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Posted by Courtroom View Network on Oct 3, 2019 11:54:57 AM

Bradley Beckworth in closings of a landmark trial trial against Johnson & Johnson over its alleged role in Oklahoma's opioid crisis. It's just one of several blockbuster trials CVN has added to its library recently. You can see this trial, and hundreds of others, gavel-to-gavel, with a CVN subscription.

Over the past few weeks, CVN has added an array of blockbuster trials to our unsurpassed courtroom video library. The newest additions include major verdicts in two traumatic brain injury trials, a landmark opioid judgment, and a pair of big defense wins in medical malpractice and premises liability cases. 

Among the most interesting trials we’ve recently added:

J&J ordered to pay $572M in first-of-its-kind opioid trial

State of Oklahoma v. Johnson & Johnson.

Following a 7-week bench trial, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $572 million for its role in Oklahoma’s opioid crisis. It was the first civil trial over a state’s opioid suit. 

Check this out: In the state’s closings, Nix Patterson’s Bradley Beckworth walks through a round of “Who Wants to be a Pain Franchise Billionaire?” a take on the old “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” trivia game show — complete with the old show’s sound effects — to argue J&J marketing misrepresented opioid addiction rates. 

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$30.8M verdict slams 2 Florida bars over crash that left teen with catastrophic brain damage

Faircloth v. Cantina 101, et al. 

A Florida jury handed down a $30.8 million verdict for the devastating brain damage a woman suffered in a hit-and-run that followed a night of underage drinking. It was the second time the case came before CVN cameras, following a jury deadlock in the first trial, in February. 

Check this out:  Avera & Smith’s Mark Avera mounts a powerful argument in closings, contending overwhelming evidence proved Devon Dwyer’s drunk driving caused him to hit pedestrian Jaquelyn Faircloth. 

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NJ jury awards $37.3M talc powder verdict after judge strikes J&J’s entire closing argument

Barden v. Johnson & Johnson

Following a trial judge’s decision to strike Johnson & Johnson’s entire closing argument, jurors in New Jersey awarded $37.3 million to four plaintiffs who claim they developed mesothelioma from asbestos in the company’s cosmetic talc products. 

Check this out: New Jersey Superior Court Judge Ada Viscomi strikes J&J’s closing argument over defense objections, before Simon Greenstone & Panatier’s Chris Panatier rises to argue that key pieces of an evidentiary puzzle link the company and its talc products to plaintiffs’ mesothelioma.  


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$5M verdict hits Georgia party rental company for “bubble soccer” accident that left teen with brain damage

Reyes v. Georgia Game Truck, LLC

Jurors found a Georgia party rental company’s negligence led to a “bubble soccer” collision that fractured a teenager’s brain. The rental company was found 93% at fault, reducing the award to about $4.65 million post verdict. 

Check this out: Fried Rogers Goldberg’s Brad Thomas delivers a compelling closing argument on the central importance of taste and smell and their link to memory throughout one’s life, tying it to Salvador Reyeyes Quezada’s injury, which cost him his senses of taste and smell.

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Atlanta doctor cleared in $10M trial over patient’s blindness

Izundu v. Choi, et al. 

Jurors cleared a neurologist of fault in a $10 million claim over a condition that left one of his patients legally blind. 

Check this out: In a sometimes fiery closing, Weathington McGrew’s Paul Weathington contended the physician ordered appropriate follow-up consultations with an eye specialist but the patient herself failed to follow through.  

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Massachusetts jury slaps Philip Morris with $21M verdict for smoker’s fatal cancer

Laramie v. Philip Morris

Jurors hit Philip Morris with a $21 million verdict for the lung cancer death of a man who started smoking when he was about 13. 

Check this out: In openings, Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley’s Walter Kelley adeptly sets the stage for his argument that defective, dangerous cigarette design led to Frederick Laramie’s fatal lung cancer.  

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Metro Atlanta jazz club prevails in $2M trip-and-fall case

Spencer-Smith v. Volunteer Restaurant Associates, et al. 

Following a four-day trial and two hours of deliberations, a Fulton County State Court jury concluded a Georgia jazz club wasn’t at fault for the back and hip injuries a patron said she suffered when she tripped on stairs. 

Check this out: Using a series of photos inside the club, Lewis Brisbois’ Brantley Rowlen convincingly walks jurors through what he argues plaintiff should have seen, including the steps that caused her fall. 


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