Key Civil Trials To Watch As Courts Shut Down By Coronavirus Get Back To Business

Who We're Watching: CVN's Best of the Best

|VIDEO| How Mark Avera's Closing Set Up a $30.8M Verdict in TBI Trial

|VIDEO| CVN Tobacco's Top of '20 (So Far): This Attorney Cleared RJR in $7M+ Cancer Case, Adding to His Winning Streak

|VIDEO| CVN Tobacco's Top of '20 (So Far): These Attorneys Keyed a $26M+ Award in Cancer Case Retrial

As Coronavirus Closures Continue, Lawyers Find High-Stakes Meetings Need This Customized Approach

Free Feature Trial: Watch Brian Panish & Rex Parris Win $52.8M Verdict in Truck Crash Case

Here's a case-by-case breakdown of all the cosmetic talc trials in CVN's online video library

Landmark Decision on Medical Records Turns Attorneys to a Unique Solution

|VIDEO| Take a Work-From-Home Break With Some of Our Best Trial Highlights

New Jersey Talc Trial On Hold, Other Talc Trial Dates Uncertain As Coronavirus Disrupts Court Dockets Nationwide

|VIDEO| How Jones Day's Emily Baker Helped Secure a $0 Verdict in Cancer Trial Against RJR

Florida Tobacco Trial Suspended as Coronavirus Impact Spreads

Attorneys Debate Cause of Trucker's Paralysis, as Big Rig Rollover Trial Opens Against Seat Manufacturer

As Coronavirus Spreads, Firms Turn to This High-Tech Answer

Lawyers Argue Over Cause of Smoker's Fatal Cancer, as Trial Starts Against Philip Morris

Johnson & Johnson Reaches Tentative Settlement To Avoid 1st Cosmetic Talc Trial In Connecticut

Big Rig Rollover Trial Set to Start Against Companies Trucker Blames for His Paralysis

Barbershop Products Blamed For Mesothelioma As Latest NJ Cosmetic Talc Trial Begins

|VIDEO| How Joseph Wilson's Riveting Opening Set Up $584K Verdict in Armored Truck Crash Trial

Florida Jury Awards $160K to Woman for Crash She Says Caused Traumatic Brain Injury

|VIDEO| How Arash Homampour's Rebuttal Helped Swing Verdict in Trial Over Crash That Paralyzed Cyclist

Lessons from A2L: How-Tos for Last-Minute, Pre-Trial Prep

Jury Awards $584K to Georgia Woman Injured in Armored Truck Crash

Closely-Watched Lawsuit Over ‘PFAS’ Groundwater Contamination Heads To Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

The Key Role Law Firm Wellness Officers Can Play in Addressing Substance-Related Problems

Car Crash Left Florida Dance Instructor With Traumatic Brain Injury, Atty Says as Trial Opens

R.J. Reynolds Hit With $12.5M Verdict at Trial Over COPD-Related Death of Former Police Officer

$26.75M Award in Retrial Over Smoker's Death More Than Doubles Original Trial Verdict

Trial Set to Start Over Crash That Florida Woman Says Left Her With TBI

Armored Truck Company Faces Damages Trial Next Week Over Georgia Crash

R.J. Reynolds Prevails Against $7M+ Claim Over Florida Man's Lung Cancer Death

Attorneys Argue What Fueled Florida Police Officer's Smoking, as Wrongful Death Trial Opens Against RJR

Trial to Open Against Georgia Doctor Over Skin Cancer That Cost Patient Most of His Ear

Motorcyclist Awarded $615K Following Damages Trial Stemming From Car Crash

$10.5M Award Handed Down Against Philip Morris at Trial Over Former Marine's Throat Cancer

NJ Jury Slams Johnson & Johnson With $750M Punitive Talc Verdict

Judge Orders J&J To Pay $344M For Deceptive Marketing Of Pelvic Mesh Implants

Attorneys Argue Over Fault for Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer, as Trial Begins Against RJR

Trial Over Exploding Jeep Gas Tank Begins Monday In Ohio, CVN To Webcast Live

Nation’s 1st Keyless Ignition Carbon Monoxide Trial Settled Days Before Opening Statements

Jury Deadlock Leads to Mistrial in Case Against RJR Over WWII Vet's Cancer Death

Johnson & Johnson CEO To Testify Live For First Time In A Cosmetic Talc Trial On Monday

|VIDEO| How Cale Conley's Dose of Humor During Cross Helped Key $6M Med Mal Verdict

First Multi-Plaintiff Monsanto Roundup Delayed By Last Minute Settlement Talks

$0 Punitive Award Follows $2.5M Verdict Against Philip Morris at Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

UPDATE: Crash Case Involving Alleged Brake Failure Settles Days Before Trial

Cigarette Design Cost Former Marine His Voice Box, Attorney Claims as Trial Begins Against Philip Morris

Trial Opens Against RJR Over WWII Vet's Cancer Death After Half-Century of Smoking

J&J Reaches Rare Mid-Trial Talc Settlement In CA, Faces Punitive Phase In NJ Trial

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2019

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris Over 41-Year-Old Smoker's Fatal Cancer

CVN Georgia's Plaintiff's Attorney of 2019 Made Headlines With High-Profile Verdicts

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts of 2019

CVN Georgia's Defense Attorney of 2019 Won a Pair of Major Med Mal Trials

Pair of Lawyers Named CVN Engle Plaintiff's Attorneys of 2019

Jury Delivers Win For Johnson & Johnson At $5B+ Talc Powder Trial

Jury Sides With Philip Morris & RJR at Trial Over Massachusetts Man's Lung Cancer Death

CVN's Engle Defense Attorney of 2019 Notched a Pair of Key Wins

BREAKING: $8.6M Verdict for Death of Stuntman on Set of The Walking Dead |VIDEO|

Why More Lawyers Are Turning to a Concierge-Level Teleconference Solution

A Bird's Eye View Summary Of CVN's 2019 Cosmetic Talc Trial Coverage

A Look Back At 80 Of CVN’s Most Impressive Plaintiff & Defense Verdicts

BREAKING: J&J Prevails at Trial Over California Woman's Claim Baby Powder Caused Her Cancer

CVN Florida's Plaintiff's Attorney of 2019 Won a Pair of Blockbuster Crash Verdicts

CVN Florida's Defense Attorney of 2019 Cleared Nutrition Company at Trial Over Man's Liver Failure

What Caused Stuntman's Death on The Walking Dead Set? Jurors Hear Competing Theories as Trial Opens

Jury Blames Dangerous Park Road For Crash That Left Cyclist Paralyzed

Coca-Cola Loses Initial Trial In ‘Right Of Publicity’ Brawl Over Use Of Juice Seller’s Image

|VIDEO| How Louis La Cava's Closing Helped Clear Doctors at Trial Over Woman's Ectopic Pregnancy

Trial Set to Open Over Death of Stuntman on The Walking Dead

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris and RJR Over Massachusetts Man's Lung Cancer Death

Johnson & Johnson Faces Latest Talc Trials In Missouri and California

Holiday Film Overload? Take a Break With These Trial Highlights

|VIDEO| The Trucking Trial Argument That Delivered an $8M Verdict on $171K in Medical Expenses

Mistrial in $6M+ Case Against Philip Morris Over Smoker's COPD and Fatal Cancer

Coca-Cola Battles Juice Seller’s Grandchildren At Trial Over Right Of Publicity

Money on the Table: The Biggest Mistake Attorneys Make in Mediation

KPMG Avoids Damages Over College’s Financial Aid Audits As Malpractice Trial Concludes

CVN Profile: 2019 CAALA Trial Lawyer of the Year Steve Vartazarian

BREAKING: $157M Verdict, Including $148M in Punitives, Slams RJR and Philip Morris in Same-Sex Spouse's Wrongful Death Tobacco Trial

Doctors Prevail in Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Ectopic Pregnancy

Paralyzed Cyclist’s Lawsuit Against City of San Diego Heads To Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

Hospital Settles $63M Brain Damage Trial During Jury Deliberations

Jury Hands Down $42.5M Total Verdict Against Philip Morris and RJR in Retrial Over Smoker's Cancer Death

BREAKING: $8M Verdict Hits Trucking Company for Crash That Injured Georgia Motorcyclist

Jury Awards $9.2M, Plus Punitives TBD, in Same-Sex Spouse's Wrongful Death Case Against Philip Morris and RJR

Trucking Company Faces Trial Next Week Over Georgia Motorcycle Crash

NY Judge Hears Closings In $1B+ Exxon Climate Change Trial, State Drops Key Claims

Substance Abuse & the Bar: A Rare Approach to Treatment

Doctors Accused of Negligence Surrounding Florida Woman's Ectopic Pregnancy, as Trial Opens

Retrial Underway in Wrongful Death Tobacco Case, Months After $17.5M Verdict Thrown Out on Appeal

Georgia Court of Appeals Reverses Decision That Barred Suit Against Grocery Store Over Worker's Fatal Shooting

Latest Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder/Mesothelioma Trial Begins In Los Angeles

|VIDEO| How Paul Weathington's Forceful Closing Cleared Neurologist in $10M Med Mal Trial

R.J. Reynolds Prevails at Trial Over Camel & Kool Smoker's Fatal Cancer

KPMG Faces Malpractice Trial In College’s Lawsuit Over Auditing Of Financial Aid Office

Cause of Smoker's Fatal Cancer a Key as Trial Opens Against R.J. Reynolds

CVN To Webcast Historic Exxon Climate Change Trial Starting Oct. 22

|VIDEO| How Eric Rosen's Closing Rebuttal Helped Deliver an 8-Figure Tobacco Award

|VIDEO| FRG's Brad Thomas & the Closing That Helped Seal a $5M TBI Trial Verdict

California Jury Clears Johnson & Johnson In Cosmetic Talc Powder Retrial

BREAKING UPDATE: Mistrial, as Jury Deadlocks in Georgia Wrongful Death Talc Case Against J&J

Delayed CPR Blamed For Patient’s Brain Damage As $8M+ Medical Malpractice Trial Gets Underway

|VIDEO| Todd Michaels and the Closing That Secured $24.5M Med Mal Verdict

$100M Wrongful Death Trial Over Motorcyclist’s Collision With Armored Truck Settles During Jury Deliberations

October's FREE Feature Trial: Surgeon Is Cleared in Wrongful Death Med Mal Case

The Big-Ticket Trials Just Added to CVN's Library

California AG’s Office Asks Judge To Award $800M As Nation’s 1st Pelvic Mesh False Marketing Trial Concludes

$0 Verdict Against RJR, Despite Jury Decision Tying Company's Cigarettes to Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

|BREAKING| Jury Hands Down $9.7M Verdict Against Philip Morris for Massachusetts Smoker's Cancer

|VIDEO| How Nick Rowley's Voir Dire Questions Blunted Adverse Opinion on Damages

Jury Hits Philip Morris With $1.35M Total Verdict in Trial  Over Cancer That Cost Smoker His Larynx

$100M Wrongful Death Trial Over Armored Truck’s Fatal Collision With Motorcyclist Begins In Texas

|VIDEO| How Brantley Rowlen's Closing Walk-Through Helped Clear Atlanta-Area Jazz Club in $2M Slip-and-Fall Trial

Trial Opens Against Philip Morris Over Cancer That Took Florida Smoker's Larynx

Attorneys Battle Over Talc's Alleged Link to Georgia Woman's Cancer Death, as Trial Opens Against J&J

$5M Verdict Slams Party Rental Company Over Bubble Soccer Accident That Injured Teen's Brain

Retrial Begins In $25M California Talc/Mesothelioma Lawsuit After Mistrial

Origin of Florida Smoker's Cancer a Key Question as Trial Opens Against RJR

BREAKING: NJ Jury Awards $37.3M Talc Powder Verdict After Judge Strikes Johnson & Johnson’s Entire Closing Argument

Georgia Trial to Begin Against J&J Over Claim Cosmetic Talc Caused Deadly Ovarian Cancer

Party Rental Company Faces Trial Over Bubble Soccer Accident That Fractured High Schooler's Skull

Attorneys Argue Over Whether Philip Morris Cigarettes Caused Massachusetts Woman's Cancer, as Trial Begins

September's FREE Feature Trial: Ford Prevails Over Claims Its Airbag System Caused Deadly Crash

CVN’s Top August Cosmetic Talc Headline Highlights

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $572 Million In Bellwether Opioid Lawsuit

BREAKING: $30.8M Verdict Smacks Florida Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Catastrophic Brain Damage

