Watch: Top Trial Presentation Expert Details Verdict-Winning Demonstratives

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Nov 28, 2023 12:40:18 PM


Watch Trial Technique Spotlight, where Shane Read analyzes the verdict-winning techniques of top trial attorneys. 

Compelling demonstratives are among the most effective tools to help present your case. And in the most recent slate of episodes in our ongoing series, Trial Technique Spotlight, Shane Read, one of the nation’s leading trial presentation experts, analyzes how four top attorneys have used demonstratives across their biggest cases, and how you can apply those winning approaches in the courtroom.

Shane Read is a nationally recognized expert and award-winning author who has helped thousands of lawyers transform their deposition, trial, and oral advocacy skills. And in the most recent episodes focusing on demonstrative use, he has used CVN's courtroom video to spotlight:

Steve Vartazarian and the large-as-life demonstrative that was a key to a nearly $10.9 million verdict in a forklift crash case. 

The oversized signatures that Richard Carroll used to highlight a crucial cross-exam, clearing a hospital in a major medical negligence trial. 

Rachel Lanier and the unforgettable demonstrative that helped win a $4.69 billion talc trial verdict.

Lloyd Bell’s use of common household items to simplify complex medical concepts, en route to securing a $26 million medical malpractice verdict. 


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Earlier episodes in our ongoing series analyze a range of trial-winning techniques, from using the “Rule of 3” in delivering a persuasive opening, to the CROSS method of structuring an incisive cross-examination. And it’s all with an eye to helping you strengthen your own courtroom skills. 

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