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|VIDEO| Florida Opioid Trial Opens Against Walgreens

Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 5, 2022 2:33:00 PM


Editor's update: Parties reached a $683 million settlement in the case. 

New Port Richey, FL— A Florida jury previewed evidence concerning whether Walgreens bears responsibility for the devastating impact opioids have had in the state, as trial opened Monday against the pharmacy chain. State of Florida v. Walgreens, 2018-CA-001438. 

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|VIDEO| How Keith Mitnik's Argument Keyed a $12M+ Verdict Against Florida Rehab Center

Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 4, 2022 1:08:00 PM

Morgan & Morgan's Keith Mitnik tells jurors repositioning was not a "do-it-yourself job" for Carol Reed during her stay at a Florida rehabilitation center. Watch more of the closings below. 

Distilling a case into its key elements using vivid, relatable terms can be critical to persuading a jury. Morgan & Morgan’s Keith Mitnik calls these terms “stickies,” because they stick in jurors’ minds as they deliberate. And at trial against a rehabilitation center over the bone-deep pressure sore one of its patients developed, Mitnik used those stickies to win an 8-figure verdict. 

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Topics: Florida, Reed v. Life Care Centers of America, et al.

Med Mal Trial Set to Begin Over Patient's Death After Emergency Department Discharge

Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 2, 2022 3:37:24 PM

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Lawrenceville, GA— Trial is expected to begin this week against a nurse practitioner and her supervising physician over the death of a Georgia woman, hours after her discharge from a hospital emergency department. Arnold v. Lee, R.N.P., et al. 17-C-07323-S2. 

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Topics: Medical Malpractice, Georgia, Arnold v. Lee, et al.

Concrete Co. Faces Claim That Mixer's Crash Into Big Rig Ended Trucker's Career, as GA Trial Opens

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Apr 25, 2022 4:11:58 PM

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Atlanta, GA— Whether a 2016 big rig crash ended a Georgia trucker’s career, and the reaction of another trucker to his post-crash drug testing were key issues Wednesday as a damages trial opened against a concrete supplier and one of its drivers. Love, et al. v. Ready Mix USA, LLC, et al., 18EV003461.  

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Jury Hands Down $1.5M Verdict in COPD Trial Against RJR, Finds Smoker Largely at Fault

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Apr 21, 2022 1:22:30 PM

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Tampa, FL— Jurors last week handed down a $1.5 million verdict for a Florida smoker’s respiratory disease-related death, but apportioned less than half the responsibility for the fatal illness to defendant R.J. Reynolds.  Hancock v. R.J. Reynolds, 2009-CA-018859.

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Topics: Hancock v. Philip Morris, et al.