California AG Rests Case In $1B Pelvic Mesh False Marketing Trial

California Attorney Brian Panish Named President Of ‘Inner Circle of Advocates’

Jury Clears RJR and PM at Trial Over Lung Cancer That Killed Florida Man After Half-Century of Smoking

Judge Will Announce Decision In $17B Bellwether Opioid Trial Monday, CVN To Webcast Live

BREAKING: Atlanta Doc Cleared in $10M Trial Over Patient's Blindness

Retrial Opens Against 2 Florida Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Devastating Brain Damage

BREAKING: Metro Atlanta Jazz Club Prevails in $2M Trip-and-Fall Case

Tobacco Conspiracy Led to Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer, Attorney Claims as Trial Opens Against PM & RJR

|BREAKING| Massachusetts Jury Slaps Philip Morris With $21M Verdict for Smoker's Fatal Cancer

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|VIDEO| How Kathryn S. Lehman's Medical Causation Argument Helped Clear RJR in Cancer Trial

CVN’s Top 10 Favorite Courtroom Movie Scenes

CVN's Free Feature Trial: Watch Brian Panish Spearhead $15.3M Win for CA Bus Passenger's Back Injury

BREAKING: J&J and Colgate Score Win At 1st Cosmetic Talc Trial in Kentucky

|BREAKING| RJR Prevails in Trial Over 42-Year-Old Florida Woman's Cancer Death

|VIDEO| How Wade Copeland's Closing on Credibility Cleared Doctor in $6M+ Med Mal Case

Attorneys Debate Philip Morris' Role in Massachusetts Smoker's Death, as Trial Begins

|VIDEO| How Lloyd Bell Deftly Countered Defense Arguments in 7-Figure Med Mal Amputation Case

RJR Argues Florida Smoker Did Not Have Primary Lung Cancer, as Trial Over Her Death Begins

CVN’s Top July Cosmetic Talc Headline Highlights

RJR Prevails at Trial Over Death of Woman Who Never Smoked the Company's Cigarettes

Trial In California’s $1B Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson Gets Underway

Damages Retrial In Zimmer Hip Implant Case Begins Monday, CVN To Webcast Live

How Bethany Schneider's Vivid Argument, and a Leaky Faucet, Sealed a $5.5M Traumatic Brain Injury Verdict

Wounded Former Student Awarded $3.8M In School Shooting Civil Trial

Trial Begins Against RJR Over Death of Woman Who Never Smoked Its Cigarettes

Attorney Seeks $45M In Damages At Nation’s 1st School Shooting Civil Trial

J&J Faces Cosmetic Talc Trials In California, Kentucky and New Jersey - CVN To Webcast All 3

1st State AG-led Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Heads To Trial In California, CVN To Webcast Live

How Attorneys are Winning the Battle of Experts by Turning to a Sophisticated Ally

Watch This Month's FREE Feature Trial: Ambulance Crash Case Yields Multi-Million-Dollar Verdict

Florida Jury Awards $10.6M at Trial Against RJR Over Cancer Death of Woman Who Began Smoking at 31

Former Mechanic’s Benzene Exposure Lawsuit Heads To Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

New Jury To Consider Punitive Damages For Johnson & Johnson Following $12M Talc Powder Verdict

Attorneys Debate Whether RJR Is Responsible for Cancer Death of Woman Who Started Smoking at 31

|BREAKING| RJR Cleared in Retrial of Wrongful Death Case That Produced $23B+ Verdict in 1st Trial

|VIDEO| How Jonathan Gdanski's Teacher-Student Analogy Helped Deliver 8-Figure Verdict in Tobacco Case

California Jury Hears Openings In Nation’s 1st School Shooting Negligence Trial

|BREAKING| $5.5M Verdict Hits Building Contractor for Brain Injury Man Suffered at Georgia Hotel

|BREAKING| $8.97M Verdict Against Domino's Pizza Over Crash That Ultimately Killed Former Fire Chief

Trial Set to Start Against Atlanta Hotel Over Claims Falling Pipe Left Taxi Driver With Brain Damage

Retrial Begins Against RJR in Cancer Case That Produced $23.6B Verdict Its 1st Time Before a Jury

Domino's Pizza Accused of Responsibility for Florida Crash That Killed Former Fire Chief, as Trial Opens

California Jury Awards $12M in 1st Joint Colgate, Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Trial

Jury Deliberating In 1st Joint Colgate/Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Talc Trial

CVN's FREE Feature Trial: 7-Figure Verdict Over Crash That Killed Florida Doctor

New Study Reveals Startling Hidden Costs to Law Firms & How Practices Combat Them

|VIDEO| The Testimony Central to $11M GA Crash Case Verdict | AMFS Expert Commentary

$17M+ Verdict Smacks R.J. Reynolds Over Massachusetts Smoker's Lung Cancer Death

UPDATE: Settlement Before Trial Over Birthday Crash That Killed Georgia Woman

Jury Rejects Celebrity Plastic Surgeon’s Product Liability Lawsuit Over Allegedly Defective Fat Removal Laser

Jury Awards No Compensatory Damages But Hits RJR With $1M in Punitives Over Smoker's Throat Cancer

South Carolina Jury Finds No Asbestos In Johnson & Johnson’s Talc-Based Baby Powder

|VIDEO| How Pete Law Highlighted His Atlanta Roots to Help Deliver 8-Figure Verdict in N. GA Crash Case

What Opioid Litigation Heavyweights Are Hearing on Newest Changes Surrounding Cases

Jury Awards $3.75M in Trial Against RJR Over "Greatest Generation" Smoker's Fatal COPD

Judge Declares Mistrial Due to Plaintiff's Death in Case Against Philip Morris and RJR

CVN To Webcast Nation’s 1st Opioid Crisis Trial

BREAKING: $21.6M Verdict for Crash That Cost Man His Leg, While Trucking Co. Found 99.99% at Fault

RJR on Trial for Cancer That Took Woman's Voice Box

Tesla Faces 1st Trial Stemming From Allegedly Unsafe Workplace Conditions, CVN To Webcast Live

Numerous Johnson & Johnson Talc Cases Remanded To State Courts, South Carolina Trial Gets Underway

Attorneys Argue Blame Over Devastating GA Truck Crash, as Trial Opens

Trial to Open Over Rainy Day Crash That Cost Man His Leg

RJR Cleared, PM Assigned a Fraction of Fault for Smoker's Cancer & COPD, Likely Slashing $1.6M Verdict

RJR Accused of Fault for "Greatest Generation" Smoker's COPD Death, as Trial Opens

After Week-Long Break, Closings Expected in Cancer Trial Against Philip Morris & RJR

Jury Hears Opening Statements In 1st Joint Colgate/Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Talc Trial

|VIDEO| Karen Koehler Channels Boat Captain in Opening That Sets Up $123M Crash Case Win

Trial to Open Against GA Doctor Over Claims Epidural Caused Patient's Nerve Damage

Jurors Award $400K in Cancer Claim Against RJR, Find Smoker 75% at Fault

Doctors Hit With $24.5M Verdict for Death of Florida Mother Following Childbirth

Attorneys Argue Cause of Smoker's Stroke, as Trial Begins Against Philip Morris

|VIDEO| Roderick Edmond's Closing Secures $3M Verdict Against Nurses in Wrongful Death Case

Washington State AG’s Ethicon Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Headed To Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

First Joint Colgate/Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Talc Trial Gets Underway, CVN To Webcast Live

BREAKING: Kroger-Owned Nutrition Company Cleared at Trial Over Man's Liver Failure

CVN Launches Free Feature Trial Access with $72M+ Case Over Apartment's Gas Line Explosion

Jury Finds Smoker's Heart Disease Claim Against RJR Time-Barred

City Of Long Beach Prevails At $40M Vehicle Rollover Trial Stemming From Allegedly Unsafe Road Conditions

$16M Punitive Verdict Against RJR Exceeds $10M Punitive Request in FL Non-Engle Cancer Trial

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Blames Allegedly Defective Laser For Patient’s Burns At Product Liability Trial

Green Tea Extract Cost Man His Liver, Atty Claims as Trial Opens Against Kroger-Owned Nutrition Co.

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson Reaches 1st Mid-Trial Cosmetic Talc Settlement

BREAKING: RJR Prevails in Massachusetts Trial Over Nurse's Lung Cancer Death

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson Prevails In New Jersey Cosmetic Talc Trial

$10M Total Verdict in Wrongful Death Cancer Case Against RJR and Philip Morris

|VIDEO| How Scott Bailey's Closing Helped Clear Atlanta Doc at Trial Over TV Director's Fatal Heart Attack

Closings And Openings Begin Monday In New Jersey And California Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Talc Trials

$800K Punitive Verdict Handed Down Against Philip Morris for Smoker's Lung Cancer

$45.8M Med Mal Verdict Stands, Georgia Appeals Court Rules

Jury Awards $50K at Trial Over Smoker's Death, Pins Only 20% of Blame on Philip Morris

$347M Trial Over Las Vegas Sands Macau Casinos Settles After Opening Statements

Massachusetts Jury Hears Openings in Wrongful Death Tobacco Trial Against RJR & Grocery Chain

California Jury Hits Johnson & Johnson With $29M+ Verdict In Latest Talc/Mesothelioma Trial

Attorneys Face Off Over Conspiracy's Role in Smoker's Death, as Trial Starts Against Tobacco Giants

Allegedly Unsafe Road Conditions Blamed At Trial For Passenger’s Brain Injury In Rollover Accident

February's Hottest Trials in the CVN Library

Retrial in $100M Suit Over Las Vegas Sands’ Macau Casinos Begins Monday, CVN To Webcast Live

|VIDEO| What Joe Fried Showed Jurors in Closings Helped Deliver Eight-Figure Verdict in TBI Trial

New Jersey Jury Hears Opening Statements In Latest Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Trial

$37M Award Slams Philip Morris & RJR at Trial Over Smoker's Cancer, COPD Death

Jury Awards $10M at Trial Against R.J. Reynolds Over Smoker's Stomach Cancer

|BREAKING| Mistrial in $46M+ Case Against 2 Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Severe Brain Damage

Philip Morris Hit With $2.5M Verdict, but Escapes Punitives, in Trial Over FL Trucker's Lung Cancer

|BREAKING UPDATE| $1M Verdict Handed Down Against RJR for Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

Openings Begin Monday In Latest New Jersey J&J Talc Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

$31M+ Trial Opens Against 2 Florida Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Catastrophic Brain Damage

$1.19M Awarded To Elderly Woman Thrown From Defective Wheelchair Lift

Trial Begins Against RJR, Philip Morris Over Smoker's Death After Losing Lung to Cancer

Searcy Denney, King & Spalding Attys Debate Cause of Smoker's Death, as Trial Opens Against RJR

January's Hottest Trials From CVN's Video Library

Jury Slaps RJR With $13.5M Punitive Verdict at Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Throat Cancer

Disney Found 40% Liable for Food Court Accident, Jury Awards Less Than $60K on Guest's $11M+ Claim

Jury Awards $123M To Victims Of Multi-Fatality Duck Boat Crash

Trucking Co. Hit With $11M+ Wrongful Death Verdict Over Illegally Parked Big Rig

$1M Settlement With 1 Doc, Directed Verdict for Another Wraps Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Leg Amputation

Walt Disney World Resort Accident Left Georgia Woman With Rare Nerve Disorder, Atty Claims as Trial Begins

Jurors Clear RJR at Trial Over $15M+ Claim Nicotine Addiction Killed Vietnam Vet

Closing Arguments Underway At $300M Trial Over Multi-Fatality “Duck Boat” Crash

Disney's U.S. Parks & Resorts Arm Faces Trial Next Week Over Guest's Foot Injury

Settlement During Punitive Phase Follows $2M Compensatory Verdict Against RJR for Smoker's Fatal Cancer

Union Carbide Ducks Punitive Damages After New Jersey Jury Delivers $2.38M Asbestos Verdict

Allegedly Illegally Parked Big Rig Truck Blamed At Trial For Deadly Freeway Collision

Lung Cancer Treatment, Smoking-Related COPD Killed Vietnam Vet, Atty Claims in Trial Against RJR

Trial Begins Against GA Doctors Accused of Med Mal That Forced Patient's Leg Amputation

Former BNSF Worker Awarded $1.63M Over Falling Rail Rack, Beating $50K Settlement Offer

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2018

Sides Face Off Over Blame for Smoker's Lung Cancer Death, as Trial Opens Against RJR

CVN's Top Tips: Making the Most of Our New Video Player

Johnson & Johnson Faces First Cosmetic Talc Trial In Key Asbestos Hub, CVN To Webcast Live

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts of 2018

CVN's Engle Plaintiff's Attorney of 2018 Is...

