|BREAKING UPDATE| $1M Verdict Handed Down Against RJR for Smoker's Fatal Lung Cancer

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Feb 22, 2019 12:27:47 PM

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Updated 2/22 at 4:32 p.m. to reflect the verdict.

West Palm Beach, FL—Jurors Friday awarded $1 million to the family of a Florida man who died of lung cancer they found was caused by R.J. Reynolds cigarettes and a conspiracy to hide the dangers of smoking. However, the jury rejected a claim for punitive damages in the case. Gafney-Hanners v. R.J. Reynolds, 2007-CA-020540.

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$31M+ Trial Opens Against 2 Florida Bars Over Crash That Left Woman With Catastrophic Brain Damage

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Feb 20, 2019 7:15:52 PM

Mark Avera delivers his opening statement at trial against two Tallahassee bars for the catastrophic brain damage Jacquelyn Faircloth suffered in a 2014 crash.  

Tallahassee, FL— Attorneys Monday argued over the role alcohol played in a late-night crash that left an 18-year-old Florida woman with catastrophic brain damage, as trial opened against two bars that served a pair of underage drinkers. Faircloth v. Cantina Tallahassee, LLC, et al., 2015-CA-002778.    

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Trial Begins Against RJR, Philip Morris Over Smoker's Death After Losing Lung to Cancer

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Feb 15, 2019 11:37:04 AM

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Fort Lauderdale, FL—Attorneys debated what drove a Florida woman to smoke up to two packs a day until cancer cost her a lung, as trial over her death began last week against the nation’s two largest tobacco companies. Mahfuz v. R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris, 2007-CV-036743.

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Jury Slaps RJR With $13.5M Punitive Verdict at Trial Over Smoker's Fatal Throat Cancer

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Feb 8, 2019 1:27:06 PM

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Gainesville, FL— R.J. Reynolds was hit with a $13.5 million punitive verdict Thursday for its part in the throat cancer death of a Florida smoker. Bessent-Dixon v. R.J. Reynolds, 2015-CA-002554. 

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Disney Found 40% Liable for Food Court Accident, Jury Awards Less Than $60K on Guest's $11M+ Claim

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Feb 8, 2019 9:31:49 AM

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Orlando, FL—Jurors Thursday found a Walt Disney World guest largely responsible for the accident she says left her with a rare nerve disorder, and awarded her less than $60,000 in her suit against the theme park giant. Wilson v. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S. Inc., 2015-CA-003347.

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