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Posted by David Siegel on Dec 1, 2023 12:04:27 PM

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Courtroom View Network is thrilled to again offer our annual holiday discount special, making the world’s only online video collection of civil jury trials available at our lowest price ever.

CVN is the only news organization in the country scouring state court dockets for civil trials that are specifically of interest to the legal, educational and business communities. Once CVN gets permission to film a trial, we commit to gavel-to-gavel coverage from openings forward - a type of coverage trials rarely receive outside of high-profile criminal or celebrity cases.

While those media frenzy trials are certainly interesting, CVN focuses on trials that would quietly slip through the cracks without our camera present, but involve elite plaintiff and defense attorneys, potentially millions of dollars at stake, and expert testimony from many of the top academics in the country. CVN’s video library has hundreds of these trials in a wide range of practice areas, and with a discounted holiday special subscription you can relax by the crackling fire and enjoy unlimited on-demand access to all of them.

Below are a few examples of the trials CVN has covered just this year included with an archive subscription, and you can peruse our widely read “top 10” plaintiff and defense lists from previous years to see even more, and there are hundreds more trials in the archive beyond that! There is no substitute for seeing the very best attorneys in the country in front of real live juries, so whether you’re a solo practitioner, an associate at a large firm, a younger attorney or a grizzled courtroom veteran, a CVN video library subscription is an unmatched resource.

Have questions about CVN? Drop us a line any time. Also remember we’re constantly adding trials to the video library and CVN has a very busy start to 2024 planned, so lock in your discounted subscription now and reserve your front seat to seeing the top trial pros in the country in action.

Happy holidays!

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The largest medical malpractice verdict in Arizona history

Just last month, CVN filmed a trial in Phoenix, Arizona that resulted in the largest malpractice verdict in that state’s history. The plaintiff claimed hospital staff improperly administered a medication during childbirth that resulted in a baby’s extensive brain damage, and the jury returned a verdict of nearly $32 million. In addition to local Arizona plaintiff counsel Brian Snyder the trial also features heavyweight litigator Gary Dordick, widely regarded as one of the most formidable advocates practicing today.

Medical malpractice is one of the most well-represented practice areas in CVN’s video library, so besides this trial check out just a small sample of the many others included with your subscription.

Dordick closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Gary Dordick delivering his closing argument


The $325 million punitive damages award that may help turn the tide in Roundup herbicide litigation

CVN is the only news organization to have recorded numerous gavel-to-gavel trials involving Monsanto’s Roundup product and claims the popular herbicide is carcinogenic. Recently that involved a series of consecutive defense verdicts, and the multiple trial wins for Monsanto in numerous jurisdictions seemed to suggest the thousands of pending Roundup cases may be headed for resolution on favorable terms for the company.

A verdict in California state court last month could change that, when a San Diego County jury returned a verdict with a whopping $325 million punitive damages award. A CVN subscription gives you full access to the weeks-long trial, along with the many other mass tort cases included in CVN’s video library.

Dennis PL closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Scott Love delivering his closing argument


Amusement park prevails in $32M+ roller coaster brain injury lawsuit

CVN is equally committed to publicizing significant defense verdicts as we are plaintiff wins, as too often major defense victories go unnoticed in an era of shrinking newsroom budgets, but these outcomes are still of significant news value to the professional audience CVN serves.

One such case involved a plaintiff seeking more than $32 million from the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park in California alleging the controversial (and now dismantled) "Green Lantern” roller coaster caused a teenager’s claimed traumatic brain injury.

After weeks of conflicting medical expert testimony from both sides, Six Flags successfully convinced jurors that medical records contradicted the plaintiffs’ claimed injuries, and that she went on to lead a productive life after the incident, including gaining admission to several colleges.

Both plaintiff and defense attorneys can learn by watching these defense wins in the courtroom, and CVN is the only resource available to remotely see these trials firsthand.