CVN's Engle Defense Attorney of 2018 Went Undefeated in a Trio of Trials

CVN Georgia's Defense Attorneys of 2018

Nurse Awarded $1.4M in California Slip-and-Fall Damages Case Against Grocery Chain

Florida Non-Engle Tobacco Trial Yields $225K Verdict Against Philip Morris

Jury Hands Down $750K Verdict But Finds Smoker 70% Responsible for COPD at Trial Against RJR & PM

CVN Georgia's Plaintiff's Attorney of 2018 Is...

RJR Prevails in Tobacco Trial as Jury Finds Smoker Did Not Suffer from COPD

Jury Sides With CrossFit In $3M Back Injury Lawsuit Filed By Injured Attorney

CVN Georgia's Top 5 Trial Stories of 2018

Motley Rice, Venable Attorneys Face Off as Rare Florida Non-Engle Tobacco Trial Opens Against Philip Morris

Former Maintenance Worker Takes BNSF To Trial Over Injuries From Falling Rail Rack

Levy Konigsberg And Lewis Brisbois Square Off At Union Carbide Asbestos Trial

Financier Jeffrey Epstein Settles Defamation Suit Related to Attorney's Representation of Sex Abuse Accusers

Attorneys Debate Cause of Smoker's Death as Trial Against R.J. Reynolds Opens

Social Media's Role in $200K Verdict for GA Woman's Tractor-Trailer Crash Injuries |VIDEO|

$7.25M Award Hits R.J. Reynolds at Trial Over Florida Man's Heart Disease

BREAKING: Pabst Settles $400M+ Beer Brewing Brawl With MillerCoors During Jury Deliberations

Man Injured By Falling Sign Awarded $524K After Rejecting MGM’s $2.5M Settlement Offer

Jury Sides With Fired Home Depot Employee In Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

BREAKING UPDATE: Jury Clears Plane Manufacturer at Trial Over Crash That Injured 2

BREAKING: Second Mistrial Declared In $50M+ South Carolina J&J Talc Powder Trial

Jury Finds Smoker Completely Responsible for Fatal Cancer, Clears RJR in Engle Tobacco Trial

Atlanta Judge Enters $18.75M+ Judgment Against MARTA for Paratransit Bus Passenger's Fall

As Trial Opens Against RJR, Attorneys Argue Whether Smoker's Heart Disease Claim Is Time Barred

Jury Hears Opening Statements In $400M+ Pabst/Miller Beer Brewing Brawl, CVN Webcasting Full Trial Live

Employment Law Heavyweights Square Off At Trial Over Home Depot Worker’s Firing

BREAKING: $25M Verdict in Trial Against MARTA Over Fall That Left Bus Rider With Devastating Brain Damage

R.J. Reynolds Blamed for 49-Year Old's Lung Cancer Death, as Trial Opens

Design Defects, Not Pilot Error, Caused Plane Crash That Injured 2, Expert Says in Trial Against Manufacturer

Retrial Of Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Trial Begins In South Carolina

MARTA Faces Trial Next Week Over Fall That Left Paratransit Bus Rider in Vegetative State

Trial Begins Against Plane Manufacturer Over Crash That Injured Two

Elderly Woman Thrown From Motorized Wheelchair Lift Seeks $14.5M In California Trial

The HIPAA Application That Slashes Law Firms' Medical Records Costs

Atlanta Jury Awards $200K to Driver Injured in Tractor-Trailer Wreck

R.J. Reynolds Cleared at Trial Over Octogenarian's Lung Cancer

Massive Trial Over Deadly Seattle ‘Duck Boat’ Tour Crash Begins, CVN To Webcast Live

GA Appeals Court Limits Emotional Distress Claims in Suit Over Deadly Boating Accident

Jury Finds COPD-Related Claim Against RJR, Philip Morris Time-Barred

BREAKING: Boston Jury Hits RJR With $43.1M Verdict in Cancer Trial, Clears Philip Morris & Auto Parts Co.

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson Scores 1st Talc Powder Trial Victory In New Jersey

Closing Arguments In New Jersey Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Trial Set For Oct. 9

|VIDEO| AMFS Expert Commentary on Testimony Key to Defense Win in GA Med Mal Trial Over Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

Attorneys Argue Tobacco Industry's Role in Smoker's COPD, as Trial Against RJR, Philip Morris Starts

GA Appeals Court Throws Out Verdict in Med Mal Trial Over Back-Breaking Fall From Deer Stand

Jury Delivers $2.4M Verdict Against Philip Morris, but $0 Punitives, at Trial Over 31-Year-Old's Cancer Death

Jury Clears Big Lots In 'Slip And Stumble' Premises Liability Suit

Back To Back Mistrials Declared In 2 LA Johnson & Johnson Talc Cases

$1M Verdict Against Tobacco Cos. for Smoker's COPD Likely to Be Cut Post-Judgment

|VIDEO| AMFS Expert Analyzes Testimony Central to $52.9M CA Truck Crash Verdict

2nd Johnson & Johnson Talc Trial Begins In New Jersey While Jury Deliberations Continue in California Case

In Trial Against Philip Morris, Questions Surround Cause of 31-Year-Old Smoker's Deadly Cancer

|VIDEO| How Lloyd Bell's Close Dramatically Highlighted Testimony Central to a $26M Med Mal Verdict

RJR Slapped With $6.5M Verdict Over Musician's Mouth Cancer

Closings Underway In California J&J Talc Trial, Another Trial Starting Monday In New Jersey

|VIDEO| How Michael Goldberg's Artful Opening Helped Net a $2.6M+ Verdict in Hospital Fall Case

Heavy Smoking And Asbestos Brake Dust Blamed For Man’s Death At Lung Cancer Trial

Jury Awards $250K to Deceased Smoker's Family in Non-Economic Damages Retrial Against Philip Morris

Jury Clears U-Haul In $30M Trial Over Allegedly Defective Tow Dolly

Med Mal Trial Begins Next Week Against Docs Accused of Role in Return of Woman's Breast Cancer

Tobacco Cos. Argue Wrongful Death Claim Over Smoker's COPD Is Time Barred, as Florida Trial Begins

Johnson & Johnson Faces Three Talc Powder Trials In September, CVN To Webcast Live

Lung Cancer Trial Pits Big Tobacco Against Asbestos Defendants, CVN To Webcast Live

|VIDEO| Weinberg Wheeler's Johnson Delivers Close That Clears Apartment of 99% of Fault in Fatal Shooting

RJR Slapped With $7.5M Total Verdict at Trial Over Trucker's Fatal Lung Cancer

R.J. Reynolds Prevails at Trial Over Cuban Immigrant's Throat Cancer

Sixth Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Mesothelioma Trial Begins In California

Nevada Jury Finds State’s ‘Gross Negligence’ Caused $80M+ Little Valley Fire

Milliken Prevails in Trial Over Deadly GA Plane Crash

Pilot Details Deadly Plane Crash Ahead of Closings in Trial Against Milliken

Jury Hits RJR With $2M Verdict, Plus Possible Punitives, For Smoker's Fatal Throat Cancer

Paralyzed Man’s $10M+ Lawsuit Over Allegedly Defective U-Haul Tow Dolly Goes To Trial

Jury Awards $289M In First Trial Over Monsanto's 'Roundup' Weed Killer

Homeowners, Insurance Cos Brawl With State Over $80M+ In Wildfire Damage As Trial Begins

Milliken Accused of Fault for Deadly Georgia Plane Crash, as Trial Opens

Attorneys Battle Over RJR's Role in Smoker's Death, as Trial Begins

Milliken & Company to Face Trial Next Week Over Deadly Georgia Plane Crash, CVN to Cover Live

Latest J&J Talc Mesothelioma Trial Begins Monday In CA, CVN To Webcast Live

First Trial Over $80M+ ‘Little Valley Fire’ Begins August 7, CVN To Webcast Live

Georgia Judge Sanctions Ford After Finding It Forced Mistrial in Wrongful Death Rollover Case

Jury Awards $4.6M to Smoker After Finding RJR Liable for His Heart, Vascular Diseases

$5M Verdict Smacks Philip Morris, RJR at Trial Over Florida Woman's Fatal Lung Cancer

Georgia Hospital Hit With $2.6M+ Verdict for Patient's Debilitating Fall From Wheelchair

Pipe Insulation Co. Scores Come-From-Behind Asbestos Trial Win Despite Sanctions

Hospital Nursing Staff Accused of Fault for Child's Brain Damage, as Med Mal Trial Begins

Mistrial, After Jurors Declare Deadlock in Case Against Doctor Over Patient's Fatal Heart Attack

Pipe Insulation Company's Asbestos Blamed For Worker's Deadly Cancer As Trial Begins

BREAKING UPDATE: $4.69 Billion Verdict Pounds Johnson & Johnson in 22-Plaintiff, Talc-Cancer Trial

Trial Begins Against Georgia Doctor Accused of Fault for Patient's Deadly Heart Attack

Jury Hears Opening Statements In 1st Trial Over Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ Weedkiller

Closing Arguments Set For July 11 In Massive 22-Plaintiff J&J Talc Powder Trial

Jury Awards $4.9M After Finding Florida Doc's Negligence Cost Patient a Leg

Colgate Faces Cosmetic Talc Mesothelioma Trial in California, CVN To Webcast Live

Delay in Treatment Cost Hospice Worker His Lower Leg, Atty Claims as Florida Med Mal Trial Opens

$3M Verdict Hits R.J. Reynolds for Lung Cancer That Killed Florida Man Years After He Quit Smoking

R.J. Reynolds Cleared of Fault in Tobacco Trial Over Florida Grandmother's Death

Tire Company Accused At Trial Of Causing Fatal Cement Truck Rollover

Opening Statements In Bellwether Monsanto Roundup Trial Begin July 9, CVN To Webcast Live

Coal Miner Taking 3M To Trial Over Allegedly Defective Dust Mask, CVN To Webcast Live

Jury Hits RJR with $500K Verdict, Clears Philip Morris in Punitive Proceedings Over Smoker's Lung Cancer

Georgia Supreme Court Details Limits on Wrongful Death Recovery After Personal Injury Settlement

NCAA Settles Football Brain Injury Lawsuit On 3rd Day Of Historic Trial

Jury Awards $12M in Punitives, $20M Total, at Trial Against RJR & Philip Morris Over Smoker's Death

Texas Jury Hears Openings Statements In Landmark NCAA Football Brain Injury Trial

Jury Clears R.J. Reynolds at Trial Over Cuban Immigrant's Cancer Death

Mark Lanier Calls Talc Powder J&J’s ‘Sacred Cow’ As Multi-Plaintiff Cancer Trial Begins

Watch The Cochran Firm's Mecca Anderson Deliver a Searing Argument En Route to a $3.5M Verdict in a Nightclub Shooting Trial |VIDEO|

$8M Award, Plus Possible Punitives at Cancer Trial Against RJR, Philip Morris

Watch Steve Vartazarian Blast Wright Medical in Bellwether Hip Implant Trial |VIDEO|

Mark Lanier Takes 22-Plaintiff Talc Lawsuit To Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

Navistar Hit With $3.4M Verdict After Faulty Emergency Brake Sends Truck Rolling Into Oncoming Traffic

RJR Cleared in $5M+ Suit Over Florida Smoker's COPD

|VIDEO| AMFS Expert Examines Testimony Central to a $6M Med Mal Verdict

Judge Strikes Down Florida's Ban on Smokable Medical Marijuana

Mistrial Declared In J&J Talc Trial After Jurors Fail To Reach Verdict

Closely Watched Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Trial Enters Second Week

BREAKING UPDATE: $14M in Punitives Pushes Verdict for Smoker's Widow to $21M Total in Trial Against Philip Morris & RJR

Tobacco Giants Responsible for Woman's Lung Cancer Death, Atty Claims as Trial Begins

Plaintiffs Aim to Snuff Out Florida Ban on Smokable Medical Marijuana as Key Case Goes to Trial

Matthew Moffett & the Closing That Drove a Defense Win at Trial Over a Fatal Crosswalk Crash |VIDEO|

Brian Panish Opening Undercuts Surveillance Video, Sets Stage for $52.8M Verdict in Truck Crash Trial |VIDEO|

Talc Powder Mesothelioma Lawsuit Involving J&J, Rite Aid Heads To Trial In South Carolina

