begins, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

$75M Verdict in Med Mal Trial Over Stroke That Profoundly Paralyzed Patient

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris & RJR Over Florida Reverend's Lung Cancer Death

Med Mal Trial Set to Open Over Florida Woman's Catastrophic Injuries Following Electrolyte Imbalance

Jury Hits Monsanto With $275M Verdict In Latest Trial Over PCB Exposure in Washington State School

Tobacco Companies Prevail at Trial Over Cancer Death of Grocer Who Emigrated From Cuba

Defense Prevails In $13.7M+ Trial Over Pedestrian’s Fall Into 6-Foot Construction Trench

Bellwether Trial Over Alleged Use of Counterfeit Spinal Implants Begins, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Family of Man Killed in Altercation with City Workers Awarded $33.8M+, Beating $3.5M Settlement Offer

NCAA Faces Trial Over Deceased USC Linebacker’s Head Injuries, Watch Gavel-to-Gavel via CVN

Trial Opens in $200M Med Mal Suit Over Stroke That Left GA Man With "Locked-In Syndrome"

Jury Deliberating in Latest Trial over Contamination by Monsanto's 'Forever Chemicals' at Washington State School

Med Mal Trial Set to Open Over Stroke That Left Georgia Man With "Locked-In Syndrome"

Pedestrian Who Fell Into 6-Foot-Deep Trench Accuses Power Company of Negligence as $1.7M+ Trial Opens

$4.5M Verdict in Defective Design Tobacco Case, But Jurors Apportion Fraction of Blame to Cigarette Makers

LA Jury Awards $36.25M To Family Of Motorcyclist Killed By Truck, Beating Insurer’s $2M Settlement Offer