SixFlags closings

CVN screenshot of defense attorney Michael Amaro delivering his closing argument


$1.2M awarded in rear-end collision auto negligence case

CVN dedicates just as much coverage to “everyday” trials of significant local interest as we do cases likely to draw national headlines. After all, these are the types of cases a huge portion of the legal community works on day in and day out, but without CVN’s gavel-to-gavel coverage there would be practically no way to see these trials firsthand without trekking down to the courthouse.

A perfect example is a $1.2 million verdict reached in Georgia state court this year in an automotive negligence lawsuit. Jurors deliberated for roughly five hours before handing down the verdict for the back, hip, and other injuries James Matthew Watson, an attorney based in the Kennesaw, Georgia area, says he suffered when a pickup truck driven by Todd Blackburn struck Watson’s car from behind as he sat at an intersection.

Watson closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Nick Rowley delivering his closing argument


$18.8M awarded in first post-bankruptcy Johnson & Johnson cosmetic talc case

After an extended pause due to J&J’s bankruptcy maneuvers, trials involving the company’s cosmetic talc products are set to come roaring back in 2024. CVN has covered almost every J&J cosmetic talc trial in state courts nationwide since the trials began in Missouri back in 2016, and they are all available as part of a video library subscription.

Among those many trials is the most recent - a California case that resulted in an $18.8 million award. An Alameda County jury agreed plaintiff Emory Hernandez Valadez developed mesothelioma - a form of cancer often associated with asbestos exposure - due to years of using popular products like Johnson’s Baby Powder that his attorneys argued were laced with asbestos.

The six-week trial marked the first time jurors decided a Johnson & Johnson talc case after J&J spun off their talc-related liability into a new subsidiary, LTL Management, and then had that entity file for bankruptcy in New Jersey where the company is headquartered.

Valadez closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Joseph Satterley delivering his closing argument


$2.3M verdict in Florida nursing home negligence lawsuit

Before CVN came on the scene no news media organization would commit the resources necessary to cover a nursing home negligence trial gavel-to-gavel unless the plaintiff was a celebrity, but it’s CVN’s focus on “real world” trials that separates us from everyone else and gives CVN subscribers the valuable opportunity to learn from seeing these cases play out firsthand without having to sit in court.

A recent example included in CVN’s video library (among many others) is a $2.3 million verdict returned last August in Florida. The Eighth Circuit Court jury, in Alachua County, deliberated roughly four hours before finding Parklands Care Center responsible for the 2021 death of a patient, who had developed a stage 4 pressure ulcer —  the most severe of such wounds — while staying at the facility.

She had suffered from a host of health issues, including dementia and kidney disease, and the four-day trial turned on the facility’s treatment of the patient, as well as what ultimately caused her death.

Redding closings

CVN screenshot of plaintiff attorney Scott Fischer delivering his closing argument


Ford lands defense verdict in trial over SUV’s exhaust emissions

Ford has faced allegations in numerous lawsuits that exhaust fumes can leak into the interior of certain Explorer SUV models, with some drivers claiming the fumes caused them to pass out and crash.

One of the first such cases to go to trial took place earlier this year in California state court. The Orange County Superior Court jury returned their verdict on October 17 in a trial that began with opening statements in mid-September. Plaintiff Brian McDowell, a former Newport Beach police officer, claimed carbon monoxide caused him to pass out and crash his Ford Explorer police vehicle into a tree in 2015.

McDowell’s attorneys told jurors the accident left him with a traumatic brain injury and injuries to his neck and back, and they suggested Ford could have detected and prevented the supposed defect with more rigorous testing, but Ford successfully argued McDowell passed out due to a seizure-like event, and that his injuries were exacerbated by not wearing a seatbelt.

Ford closings

CVN screenshot of defense attorney Dan Rodman delivering his closing argument


Even at our standard pricing CVN is one of the most affordable and powerful tools for trial attorneys who know jury work can’t be learned only from a book. CVN has an extremely busy 2024 planned with expanded trial coverage both geographically and into new practice areas we didn’t give as much focus to previously. Lock in your subscription now and reserve your virtual front row seat to see the very best attorneys at work and on their feet in courtrooms across America.

If you have any questions at all we’re always here to help.


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