Eli Manning And New York Giants Face Memorabilia Fraud Lawsuit, CVN To Webcast Trial Live

Emergency Brake Blamed At Trial After Runaway Navistar Truck Rolls Into Oncoming Traffic

Camel Cigarettes & Tobacco Conspiracy to Blame for Man's Fatal Cancer, Atty Argues in Trial Against RJR

Gordon & Doner's Scott Fischer Wins Nearly Million-Dollar Verdict With Scathing Close in Patient Fall Trial |VIDEO|

CVN & AMFS Partnership Delivers a New Level of Insight Into Medical Expert Testimony

AMFS Expert Analysis of the Testimony That Helped Key a $46M Med Mal Verdict |VIDEO|

Mark Avera's Closing Argument Sets Up $1.1M Verdict at Trial Over Backbreaking Fall From House Deck |Video|

Randy Edwards Blasts Defense Testimony, Delivers $12.5M Verdict Against Suzuki in Motorcycle Crash Trial |VIDEO|

Surgeon Cleared In 1st Trial Over Alleged Off-Label Use Of Medtronic’s ‘Infuse’ Spinal Implant

Jurors Award Ex-Smoker $375K But Find Her 90% at Fault for Her COPD in Trial Against R.J. Reynolds

Van Nuys Jury Awards $3M Over Deadly Fire Caused By Defective Television, Beating $100K Settlement Offer

UPDATE: Playground Dog Attack Case Ends in Weekend Settlement

Update: Dog Bite Case Ends in Pre-Trial Settlement

BREAKING UPDATE: New Jersey Jury Hits CR Bard With $35M Punitive Pelvic Mesh Verdict On Top Of Earlier $33M Award

RJR to Blame for Smoker's Nearly Half-Century Cigarette Addiction, COPD, Atty Argues

New Jersey Jury Slams Johnson & Johnson, Imerys With $80M Punitive Talc Powder Verdict

New to CVN Essentials: The Argument That Undercut Defense Surveillance Video & Keyed a $52.8M Truck Crash Verdict, Plus More

Ford Sought to Scuttle Truck Rollover Trial, Attorney Contends After Mistrial Declared in Wrongful Death Case

Jury Awards $37M In 1st New Jersey J&J Talc Trial, Punitive Damages Phase To Follow

Truck Rolled Over 2.5 Times in Roof Crush Wreck, Expert Concludes in Wrongful Death Trial Against Ford

Georgia Supreme Court Upholds $40M Award Against Chrysler in Fuel Tank Explosion Case, While Applying Key Admissibility Test Under State's Evidence Code 

RJR Prevails at Trial Over Florida Woman's Death, As Jury Rejects Link Between Its Cigs and Her COPD

Ford's Rejection of Engineers' Advice Caused Deadly Roof Collapse, Attorney Claims as Trial Begins

Bus Manufacturer Hit With $18.7M Verdict Over Cyclist’s Death

Jury Slaps R.J. Reynolds With $13.5M Total for Role in Smoker's Fatal Respiratory Disease

Ford Faces Trial This Week Over Claim Defective Roof Design Killed 2 People in Truck Rollover Crash

Watch Live, Blockbuster Ford Roof Crush Trial for Free, with CVN Essentials

Vanderbilt Settles Potentially $11.5M Talc Mesothelioma Lawsuit During Jury Deliberations

Philip Morris Hit with $4M Compensatory Award, But Avoids Punitives, for Building Contractor's Cancer Death

Jury Hears Opening Statements In First Trial Over Alleged Off-Label Use of Medtronic's Infuse Spinal Implant

CR Bard Faces First Pelvic Mesh Trial In New Jersey State Court

Retrial Begins in Case Against Philip Morris Over Whether Smoking Addiction Caused Contractor's Cancer

$22M Verdict in Med Mal Case Overturned by Georgia Supreme Court

RJR & Philip Morris Cleared of Punitive Liability for Smoker's Death, 5 Years After Compensatory Award

Jury Awards $0 to Smoker's Widow, Despite Linking RJR Cigarettes to Smoker's Cancer Death

New to CVN Essentials: The Techniques That Won the 8-Figure Trials, and More

BREAKING UPDATE: MassMutual Avoids Liability in 300-Member Class Action Alleging Unpaid Policy Dividends

$19.5M Verdict Knocks R.J. Reynolds at Trial Over Its Part in Florida Pawn Broker's Lung Cancer Death

Talc Mesothelioma Trial In Florida Begins, Full Proceedings To Be Webcast Via CVN

Jury Awards $52M+ To Brothers Injured In Head-On Collision With Semi-Truck

BREAKING: $12.5M Verdict at Trial Against Suzuki Over Role Brake Defect Played in Motorcycle Wreck

Homeowners Association Hit With $20M Verdict Over Faulty Swing Set

$5 Billion Environmental Contamination Lawsuit Against 3M Heads to Trial, CVN to Webcast Live

Jury Clears CertainTeed Corp. in $5M+ Asbestos Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Suzuki Faces $14M Claim at Trial for Spine-Shattering Crash Motorcyclist Claims Was Caused by Brake Defect

$17.5M Total Verdict Handed Down Against RJR, Philip Morris for South Florida Woman's Cancer Death

$41.7M Award Against RJR for Smoker's COPD One of Largest Engle Tobacco Verdicts in Three Years

BREAKING: RJR Thumped with $14M Verdict & Possible Punitives for COPD that Forced Lung Transplant

Apartment Owners Cleared of 99% of Fault in Tenant's Shooting, Dodge Bulk of $4M Verdict

What's New to CVN Essentials? Key Moments From the Most Recent Blockbuster Trials

Jury Hears Opening Statements In New Jersey’s 1st Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Trial

Injured Motorists Owed Millions After Head-On Collision With Semi-Truck, Jury Told

R.J. Reynolds Notches Win at Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Mouth Cancer

Apartment Owners Ignored Warnings of Rampant Crime, Atty Says as Trial Begins Over Tenant's Shooting Death

Lies, Addiction Led to Smoker's Lung Transplant, Atty Argues as Trial Opens Against R.J. Reynolds

Trial to Start Against GA Apt Owners Accused of Negligence in Resident's Fatal Shooting

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2017

Battle Over Whether Smoking or Dental Problems Caused Man's Fatal Mouth Cancer, as Trial Against RJR Begins

CertainTeed Faces Trial Over Former Pipefitter’s Mesothelioma Death

Jury Selection Begins In J&J’s 1st New Jersey Talc Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

CVN's Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts of 2017

Crucial Moments Leading to 8-Figure Verdicts, Newly Added to CVN Essentials

CVN Georgia's Plaintiff's Attorney of 2017 Earned Honor With Verdict Topping $45M

CVN Georgia's Defense Attorney of 2017 Earns Title With Pair of Major Med Mal Wins

Ethicon Trial in 20 Minutes Feature, and More, Just Added to CVN Essentials

University of Florida Hit With $220K Verdict at Trial Over Prof's Claim School Breached Secret Settlement Terms

Jury Blasts J&J Subsidiary Ethicon With $15M Pelvic Mesh Verdict

$26M Verdict Slams GA Hospital at Trial Over Patient's Respiratory Collapse

Jury Sinks Former Norwegian Cruise Line CEO’s $90M Defamation Lawsuit Against Successor

Jurors Hand Down $806K Award for Marlboro Smoker's Lung Disease

Former Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Seeks $95M From Successor Accused Of Libel

Driver & Employer Prevail at Trial Over Death of Crosswalk Pedestrian

NEW: CVN Essentials Delivers the Most Compelling, Curated Courtroom Video from Trials Across the Country

Trial Opens Against GA Doctor, Hospital Accused of Med Mal Leading to Patient's Brain Damage

Link Between Tobacco Messaging and Smoker's Heart Disease Debated, as Trial Against Philip Morris Opens

Jury Hears Opening Statements In 1st New Jersey Pelvic Mesh Trial Since 2013

R.J. Reynolds Hit With $1.3M Verdict at Trial Over Vet's Lung Cancer Death

Attys Spar Over Fault For Pedestrian's Death as Trial Starts Against Driver and Chemical Co. Employer

J&J Scores 1st Trial Victory Over Claims Its Talc Products Cause Mesothelioma

Smoker's Deadly Cancer Began in Lungs, Not Elsewhere, Dr. Concludes in Trial Against R.J. Reynolds

Attorneys Debate Link Between Cigarettes and Woman's Cancer in Openings of Trial Against RJR

Marine Corps, Not Tobacco Messaging, Swayed Vet to Smoke, Defense Says in Cancer Trial Against RJR

Last-Minute Medical Evidence Leads to Mistrial in Tractor-Trailer Crash Case

Philip Morris Avoids Lion's Share of Liability at Trial Over Florida Smoker's Throat Cancer

Family of Teen Who Suffered Brain Injury in Cart Ejection Settles Case After Openings in Product Liability Trial

Costco Avoids Potential $18M Verdict In 1st Wrongful Death Trial Over Berry Blend-Linked Hepatitis Outbreak

$36M Total Verdict, Largest CVN-Covered Engle Award So Far in '17, Smacks Tobacco Cos. in Lung Cancer Trial

Trial Set This Week Over Whether Alleged Defect in Powered Cart's Design Caused Teen's Brain Injury

Closely Watched Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Mesothelioma Trial Resumes After Mistrial

Tobacco Conspiracy Drove Addiction That Ended in Smoker's Cancer Death, Attorney Says as Trial Begins Against R.J. Reynolds

$7.1M Verdict Slams Philip Morris in Trial Over Virginia Slims Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

$500K Verdict Hits Homeowner for House Guest Injured in Deck Collapse

Talc Powder Trials Set To Resume In St. Louis After 4-Month Hiatus

Tainted Berry Mix Sold By Costco Blamed At Trial For Woman’s Fatal Hepatitis

Judge Declares Mistrial In 1st Johnson & Johnson Talc Mesothelioma Trial

Smoker's Death Caused by Cigarette Industry Scheme, Attorney Says in Trial Against Philip Morris & RJR

$6M Verdict Slaps 1 Doctor, While Another Doc Is Cleared in Trial Over Deadly Bowel Obstruction

Two Drs. Accused of Malpractice as Trial Begins Over Woman's Fatal Bowel Obstruction

Philip Morris Marketing Targeted Women, Drove Smoker's Deadly Addiction, Lawyer Says in Cancer Trial

Suit By Smoker's Widow to Blow Back into Florida Court After 2016 Hurricane Caused Mistrial

Trial Begins in Former FedEx Employee’s Whistleblower Retaliation Lawsuit

Robert Monyak Details 2 "Worlds" in Closings That Help Clear Doc in Trial Over Vacuum-Assisted Birth |VIDEO|

Keith Puya's Closing Argument Helps Clear Doctor in Trial Over Patient's Terminal Colon Cancer |VIDEO|

Mistrial Dashes Punitive Proceedings Over RJR's Role in Trucker's Smoking-Related Death

Trial Judge Overturns 6-Figure Award in Stock Fraud Trial, Plaintiffs Appeal

Obstetrician Prevails at Trial Over Vacuum-Assisted Childbirth That Left Child Without Use of Her Arm

$3.5M Verdict Blasts Nightclub at Trial Over Shooting That Injured 2 Patrons

Jury Orders LA County To Pay $11M After Forklift Driver Strikes Pedestrian

R.J. Reynolds Wins at Trial Over Former Golf Pro's Fatal Lung Cancer

J&J Hit With $417M Verdict In 1st California Ovarian Cancer Talc Powder Trial

Doctor Prevails in Med Mal Trial Over Turner Sports Director's Fatal Heart Attack

Florida Jury Clears Dr. at Trial Over Patient's Terminal Colon Cancer

BNSF And City of San Diego Dodge $5.4M Verdict Over Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Dr. Accused of Responsibility for Turner Sports Director's Deadly Heart Attack, as Med Mal Trial Opens

Jury Sides With Plaintiffs At Nation's 1st Asbestos Trial Against Emerson Electric-Owned Valve Companies

Doctor's Quick Colonoscopy Led to Patient's Terminal Cancer, Atty Says as Med Mal Trial Begins

Alwyn Fredericks' Opening Statement Paves Way for $3.5M Verdict in TBI Trial |VIDEO|

$4M Verdict Smacks RJR, Found Responsible for Smoker's Throat Cancer Death

Curtis Anderson's Opening Statement Helps Clear Wellstar & Jailhouse Dr. in $30M Med Mal Trial |VIDEO|

