Trial to Begin Against Trucking Co. Over Claim That Big Rig Crash Left Georgia Man With Brain Injury

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Dec 11, 2023 10:25:13 AM


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Decatur, GA— Trial is expected to open early this week in a suit against a trucking company over the traumatic brain injury a Georgia man claims he suffered in a 2021 collision with a big rig, with Courtroom View Network streaming proceedings gavel-to-gavel. Dalal v. Brown Trucking Company, 21A04356. 

According to court records, Avnish Dalal was involved in an August 2021, multi-vehicle crash on I-285 in Decatur, Georgia after a Brown Trucking Company tractor-trailer driven by Evans Tshongwe slowed and stopped while avoiding a van that had pulled into Tshongwe’s lane. 

Dalal claims the crash occurred as a second tractor-trailer behind Tshongwe’s rig slammed on its brakes and swerved to the left to avoid Tshongwe’s truck. Dalal, who was traveling behind the second tractor-trailer, says he swerved right to go around the the Brown Trucking rig, but clipped that vehicle, struck a third tractor-trailer, and ultimately traveled under the Brown Trucking Company vehicle. 

Dalal contends he suffered a traumatic brain injury, along with a broken left arm, incurring $900,000 in medical expenses to-date alone. 

Dalal is suing Brown Trucking, claiming its driver, Tshongwe, caused the crash by coming to a complete stop on the highway rather than simply slowing his vehicle or pulling into another lane of traffic to avoid the van that entered his lane. 


According to court documents, Brown Trucking contends that Tshongwe acted appropriately under the circumstances and did not have time to ensure alternative actions would be safe to avoid an accident. 

Brown Trucking maintains that both the tractor-trailer behind its big rig and another vehicle behind that trailing truck slowed and changed lanes without colliding with the Brown Trucking vehicle. Meanwhile, the company contends Dalal was traveling at roughly 68 mph and did not brake until less than one second before the crash. 

Dalal is represented by Michael Goldberg and Joseph Fried, of Fried Goldberg, and by Romi K. Jayswal and Karina Deochand, of Deochand & Jayswal Law Group. 

Brown Trucking is represented by John Dixon, of Dennis, Corry, Smith & Dixon, according to court records. 

Trial, in DeKalb County State Court, before Judge Mike Jacobs, is expected to open as soon as Monday and last roughly five days. CVN will stream the trial and will provide updates via its news page. 

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