CVN's Summer Special Discount Offer Is Back! Check Out These Must-Watch Trials

Posted by David Siegel on Jul 9, 2024 1:54:38 PM

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Courtroom View Network is excited to launch our annual ‘Summer Special’ discount offer, which gives even more affordable access to the world’s only video library of civil jury trials featuring the top plaintiff and defense attorneys in the country in action in front of real juries in real courtrooms.

Summer beach novels are great, but for attorneys both new and veteran who want to sharpen their skills and learn from the very best advocates practicing today, nothing beats watching the pros handle real-world, high-stakes trials. CVN provides gavel-to-gavel coverage and unlimited on-demand access, so you can see firsthand every part of the trial from the openings through to the verdict.

CVN’s online video library features hundreds of trials, so whether you’re interested in major mass tort cases or more “everyday” cases like slip-and-falls, a CVN subscription provides tremendous value for almost any attorney involved in trial practice in state courts.

Here is a small sample of eight plaintiff and defense verdicts representing the hundreds of trials included with a subscription, along with a bit if info on why you should check them out. Instead of driving to the courthouse to see top-shelf attorneys in action, save your gas money for that summer trip to the lake and use CVN’s Summer Special discount to subscribe today! Have any questions? E-mail us any time at

Plaintiff Verdicts

Dallas Jury Awards $71.95M In Wrongful Death Scissor Lift Trial, Beating $1.25M Settlement Offer

Aldous closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Charla Aldous delivering her closing argument 

Dallas, TX - A Texas state court jury awarded $71.95 million in April to the widow of an electrician who died when the scissor lift he was working on collapsed after colliding with a boom lift, and the full trial was recorded gavel-to-gavel by Courtroom View Network. 

Plaintiff Laura Lopez sued Walker Engineering Inc. after the death of her husband Hernan Murillo, who died while performing electrical work at a Frito-Lay warehouse in 2019. Her attorneys accused Walker Engineering of allowing an unqualified employee to operate the boom lift, which accidentally backed into the nearby scissor lift while it was extended 30 feet into the air. 

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$16.6M+ Verdict at Trial Over Big Rig Crash That Left Georgia Man With TBI

Fried closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Joseph Fried delivering his closing argument 

Decatur, GA - Jurors handed down a $16.66 million verdict last December against a trucking company and found it 60 percent responsible for the 2021 crash that left a Georgia man with a traumatic brain injury.  

The DeKalb County (Georgia) State Court jury deliberated for roughly five hours before reaching its verdict for Avnish Dalal, injured in a collision he says was caused when Brown Trucking Company driver Evans Tshongwe braked his big rig to a stop on I-285 in Decatur while avoiding a van passing through his lane.

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South Carolina Jury Hits John Crane With $1.75M Asbestos Verdict

Peterson closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Holly Peterson delivering her closing argument

Spartanburg, SC - A South Carolina state court jury awarded roughly $1.75 million in March to the widow of a maintenance worker who claimed exposure to asbestos in gaskets produced by industrial manufacturing company John Crane caused his fatal cancer, and the full trial was recorded gavel-to-gavel by Courtroom View Network.

The Spartanburg County jury returned their verdict a few hours after hearing closing arguments in the trial that began on March 18. They found exposure to asbestos in John Crane’s products was a substantial factor in the death of plaintiff Melba Bolton’s husband

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California Jury Awards $2.45M In Walmart Parking Lot Slip-and-Fall Trial

Kwan closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Jonathan Kwan delivering his closing argument

San Diego, CA - A California state court jury returned a roughly $2.45 million verdict in March for a woman who blamed a fall in a Walmart parking lot on pothole, and the full trial was recorded gavel-to-gavel by Courtroom View Network.

The San Diego County jury returned their verdict the same day they heard closing arguments in the trial that began on March 19. Plaintiff Kathy Morrow accused Walmart of failing to properly inspect and maintain their parking lot after falling in February of 2020, which she claimed forced her to undergo major spinal fusion surgery that left her stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and permanent pain.

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Defense Verdicts:

California Jury Clears Hospital in Med Mal Claim Over Child's Brain Injury

Rosa openings

CVN screenshot of defense attorney Stephan Rosa delivering his closing argument

Los Angeles, CA— A California hospital was cleared in May over claims it was responsible for the severe brain injury that a child who was born at the facility suffered. 

A California state court jury deliberated across two days before finding Emanate Health Foothills Presbyterian Hospital was not responsible for a 2012 blood-oxygen deprivation-related brain injury Matthew Lopez-Bautista suffered. His attorneys claim he suffered the injury, called a hypoxic ischemic injury, because of delays surrounding his Cesarean section delivery.

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Jury Clears ATV Rental Company Of Liability For Rollover Accident

Johnson closings-2

CVN screenshot of defense attorney M. Bradley Johnson delivering his closing argument 

Las Vegas, NV - A Nevada state court jury cleared a local ATV rental company last January of all liability in a lawsuit filed by a woman who suffered ankle injuries in a rollover accident, and the full trial was recorded gavel-to-gavel by Courtroom View Network.

The Clark County jury returned its verdict shortly after hearing closing arguments in a trial that began January 30th. Plaintiff Beatrice Smith sought nearly $500,000 in past and future damages for injuries she sustained in 2018 during an ATV tour operated by SunBuggy Fun Rentals.

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Philip Morris Prevails in Trial Over New Mexico Smoker's Death

Fasi closings

CVN screenshot of defense attorney Joseph Fasi delivering his closing argument

Santa Fe, NM— Jurors early this month cleared Philip Morris and Allsup’s Convenience Stores, Inc. of liability for the oral cancer that killed a New Mexico man who smoked for decades. Waters/Youngers v. Philip Morris, et al.

The New Mexico First Judicial Circuit State Court jury rejected design defect, negligent marketing, and conspiracy claims over the 2021 death of Edward “Eddie” Waters due complications related to mouth cancer.

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Ambulance Company Prevails in Trial Over Woman's Death Following Apartment Building Fall 

Huff closings

CVN screenshot of defense attorney Daniel Huff delivering his closing argument

Decatur, GA— Jurors in Georgia cleared an ambulance company of responsibility last June for the death of a woman its paramedic treated following her fall from a second-story apartment window. Wright v. Metro Ambulance Services, Inc., 21A01147. 

The DeKalb County (Georgia) State Court jury found Metro Ambulance Services, which does business as American Medical Response, or AMR, was not responsible for the 2019 death of Vanessa Banks, 63. 

Banks was alive and responsive when an AMR team, with Michael Kern as its paramedic, arrived to treat and transport her after she was reportedly pushed out of a second-story apartment window by her boyfriend. However, Banks suffered an ultimately fatal heart attack while en route to the hospital. Her family claims Kern failed to properly monitor Banks’ vital signs and condition, ultimately leading to her death. 

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