BNSF’s Railroad Tracks And City's Potholes Blamed At Trial For Fatal Motorcycle Accident

1st California Trial Over Alleged Ovarian Cancer Risks From Johnson & Johnson’s Talc Powder Begins

Cancer-Stricken Former Nuke Worker Takes Valve Makers To Trial Over Asbestos Exposure

Philip Morris Cleared at Trial Over Florida Railroad Worker's Fatal Cancer

Nissan Hit With $25M Verdict Over Brake Failure That Caused Fatal Collision

FL Jury Awards $1.1M for Student's Back-Breaking Fall From Rental Home's Deck

Ford Cleared at Trial Over Airbag Deployment in Deadly Crash

$1.65M Verdict Against RJR in Retrial Over Smoker's Fatal Cancer Complications

Philip Morris Responsible for Florida Rail Worker's Fatal Lung Cancer, Attorney Says as Trial Begins

Rickety Railing Caused Fall That Broke College Student's Back, Atty Says as Trial Begins Against Florida Landlord

Ford on Trial as Attys Argue Whether Defective Airbags Or Drunk Driving Caused Fatal Florida Crash

Hearing Seeking To Block Multi-Billion Sale Of Toshiba’s Chip Unit To Be Webcast Live

Doctors Cleared in Atlanta Trial Over Patient's Deadly Cancer

Watch Willie Gary’s Rousing Opening Pave the Way for $3M Verdict in Fatal Bike Crash Trial |VIDEO|

Wellstar Administrator, Doctor Prevail at Trial Over Former Jail Inmate's Fatal Liver Failure

Nissan Faces Potential $231M+ Product Liability Verdict Over Allegedly Defective Brakes

BREAKING: $3M Verdict Hits Landscaping Company at Trial Over Doctor's Deadly Bike Crash

UPDATE: Doctors Prevail at Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Fatal Cancer

Doctors Accused of Missing Patient's Cancer Face Med Mal Trial Next Week in Atlanta

Nissan’s Allegedly Faulty Brakes Blamed at Trial for Wrongful Manslaughter Charge after Fatal Collision

1st California J&J Talc Powder Trial and Key Pretrial Hearing to be Webcast Live

J&J Granted Mistrial In Missouri Talc Powder Lawsuit After SCOTUS Limits Ability Of Nonresidents To Sue In State Courts

As $50M+ Bike Crash Trial Begins, Attorney Says Parked Landscaping Truck Caused Doctor's Death

Mistrial in Cancer Case Against Philip Morris After Jury Deadlocks on Damages

Wellstar Accused of Role in GA Inmate's Fatal Liver Failure, as Med Mal Trial Opens

1st Multi-Plaintiff Trial Over Supposed Cancer Risks From J&J’s Talc Products Begins In Missouri

Attorneys Spar Over Cause of Contractor's Deadly Cancer, as Trial Against Philip Morris Begins

Philip Morris, RJR Prevail in $11M Trial Over Smoker's Bladder Cancer

After $20.5M Verdict in Sleep Center Death Case, Emory Sues Contractor | Court Wire

$11K Verdict Dings Driver at Trial Over Fender Bender That Allegedly Wrecked Postal Worker's Career

CVN Heavyweights: Attorneys Who Draw A Crowd

1st Multi-Plaintiff Talc Trial Set To Begin, CVN To Provide Gavel-to-Gavel Webcast

Scott Schlesinger and the Closing that Set Up a $15M Verdict Against R.J. Reynolds |VIDEO|

Crash Ended GA Postal Worker's Career, Attorney Says as 7-Figure Trial Opens

Philip Morris Smacked with $1.3M Punitive Award, $2.4M Total, for Cancer That Cost Smoker Her Lung

|VIDEO| Watch Adam Smith's Cross-Exam Deliver Defense Win in a GA Car Crash Case

Smoker Who Lost Lung Wins $1.1M Verdict, Plus Possible Punitives, in Trial Against Philip Morris

Cigarette Addiction Drove Trucker to Cancer Death, Atty Says as Trial Opens Against RJR

Guest Analysis: 10 Key Scientific Takeaways From Recent $110M Talc Powder Verdict

Mistrial Declared In Malpractice Lawsuit Over Renowned Armenian Folk Singer’s Fatal Infection

UPDATE: $6.8M Award, After $5M Punitive Verdict Against RJR, for Widow of Smoker Who Died From Lung Cancer

Distracted Driver Cleared of Liability for GA Man's Back Injury Claims in Car Crash Trial

J&J Asks Missouri Appeals Court To Nix $72M Talc Powder Verdict

UPDATE: $858K Verdict Nicks RJR for Farmer's Fatal Throat Cancer, Parties Settle Before Punitive Phase

Stone Law Group, WACHP Attys to Face Off in Rear-End Car Crash Trial Set for Monday

LA Surgeon Accused At Trial Of Failing To Treat Famous Armenian Folk Singer’s Fatal Infection

J&J Slammed With $110M Verdict After Jury Finds Talc Powder Caused Woman’s Cancer

Florida Jury Delivers Six-Figure Verdict to Investors in Stock Fraud, Misrepresentation Suit |UPDATED|

RJR's Deception Caused Florida Farm Owner's Fatal Cancer, Atty Says as Trial Opens

Jury Awards Nothing to Smoker's Widow in Trial Against RJR, Despite Finding Cigarettes Caused Smoker's Death

Former CEO Blocked Stock Sale, Cost Shareholders Millions, Atty Argues as Trial Opens Against Clean Coal Co.

UPDATE: $15M Verdict, Including $12M in Punitives, Thumps RJR for Smoker's Illness; Philip Morris Cleared of Responsibility

UPDATE: Former Biscuit Maker's Popcorn Lung Suit Settles Days Before Trial

FL Appeals Court Upholds $11M Verdict Against RJR for Smoker's Throat Cancer

|Video| Trent Speckhals' Closing Delivers $5M+ Verdict for "Life That Will Never Be"

Lawyers Descend On St. Louis As Latest Trial Over J&J Talc Powder’s Alleged Cancer Link Begins

Mistrial in $39M Med Mal Case Over Surgery That Left Patient in Vegetative State

Former Lawyer's Widow Awarded $1M in Trial Against Philip Morris Over Fatal Cancer

Florida Supreme Court Rules Engle Tobacco Claims Not Preempted By Federal Law

The First Four of CVN Florida's Legal Legends

Hospital Slapped With $909K Verdict For Patient's Bone-Breaking Fall

$1.81M Award Strikes Three Tobacco Companies for Smoker's Cancer Death

J&J Seeks 2nd Defense Verdict In Latest Talcum Powder Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

$5.35M Verdict Hits GA Drunk Driver's Estate for the Head-On Crash That Killed Mother of 2

Update: Jurors Hit RJR with $3M Compensatory Verdict in Cancer Trial, Parties Settle on Punitives After Juror Deadlock

Nursing Staff Negligence Caused Patient's Debilitating Fall, Attorney Says as Trial Begins Against Hospital

Lack of Working Surgical Equipment Left Patient in Vegetative State, Attorney Says as Med Mal Trial Opens Against Hospital

Trio of Tobacco Companies Accused of Responsibility for Woman's Fatal Cancer, as Trial Begins

Guest Analysis: Key Takeaways from Recent Talc Powder 'Science Day' Hearing in California

Jury Awards Woman $492K Wrongful Termination Verdict, Beating Kaiser’s $15K Settlement Offer

Home Depot Settles Potentially $50M Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit After Opening Statements

Video Vault: Bob Cheeley Delivers Powerful Closing at Trial Involving Survivor of Crash That Killed Five Nursing Students

Trial Set to Start Against Hospital Accused of Responsibility for Patient's Catastrophic Brain Bleed Complications

Watch Elite Attorneys From 'The Inner Circle Of Advocates' On CVN To Learn From The Best

Judge Holds Talcum Powder ‘Science Day’ Hearing In Preparation For First California Trial

CVN's Trial in 20 Minutes Delivers Highlight Reels of the Most Powerful Courtroom Moments

William Stone Details Keys to Blockbuster $45.8M Med Mal Verdict

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson Cleared in Talcum Powder-Cancer Trial

BREAKING: Greenberg Traurig Settles Biotech Firm's Malpractice Suit After $700M+ Claim Slashed by Judge

Appeals Court Orders New Trial for Tobacco Case That Produced $23.6B Verdict

Plaintiff Experts Endure Withering Cross-Examination By Johnson & Johnson As Talc Powder Trial Continues

WWII Hero's Family Awarded $6M in Trial Against RJR Over Heart and Lung Disease

Kaiser Accused At Trial Of Firing Employee To Avoid Costly Medical Treatment For Her Son

BREAKING: $45.8M Med Mal Verdict Delivered at Trial Over Georgia Mother's Profound, Post-Childbirth Brain Damage

BREAKING VERDICT: $3.9M Award for Late-Night Truck Crash that Killed Mother & Son

UPDATED: $5.8M Verdict Slaps Tobacco Cos. for Woman's Lung Cancer Death

Experts On The Experts: A Deep Dive Into The Make-or-Break Scientific Testimony Deciding Talc Powder Trials

Mother's Catastrophic Brain Damage Post-Childbirth Caused by Medical Mistreatment, Expert Says as $10M+ Trial Continues

Mistrial In Cuban Immigrant's Cancer Claim Against Philip Morris, After Prospective Juror Shares News of $20M Award in Similar Case

Multi-Million-Dollar Verdict Hits Florida Developer for His Scheme to Defraud Subway Founder in Massive Land Project

With New Defense Firm, J&J Hopes To Halt Multi-Million Losing Streak As Talc Powder Trial Begins

Malpractice Caused Mother's Catastrophic Brain Damage Days After Childbirth, Attorney Says as Trial Begins

R.J. Reynolds Avoids Liability for Smoker's COPD Death as Jurors Declare Suit Time Barred

Talc Powder Trial Delayed After Plaintiff Atty Falls Ill During Opening Statement

Jury Clears Subaru Over SUV That Burst Into Flames, Killing 3

Smoker Who Died of Lung Cancer Targeted by Big Tobacco as Teen, Atty Says as Trial Opens

BREAKING: $3M Verdict Hits Hospital Nurses in Trial Over Woman's Death Days After Childbirth

Trucker, HR Firm Liable for Florida Crash That Killed 2, Attorney Says as Trial Begins

Biotech CEO Says Greenberg Traurig Attorney Pressured Him to Step Away from Company, as $700M+ Malpractice Trial Continues

Subway Founder's Deposition Details Massive Land Deal's Collapse, as Trial Over Fraud and Breach Claims Continues

Attorneys Battle Over RJR's Role in Woman's Fatal Respiratory Disease, as Trial Against Tobacco Giant Begins

Trial Set to Start Over FL Truck Crash That Killed Mother & 12-Year-Old Son

UPDATE: Attorneys Debate What Led to Jury's $15M Verdict for Survivor of Crash That Killed 5 Georgia Southern Nursing Students

Greenberg Traurig Attorney at Center of $700M+ Malpractice Trial Defends Advice to FL Biotech Firm

BREAKING VERDICT: $15M Award to Survivor of Truck Crash that Killed 5 Georgia Southern Nursing Students

4th Talc Powder Cancer Lawsuit Heads To Trial In Missouri, CVN To Webcast Live

Fraud, Breach Accusations Fly as Trial Begins Over Ruins of Land Development Deal Involving Subway Founder

Trucking Companies Face Trial Next Week in Suit by Survivor of Crash that Killed Five Georgia Southern Nursing Students

Greenberg Traurig Accused of Malpractice that “Destroyed” Biotech Company, as $700M Trial Opens

$80.5M on 4 Wins for Engle Plaintiff's Attorney of 2016

$35M Awarded To Ex-UCLA Football Star Who Lost Leg In Traffic Accident

FL Appeals Court Orders Cuts in Pair of Awards Against R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris

CVN's Engle Defense Attorney of 2016 Went Undefeated on the Year

CVN's Top 10 Defense Verdicts of 2016

CVN's Top 10 Plaintiff Verdicts of 2016

Jury Clears Nursing Home, Hospital Over Refusal To Place Mentally Ill Bedsore Patient On Ventilator

CVN Florida Plaintiff's Attorneys of 2016: Lawyers Whose $140M Verdict Broke Media Giant

CVN Georgia Plaintiff's Attorney of 2016 Earned Honor with $20M Award in TBI Trial

Amputee Awarded $275K in Med Mal Trial Against Hospital

$19.4M Award Hammers Tobacco Companies at Trial Over Death of Florida Professor

Tobacco Cos. Cleared at Trial Over Smoker's Respiratory Disease

CVN Florida's Defense Attorneys of 2016: Partners Who Cleared Dr. in $75M Med Mal Trial

CVN Georgia's Defense Attorney of 2016

Watch Ursula Henninger's Closing Help Curb Punitives in Seven-Figure Tobacco Trial

$10M Nursing Home Malpractice Trial Begins Over Bedsore Treatment, Validity of Mentally Ill Woman’s DNR Order

LeClairRyan Hands Dentons Trial Loss In Brawl Over Novartis Heiress’ Failed Energy Investments

Hospital's Negligent Treatment Cost Man His Leg, Attorney Claims as Med Mal Trial Starts

Watch Jay Sadd's Closing Before $5M Verdict at Trial Over Paratransit Van Passenger's Limb Loss

Tobacco Marketing's Role in UF Marketing Professor's Death a Key Issue as Trial Starts Against Philip Morris and RJR

COPD, Not Skin Cancer, Killed Smoker, Attorney Says at Trial Against Tobacco Cos.

$18.5M Award to Deceased Smoker's Adult Child Tossed Out as Excessive

Hospital Negligence Paralyzed Car Crash Victim, Attorney Says as Med Mal Trial Begins

Poor Road Design Caused Accident That Cost Former UCLA Lineman His Leg, Jury Told

Jury Clears Driver of Exterminator's Shoulder Injuries in GA Car Crash Trial

$6M+ Award to Smoker's Widower After $650K Punitive Verdict Against Tobacco Cos.

$40M Award In First Jeep Fuel Tank Fire Trial Upheld On Appeal

$1M Verdict for Smoker with Late-Stage Emphysema in Trial Against RJR

Philip Morris & RJR Hit with $5.5M Judgment, Plus Possible Punitives, at Trial Over New York Native's Fatal Cancer

Appeals Court Scuttles Rare $8M Asbestos Verdict Against R.J. Reynolds, Crane Co.

Defense Accuses Exterminator of Lying About Shoulder Injury, as GA Car Crash Trial Opens

$10M Verdict, After $6M in Punitives, Against Philip Morris & RJR for Ex-Nurse's Cancer, COPD

RJR Prevails in $9M Trial Over COPD as Jury Finds Smoker's Suit Time Barred  

$4M Verdict, Possible Punitives, Jabs Tobacco Cos. at Trial Over Ex-Nurse's Cancer, COPD

Novartis Heiress Owed $5M From Former MIT Intellectual Property Chief Over Botched Energy Co. Investment, Jury Told

Watch Michael Goldberg's Closing At Trial Over Spinal Damage Following Cobb County Car Crash |VIDEO|

Smoker's Snowbird Status Debated in Trial Against Tobacco Cos. Over Fatal Cancer

$21.5M Verdict, After $14M in Punitives, Against R.J. Reynolds in Trial Over Vet's Lung Cancer

$6M Verdict to Smoker's Family for Fatal Throat Cancer, Jurors Find Nicotine Addiction Despite Smoker's Casual Cocaine Use

Med Mal Trial Over Knee Surgery Patient's Death to Begin Next Week

Share of Women Among New Partners in BigLaw Hits Five-Year High: Report

$7.5M Verdict, Plus Possible Punitives, Thumps R.J. Reynolds at Trial Over Army Vet's Deadly Cancer

Jury Deadlock on Addiction's Role in Fatal Cancer Leads to Mistrial in Suit Against RJR

BREAKING VERDICT: Psychiatrist Cleared in Trial Over Brain Damage Claim from Electroshock Treatment

$11M Verdict for Consultant After Trial Against Empty Chairs: The Trial Wire

BREAKING: $5M Verdict for Limb Loss After Bone-Crushing Fall in GA Paratransit Van

$6M Cancer Death Trial Opens as RJR Questions Link Between Smoker's Casual Cocaine Use & Claimed Smoking Addiction

Jury Awards $70M+ In Talc Powder Cancer Lawsuit, Hands J&J 3rd Consecutive Trial Loss

"Stubborn" Soldier Was Responsible for His Own Smoking, Defense Says as Trial Opens Over Lung Cancer Death

Jury To Hear Closings In Long-Running Trial Over J&J’s Alleged Cancer Causing Talc Powders

Experts Link Electroshock to Doctor's Claimed Brain Injury, Conclude up to $29M in Economic Damages, in Trial of Psychiatrist

$20M in Punitives Slams RJR, Brings Total Verdict to $29M in Trial over Smoker's Fatal COPD

$8.8M Compensatory Award Against RJR for Smoker's Death Dwarfs Plaintiff's Request, Trial on Puntives Begins

$21M False Arrest Case Against Agnes Scott College Ends in Mistrial

Evidence Rules May Be the $127M - and Counting - Difference Between Missouri and New Jersey Talc-Cancer Cases: Report

Smoker's Quit Attempts Not Genuine, Defense Claims in Trial Against Cigarette Maker

$27M Med Mal Trial Opens Over Claims Electroshock Treatment Damaged Cardiologist's Brain

Psychiatrist Faces Trial over Claim Electroshock Therapy Damaged Cardiologist’s Brain

Agnes Scott College Cop Abused Power in Sexual Assault Investigation, Attorney Says as False Imprisonment Trial Opens

$4M Awarded To Drunk Driving Victim After Trial Featuring Testimony From Olympic Gymnastics Champ

Hurricane Matthew Spins Tobacco Case into Mistrial, Washes Delays into Florida Courts

Attorneys Argue Whether Claim Against RJR is Time Barred, as COPD Trial Opens

False Arrest and Imprisonment Trial Against Agnes Scott College Set to Begin Next Week

Plaintiff Attys Seek 3rd Win Against J&J At Trial Over Talc Powder's Supposed Cancer Risk

Jury Slaps RJR With $6.4M Verdict, but $0 Punitives, in Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Emphysema

Watch Philip Henry's Closing at Med Mal Trial Over the "Most Overwhelming" Injuries in Hospital's History

Tobacco Companies Exploited Stressed Smokers, Attorney Says as Trial Over Fatal Lung Cancer Begins

Settlement Halts Slip and Fall, TBI Trial Against Shopping Plaza Just Before Closings

Million-Dollar Punitive Disparity in Tobacco Trial Possibly Caused by Differences in Marketing, Defense Tactics, Attorney Says

Settlement Wraps Med Mal Trial Against ER Docs Over Urban Planner's Death

Watch Anthony Sonnett's Scathing Cross-Exam That Helped Clear BNSF in FELA Trial |VIDEO|

$3M Verdict Slaps R.J. Reynolds in Trial Over Ex-Corrections Officer's Emphysema, Death

Update: $9.1M Verdict, Including $3M in Punitives, Hits Tobacco Cos. for Smoker's Death

Jury Rules Smoker Failed Class Action's Citizenship Requirements, Clearing Philip Morris in His Cancer Death

Gross Negligence Caused Urban Planner's Fatal Brain Damage, Attorney Says as Trial Against ER Docs Opens

Traumatic Brain, Spinal Injuries Stripped Away Career, Ex-Realtor Claims in Slip and Fall Trial Against Shopping Plaza Owner

J&J Loses Bid To Delay Talc Powder Trial After Last-Minute Removal To Federal Court

Sides Face Off Over Fault for Smoker's Fatal Lung Disease as Trial Starts Against RJR

Quoteworthy: "Pulling out Guns" in Taylor Bean, PwC Trial Tops CVN's Memorable Lines of the Month |VIDEO|

Suit Over Chain-Smoking Corrections Officer's COPD Time Barred, R.J. Reynolds Argues

Shopping Center Ramp's Paint Job Caused Traumatic Brain Injury, Attorney Says as Multi-Million-Dollar Slip-and-Fall Trial Opens

BREAKING VERDICT: Jury Awards $813K to Architect Injured in Cobb County Car Crash

Attorneys Debate Philip Morris' Potential Link to Cuban Immigrant's Lung Cancer, as Trial Opens

Attorneys Argue What Led to Driver's Spinal Fusion, as Georgia Car Crash Trial Begins

Tobacco Industry Deceit Caused Cigarette Seller's Cancer, Attorney Says as Trial Opens Against Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds

|Video Vault| Richard Womble's Closing that Cleared Waste Company at Trial Over Catastrophic Truck Crash

Trial Over Cobb County Crash that Led to Driver's Spinal Fusion Set to Begin Monday

Jury Finds Ex-Train Worker's $15M COPD Claim Against R.J. Reynolds Time Barred

"No Doubt:" In Trial Against RJR, Dr. Says Train Engineer's Smoking, Not Job, Caused COPD

Jury Slams MetLife With $15M Punitive Verdict Over Elderly Investor’s Losses In Ponzi Scheme

|Video Vault| The Closing that Crushed Gawker

Hearing Leads to Accord, Answers on Viacom Control & Sumner Redstone's Empire

|BREAKING NEWS| PricewaterhouseCoopers Settles $5.5B Accounting Negligence Suit by Taylor Bean Trust

Former Railroad Worker's Suit Against R.J. Reynolds Time-Barred, Defense Claims in Trial Over COPD

Snap Judgment: Jurors' Quick Verdict Clears R.J. Reynolds in $8M+ Trial over Health Dept. Worker's Fatal Cancer

In $5.5B Trial Against PwC, Ex-Taylor Bean General Counsel Defends Sales Agreements, Details Financial Devastation

|Video Vault| En Route to $4.75M Verdict, Cale Conley Counts 7 Ways Steel Company Could Allegedly Have Avoided Deadly Mill Accident

Addiction or Choice? Sides Focus on Health Department Worker's Drive to Smoke in Cancer Trial Against R.J. Reynolds

|Video Vault| Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson Bristles in Pre-Trial Exam of Exec’s Wrongful Termination Suit

Trial Begins Over Lung Cancer Death of Chain Smoking Health Dept. Worker

RJ Reynolds Cleared of Liability at $3M+ Trial over Ex-Insurance Exec's Heart Disease

Video Vault: $55M Talc Verdict Follows Closings Comparing Johnson & Johnson to Tobacco, Asbestos Cos.

|VIDEO| Must-See Minute: Joe Fried's Closing Clip Sets Up $20M Verdict in Traumatic Brain Injury Trial

Jury Sinks Injured Concertgoer’s $10.7M Suit Against Hard Rock Over Celebrity DJ’s Stage Dive

Jury Hits R.J. Reynolds for $5M in Widow's Suit over Fatal Cancer

Ex-Insurance Exec Who Suffered Heart Disease Says Cigarettes Controlled His Life, as Trial Begins Against RJR

BREAKING VERDICT: $20M Award Slams Trucking Co. in Traumatic Brain Injury Trial

Historic $5.5B Trial Begins Over PricewaterhouseCoopers' Role In Crisis-Era Bank Failure

$25M Sought for Traumatic Brain Injury in Tractor Trailer Crash Trial

Smoker Showed Cancer Signs Long Before Lawsuit Cutoff Date, Daughter Says in Tobacco Trial

Hospital Prevails At First Trial Over Johnson & Johnson’s Allegedly Deadly Bone Cement

Mistrial, as Jurors Deliberate Smoker's Claim RJR Caused Cancer That Took Her Larynx

Jury Clears Waste Company At $12M Trial Over Garbage Truck's Collision With Cyclist

Woman Injured By Crowd-Surfing Celebrity DJ Seeks Millions From Hard Rock Cafe At Trial

|Video Vault| Atty Delivers $10.1M Link Between Domino's & Delivery Driver in Wrongful Death Trial

Lung Cancer Suit Time Barred, Defense Argues as Trial Against R.J. Reynolds Opens

GA Supreme Court's Reversal of $4M Asbestos Verdict May Make Cases Harder to Prove

As Truck-Bicycle Crash Trial Opens, More Than $1.3M on the Line

CVN To Webcast $5.5B Accounting Negligence Trial Over PwC’s Audits Of Failed Bank

The Science Behind Winning Talc Powder Trials: Guest Analysis from Innovative Science Solutions (Video)

Atty Chokes Up During Emotional Opening At Trial Over MetLife’s Alleged Role In $216M Ponzi Scheme

|Video Vault| Red Flags Fill the Courtroom En Route to $14M Asbestos Trial Verdict

BREAKING VERDICT: Doctors Prevail in $1M+ Trial Over Hospital Patient's Death

Split Decision: Philip Morris Hit for $1.5M, but RJR Cleared in Trial Over Fatal Cancer

Expert Says Infection, Not Negligence, Killed Hospital Patient, as Med Mal Trial Continues

|Video Vault| "Value of Life" Yields $8.3M Award to Family of Immigrant Killed in Transit Wreck

CVN To Webcast Trial Over MetLife's Alleged Role In $200M Ponzi Scheme

Did Massive Infection or Doctor Error Kill Hospital Patient? Atlanta Med Mal Trial Begins

Smoker Who Died from Cancer Driven by Addiction, Says Doctor in Trial Against Tobacco Cos.

Drs. Accused of Failing to Properly Treat Fatal Breathing Problem Face Atlanta Med Mal Trial

Tobacco Powerhouses Targeted Smoker as a Child, Lawyer Claims as Cancer Trial Opens

$133K Award a Sliver of the Millions Sought in Cancer Trial Against Tobacco Companies

Attorneys Clash Over Fate Of Sumner Redstone’s Media Empire At High-Stakes Hearing

School District Strikes $10.5M Deal To Settle Brain Injury Lawsuit During Trial

J&J Unit Performed 'Human Experimentation' With Deadly Bone Cement, Jury Told

Plaintiff’s Attorney Dons Chicken Costume During Closing Argument In Brain Injury Trial

Tobacco Giants Prevail in $16.7M Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

CVN To Webcast 1st Trial Over Johnson & Johnson's Allegedly Deadly Bone Cement

Tobacco Defense Vets Take On ‘Engle’ Newcomer At Trial Over Smoker’s Death

School District Responsible For Student’s Brain Injury at Rowdy Football Rally, Jury Told

Big Tobacco’s 'Rabid' Advertising Caused Woman’s Fatal Addiction, Jury Told

CVN Georgia's Million Dollar Verdicts

Battle Set for Possible Punitives Claim Against Luxury Hotel in Suit over Carjacking

CVN To Webcast Move's $1.7B Real Estate Trade Secrets Brawl With Rival Zillow

Medical Issues Force Mistrial in COPD Case Against R.J. Reynolds

|VIDEO| Who Served Up the Key to an $11M TBI Verdict Against Papa John’s?

Golf Co. Tees Off On Jim Beam Owner At $16.6M Tax Trial

|GA TRIAL VIDEO| The $15M Med Mal Award Paved with Coupons in Closings

Dive Rite Cleared of Responsibility in $25M Trial over Underwater Filmmaker's Death

UPDATE: $11.5M Verdict Includes $6M in Punitives against RJR for Nurse's Cancer Death

MARTA Prevails in $13M+ Trial over Fatal Motorcycle Crash

$18M Verdict Smacks R.J. Reynolds in Trial over Korean War Vet's Deadly Lung Cancer

Trial Begins in Deadly Motorcycle-MARTA Crash Next Week

Update: Smoker's Widower Awarded $12M in Cancer Trial, $30K in Punitives

Diving Gear Company Accused of Fault in Underwater Filmmaker's Drowning

CVN To Webcast $6M+ Boston Scientific Pelvic Mesh Trial In Massachusetts

CVN To Webcast Trial In Paralyzed Cop’s Product Liability Lawsuit Against Glock

Monsanto Again Defeats PCB Cancer Claims At Trial

Retrial Begins in Widower's Suit Against R.J. Reynolds

$15M Award Jabs Emory Healthcare in Trial over Patient's Paralyzing Fall

Johnson & Johnson Rocked By $55M Verdict In Talcum Powder Cancer Trial

UPS Accused of Responsibility for Fatal Tractor-Trailer Collision

Jury to Decide Damages for Man Paralyzed During Blood Draw at Emory Healthcare Clinic 

Tobacco Giants Hit with $33.5M Award in Trial over Lawyer's Deadly Cancer

$11M Verdict Slams Papa John's in Brain Injury, Car Crash Trial

$30M Surgical Robot Defect Trial Settles During Jury Deliberations

Papa John's and Delivery Driver on the Hot Seat as Auto Wreck, Brain Injury Trial Opens

BREAKING UPDATE: $10M Punitive Verdict Boosts Award Against RJR to $13M in Fatal COPD Trial

Plaintiffs Hope To Break Monsanto’s Winning Streak As PCB Cancer Trial Begins

$16.4M Verdict Drills Lowe's in Slip and Fall Head Injury Trial

Trial Opens in Baby Powder-Cancer Case Amid Claims J&J Worked to Stop Talc Regulation

$10.1M Verdict Hammers Domino's Pizza in Trial Over Wreck that Led to Former Firefighter's Death

CVN To Webcast 2nd J&J Talcum Powder Cancer Trial After Landmark $72M Verdict

R.J. Reynolds Cleared of Fault in $37.5M Claim Over Smoker's Fatal Cancer

$300M Trial Begins Over Intuitive’s Allegedly Defective Robotic Surgical System

ER Doctor Prevails in Trial Over Girl's Deadly Diabetes Complications

Despite Lack of Records, Cigarettes Likely Caused Smoker's Fatal Cancer, Dr. Says in Tobacco Trial

Jury Clears Monsanto In $15M PCB Cancer Trial

Lowe’s Faces Possible Punitive Damages At Brain Injury Slip And Fall Trial

Storytellers: Lloyd Bell and the Power of Performance

ER Doc "Reckless" in Treating Girl's Deadly Diabetes Complications, Physician Says in Med Mal Trial

Key Florida Supreme Court Rulings Pave Way for Millions More in Damages Against Tobacco Companies

Pair of Florida Supreme Court Decisions Lead to Mistrial in Suit Against R.J. Reynolds

Attorneys Spar over Cause of Child's Deadly Brain Swelling, as Trial Begins in Med Mal Case

Atlanta Attorney Cleared in Defamation Suit

$25M Punitive Verdict Pushes Award to $140M in Hulk Hogan-Gawker Sex Tape Trial

Gawker Body-Slammed With $115M Verdict In Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Trial

Questions Arise over Smoker's Deadly Cancer and Potential Link to Addiction in Trial Against R.J. Reynolds

|VIDEO| Ex-Gawker Editor Defends Hulk Hogan Sex Video Publication in $100M Trial

Jury To Decide If Monsanto PCBs In Food Supply Caused Plaintiffs’ Cancer

Jury Socks LA Transit System With $8.35M Verdict Over Deadly Vehicle Collision

Jury Clears Demolition Co. In $750K Lawsuit Over Fatal Roof Collapse

$2.5M Verdict Slaps Compounding Lab and Pharmacist in Trial over Poisoning Deaths of 21 Polo Ponies

Vet Bore No Duty to Check Supplement that Killed 21 Polo Horses, Expert Says in $4M Trial

R.J. Reynolds Beats $10M Claim Over Unfiltered Cigarette Smoker's Lung Cancer Death

Opening Statements Begin In Hulk Hogan's $100m Lawsuit Over Leaked Sex Tape

LA Transit System Faces Potential $100m Verdict Over Fatal Vehicle Collision

Jury Seated for Hulk Hogan-Gawker Sex Tape Trial

Georgia Jury Hits Drunk Driver with $45K Verdict in Collision Case

As $4M Trial Opens, Sides Battle Over Responsibility for Supplement that Killed 21 Polo Horses

$350K Award to Widow After Jury Clears Philip Morris of Liability for Smoker's Death

VERDICT UPDATE: $1.2M Award Hits Hospital, ER Doc Cleared of Fault in Georgia Med Mal Stroke Case

$100M at Stake as Sides Ready to Rumble in Hulk Hogan-Gawker Sex Tape Trial

Courtroom Video and the Three Keys to Research Your Judge

Jury Finds Smoker's Diseases Arose After Class Action's Bar Date, Clears Tobacco Cos. in $3M Trial

ER Staff's Treatment Questioned as Med Mal Trial over Patient's Brain Injury Opens

Turn Courtroom Video into an On-Demand Master Class to Improve Your Trial Performance

Addiction's Possible Link to Alcohol Counselor's Death a Key as Trial Opens Against Philip Morris

$5M in Punitives, $14M Total, Slaps Tobacco Companies after Saturday Session in Fatal Cancer Trial

How to Win a Battle of the Experts with Video Analysis

BREAKING: Cigarette Makers Hit for $9M, Plus Punitives TBD, in Widow's Suit Over Ex-Smoker's Deadly Cancer

GA Med Mal Trial over ER Patient's Strokes, Brain Injury Opens Next Week

Doctor “Sure” Smoker Had Lung Cancer Before Bar Date in Trial Against Tobacco Cos.

How a Six-Minute Video Secured a $2M Verdict in a Georgia Trial over the Death of a Mentally Disabled Man

Courtroom Video and the Three Steps to Powerful Pre-Trial Intel on Your Opposing Counsel

Jury Clears Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard After Longest-Running Pelvic Mesh Trial

Jury Clears Physician In Woman’s $10M+ Suit Over Allergic Reaction To Antibiotic

Jurors Award $240K, Find Smoker 98% Responsible for COPD in Trial Against Tobacco Giants

Courtroom Masters Show You Three Crucial Tweaks to Perfect Your Closing Argument

R.J. Reynolds Cleared in $14M Trial Over Hospital Worker's Fatal Cancer

Six Keys to Harness the Power of Courtroom Video

BREAKING: Defense Prevails in $27M Atlanta Brain Injury, Med Mal Trial

J.R. Ewing Died From Tobacco Conspiracy, Attorney Tells Jurors in Trial over COPD

Under the Microscope Analyzes the Top Trial-Changing Experts: Dr. Robert Cerfolio

Doctor Responsible For Woman’s Severe Reaction To Acne Medication, Jury Told

CVN Georgia's 2015 Defense Attorney of the Year Is...

CVN Georgia Highlights Its Plaintiff's Attorney of 2015

CVN Florida Honors Its Defense Attorney of 2015

CVN Florida Names Its Plaintiff's Attorney of 2015

As Atlanta Brain Injury Med Mal Trial Opens, Doctors' Response to Patient's Oxygen Loss Questioned

Reasons Behind Nurse's Smoking Take Center Stage as Trial Against Tobacco Companies Opens

CVN Georgia's Super Six Trials of 2015: Part Two, The Defense Verdicts

CVN Georgia's Super Six Trials of 2015: Part One, The Plaintiff's Verdicts

CVN Florida's Super Six Trials of 2015: Part Two, The Defense Verdicts

CVN Florida's Super Six Trials of 2015: Part One, The Plaintiff's Verdicts

CVN Top 10 Defense Verdicts of 2015

CVN Top 10 Plaintiff Verdicts of 2015

Mother Awarded $216K For Son’s Overdose On Pain Meds Sold By Former Nurse

$35M Award Hammers Tobacco Giants in Trial over Airline Worker’s Fatal Cancer

Jury Finds for Doctors in Patient's $9M+ Suit Over Stroke

Door Company Wins in $32M Trial Over Ex-UCLA Staffer's Brain Injury

Georgia Pain Management Doctor Prevails in $6M+ Med Mal Suit

Surgeon Details Treatment Following Patient's Devastating Stroke, as Med Mal Trial Continues

UCLA Staffer Seeks Millions At Trial For Brain Injury Supposedly Caused By Falling Door

Woman's Symptoms Following Pain Management Injection the Key as Med Mal Trial Opens

$11M Verdict Thumps R.J. Reynolds in Throat Cancer Trial

Filter May Have Stopped Clot that Allegedly Caused Devastating Stroke, Doctor Says in Med Mal Trial

Link Between Tobacco Marketing and Smoker's Fatal Cancer Debated as Trial Opens Against Cigarette Makers

The Long Minute that Counted Down to a $150M Verdict in a Car Explosion Case

Doctors' Communication a Key Question as Med Mal Stroke Trial Opens

Watch How a Soda Bottle Helped Secure a $20M Verdict in Fatal Sleep Study Trial | Georgia Video Vault

Gwinnett County Hooked for $189K in Suit Over Property Flooding

Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard Face Trial Over Safety Of Pelvic Mesh Implants

Big Three Tobacco Companies Win in Nonagenarian's $8M Bladder Cancer, Heart Disease Suit

Judge Asked To Award $600M For Alleged False Marketing Of Marlboro Lights

R.J. Reynolds Prevails in Musician's $1.9M Suit Claiming Smoking Caused COPD

See the Link Between Construction and Cancer That Delivered a $17M Verdict | Florida Video Vault

In Trial Over Celebrity Chef's Death, Road Construction Firms Accused of Negligence

The Argument that Sealed a Defense Win in $8M Med Mal Trial

Update: R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris Hit with $11M in Damages For Restaurateur's Fatal Lung Cancer

Ernst & Young Suffers Loss At 1st Trial Over Auditing Of Bernie Madoff Funds

The Rebuttal Argument that Delivered an $18.9M Verdict in Motorcycle Crash Case

Nonagenarian's Motivation to Quit Smoking Questioned in Trial Against Big Three Tobacco Companies

Update: Doctor Prevails in $5M Fraud, Med Mal Trial Over Patient's Hysterectomy

$325K in Punitives Against Philip Morris Doubles Verdict in Trial Over Mortician's Lung Cancer Death

Jury Disregards Instructions, Awards $325K to Mortician's Family, Plus Punitives TBD, in Suit Against Philip Morris

Conyers Entrepreneur Hit with $2+ Million Judgment in Rockdale Fraud Trial

The Inconsistency that Undermined a Railway Worker's $2M FELA Suit

Mortician Couldn't Quit Smoking Until After Developing Fatal Cancer, Widow Says in Trial Against Philip Morris

Mentally Ill Man Overdosed On Drugs Sold By His Nurse, Jury Told

Buckhead Spinout Leads to $1+ Million Verdict for Injured Driver

Breaking Verdict Update: $36M Award in Wrongful Death Med Mal Case, Non-Party Doctor Found Largely At Fault

R.J. Reynolds Prevails in $9M Suit Over Smoker's Deadly Lung Cancer

BREAKING: Young Jeezy Wins Case Against Ex-Associate Seeking $5+ Million

Plaintiff's Closing Statement Lists Defense Attorney's Alleged "Misstatements and Lies": GA Trial Highlight

City Hit With $1.3M Verdict Over Deadly Single-Car Rollover Accident

$609M False Advertising Class Action Over Marlboro Lights Nicotine Levels Goes To Trial

$1.5M Verdict Hits McDonald's Manager, While Franchise Cleared in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Defense Attorney Rebuts MD's Diagnosis by Attacking Plaintiff's Credibility: GA Trial Highlight

Tobacco or Asbestos? Cancer's Cause in Smoker a Key as Trial Opens Against R.J. Reynolds

Johnson & Johnson Prevails In First Tylenol Liver Damage Trial

Investors Seek $112M From Ernst & Young At Trial Over Bernie Madoff Losses

No Sale Is No Bar to Product Liability Claim in $29M Wrongful Death Case: Analysis

R.J. Reynolds Largely Cleared of Liability in Smoker's Death, as Jurors Award $5K to Widower

Newton County Surgeon Wins Med Mal Case Arising from Failed Gall Bladder Operation

UF Lab Tech’s Career Not Ended by Car Crash, Jury Finds in Six-Figure Trial

Celanese Corp. Socked With $14 Million Asbestos Wrongful Death Verdict

"Paltry Documentation" Costs Medical Practice $3.5M Wrongful Death Verdict: GA Trial Highlight

$500K in Punitives against Tobacco Cos. Push Verdict for Smoker’s Widow to $1.5M

Takeda Strikes Tentative Deal To End $2 Billion Actos Trial

City’s Road Conditions Blamed For Deadly Rollover Accident At Wrongful Death Trial

Texas Jury Hands J&J Victory At First ‘Prosima’ Pelvic Mesh Trial

Million-Dollar Award, Plus Possible Punitives, in Tobacco Trial Over Fatal Lung Cancer

The Defense Argument that Defeated a $10M Med Mal Case

Machinist’s Family Owed $15M For Fatal Asbestos Exposure, Jury Told

Plaintiff's Attorney Builds Model of Gas Line Causing Apartment Explosion: GA Trial Highlight

Tobacco Firms Cleared of Liability in $50M Trial Over Smoker's Deadly Lung Cancer

(UPDATE) Jury Awards $20.5 Million in Emory Clinic Sleep Center Wrongful Death Case

First Tylenol Liver Damage Trial Against J&J Begins In New Jersey

High-Stakes Suit Over J&J’s ‘Prosima’ Pelvic Mesh Goes To Trial In Texas

ER Staff Cleared in $3M Malpractice Suit over Child's Death

(UPDATE) Parties Settle Landmark Carfax Report Consumer Fraud Case

(UPDATED 10/28/15) CVN Records 13th Million-Dollar Georgia Verdict of 2015

$20M Punitive Award Follows Battle Over RJR Conduct, Wraps $34.7M Tobacco Trial Over Vet's Fatal Cancer

$12M Award Strikes Tobacco Companies in Trial Over 42-Year-Old Smoker's Cancer Death

Role ER Nurse's Decisions Played in Child's Death the Focus as Med Mal Trial Opens

Update: $34.7M Verdict, Including $20M in Punitives, Hits RJ Reynolds in Tobacco Suit by Veteran's Family

Following $29M Verdict, Family of Worker Burned Alive Settles Case with Newell Recycling

Accident Reconstruction Expert Disproves Defendant's Version of Collision with Motorcycle: GA Trial Highlight

Jurors Level $4.5M Verdict Against Tobacco Companies for Ex-Smoker's 20-Year Cancer Battle 

Terminally Ill Man Settles $2M+ Asbestos Suit Against Plumbing Co. After Trial Begins

U.S. Sugar and Railroad Cleared in Worker's $2M FELA Suit

Plastic Surgeon Injured in Theater Room Fall at Atlantic Station Condo Complex Loses Premises Liability Case

Gerdau Ameristeel Hit By $4.75 Million Verdict in Steel Mill Fatality Case

R.J. Reynolds Nicked with $750K Verdict in Widower's Suit Over Fatal Lung Cancer

Takeda Defends Diabetes Drug Actos At $2 Billion Product Liability Trial

Watch the Argument that Led to a $9.8M Punitive Award Against Construction Firm| Florida Trial Video Vault

U.S. Sugar Faces Trial Over Worker's Claim of Career-Ending Rail Yard Accident

$2 Billion Suit Over Popular Diabetes Drug Actos' Alleged Cancer Risks Goes To Trial

(BREAKING) Jury Awards $29+ Million against Newell Recycling for Worker Burned to Death

Attorney Compares Client's Injury to Football Concussion to Win 12-Year-Old Case: GA Trial Highlight

R.J. Reynolds Cleared in $16M Suit over Fatal Lung Disease

High-Powered Defense Team Helps BNSF Crush Rail Yard Worker's Injury Suit

Jogger Wins $7,500 Verdict After Accident Neither Party Remembers

Tobacco Marketing's Influence on Immigrant's Smoking Takes Center Stage in Emphysema Trial Against RJR

Woman Wins $3.5M Verdict After Ambulance Rear Ends Her Car

Jury Nails Georgia-Pacific With $17M Asbestos Cancer Verdict

Convenience Store Chain Prevails in Florida Chemical Burn Trial

Defense Attorney Praises "Amazing Job" Done by Plaintiff: GA Trial Highlight

Pedestrian Struck En Route to HS Football Game Tackles Driver for Six Figure Verdict

Cancer-Stricken Painter Takes Georgia Pacific & Union Carbide To Trial Over Asbestos Claims

Non-Returned Phone Calls Lead to $3.5M Verdict Against Medical Practice

Expert Witness Says Law Firm's Services Worth Nearly Double the Amount Client Refused to Pay: GA Trial Highlight

Lung Transplant Recipient Awarded $11M in Suit Against Philip Morris

Caterpillar Avoids $19M Verdict In Asbestos Wrongful Death Trial

Trio of Tobacco Companies Cleared in $15M Lung Cancer and COPD Suit

Watch an Expert's Ill-Advised Comparison Scuttle a Key Products Liability Trial | Florida Trial Video Vault

Landmark $150M Jeep Fuel Tank Verdict Slashed By Judge

Defense Attorney Explains Paying Expert Witness More Than Plaintiff's Treating Physician's Charges: GA Trial Highlight

Former Waitress Gets Stiffed by Defense Verdict in Personal Injury Auto Case

$684k Awarded To Crash Victim After Botched Brake Job

In Wrongful Death Trial Against Caterpillar, Harvard Doc Says Asbestos Likely Caused Deadly Cancer

Watch a Masterful Cross-Exam of a Sympathetic Witness with Millions on the Line | Florida Trial Video Vault

Philip Morris Stung with $14.5M Award in Mouth Cancer Case

Plaintiff's Treating Physician Gives Key Testimony for Defense in Auto Case: GA Trial Highlight

Atlanta Physician Wins Lamisil Liver Failure Med Mal Case

Tobacco Titans Slapped with $10.5M Verdict in Lung Cancer Case

Kaiser Ordered To Broaden Reconstructive Surgery Coverage After Class Action Trial

Asbestos In Caterpillar’s Brakes Caused Mechanic’s Fatal Cancer, Jury Told

Barroom Parking Lot Brawl Ends Five Years Later in Plaintiff's Verdict

Attys Clash At Hearing Over Fate Of Record $150M Jeep Fuel Tank Fire Verdict

The Expert Testimony that Yielded a $53M Verdict Against Ford

Plaintiff's Attorney Says Case Not About Making His Client a Millionaire; Jury Awards Her $3.5M Anyway: GA Trial Highlight

R.J. Reynolds Hammered with $8.5M in Punitives, $13.5M Total, in Suit Over Mouth Cancer

$5M Verdict in Mouth Cancer Suit, With Punitives to Come, Leads Tobacco Litigation Review

Deaf Driver Accused of Texting Before Fatal Crash Hit with $375K Verdict

Defense Verdict in Dental Malpractice Case Leaves Bad Taste in Former Patient's Mouth

Surgeon Helps Win Med Mal Case by Demonstrating Procedure Causing Death of His Patient: GA Trial Highlight

Start of Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Trial Body Slammed by Appeals Court

Fraud Claim Adds $350K to Plaintiff's Recovery in Major Commercial Breach-of-Contract Case

Defense Expert's 43 Years of Experience Used By Plaintiff to Suggest Standard of Care in Legal Malpractice Case: GA Trial Highlight

Investors Claw Back $3M From Escrow Co. At Trial Over Massive Ponzi Scheme

Openings of Oral Cancer Trial Against RJR Top the Tobacco Litigation Review for the Week of June 22

Watch the 84 Seconds that Swung a $100M Brain Injury Trial | Florida Trial Video Vault

New Georgia Evidence Code Ruling Leads to $120K Jury Verdict: CVN Trial Highlight

Georgia Defense Attorney Spotlighted on the Season's Final Engle Trading Card

Atlanta Real Estate Attorney Found Liable for Clients' $1.5 Million Loss in Failed Costa Rican Resort Development

$776K Verdict Against RJR Highlights the Engle Progeny Week in Review for June 15

How a Top Products Liability Lawyer Seals a Win for Ford | Florida Trial Video Vault

Atlanta Driver Ends Up with No Money After Being Rear Ended in Rush Hour Accident

Miami-based Defense Attorney Is This Week's Engle Card Feature

Amateur Football Coach Scores $7K Verdict in Multicar Rear End Auto Collision Case

Plaintiffs Awarded $4.5M In First Wright Hip Implant Product Liability Trial

Florida Prep School Cleared in Trial Over Worker's Electrocution

Record Producer Percy Bady Sings Sad Song After Former Manager Wins $120K Jury Verdict Against Him

Pioneering Plaintiff's Lawyer Is the Feature on this Week's Engle Trading Card

Plaintiff Attys Lambast Chrysler’s Attempt To Nix $150m Jeep Fuel Tank Verdict

Former City of Atlanta Workers Comp Claims Administrator Found Liable for Fraudulently Concealing $1.2M Performance Bonus from Consultant

Closing in Storage Unit Crush Case Paves Way for $5.5M Verdict | Florida Trial Video Vault

Electrocution's Role in Worker's Heart Damage a Central Issue in Widow's Suit Against Florida School

Discount Clothing Store Owner Doesn't Get Discount on Attorney's Fees

Addiction a Key Issue as Trial in Fatal COPD Suit Opens Against R.J. Reynolds

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne Denies Knowledge of Customer Warnings about Exploding Jeep Gas Tank: Georgia Trial Highlight

South Florida Lawyer Is the Feature of Engle Trading Card Number 6

One Day. One Courthouse. Three Trials. CVN Covers Them All

Comcast Prevails At $9.5M Trial Over Near-Fatal Home Invasion

Perjury Claim Scuttles Defense, Yet Jurors Award Only $300K in $100M Florida Brain Injury Trial

First Wright Hip Implant Product Liability Trial Begins

Nursing Home Operator Rocked By $19.2M Elder Abuse Verdict