|VIDEO| Veteran Attorneys Detail How Forward-Thinking Client Communication Strengthens a Solo Practice

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Mar 12, 2021 1:34:58 PM

Efficient client communication is crucial for solo practices and small firms where time and other resources are precious. And during a CVN webinar devoted to advice on how to strengthen a solo practice or small firm, veteran attorneys Michael Geoffroy and Gordon Glover detailed the proactive, tech-forward communication initiatives that can streamline workflow and improve client satisfaction. 

“Become a firm that pushes out information, as opposed to waiting for your clients to reach out to you.” Geoffroy, of Georgia’s MG Law, said, noting that scheduled outreach to clients often saves valuable time compared to fielding potentially longer calls from clients seeking updates on their own. 

And importantly, Geoffroy and Glover, of Florida’s the Glover Law Firm, said client portals were key tools for driving client communication, improving overall client satisfaction, while saving staff time and streamlining a practice's workflow. Geoffroy added that he goes farther, with text-based options for clients.

“I think especially for the millennials out there, being able to text, not having to pick up the phone and call, is a huge advantage.”

The discussion was part of an hour-long CVN webinar hosted by Geoffroy and Glover on auditing a solo practice to emerge from the coronavirus-related court slowdown with an even stronger legal business. 


The two attorneys, who have successfully run practices for decades, discussed:

  • Current legal trends and how client expectations have changed. 
  • How to review and track key data on your cases to best grow your practice. 
  • Tech tools and resources that can streamline your workflow.
  • Powerful ways to grow your attorney referral network.

And more. It’s a veritable treasure trove of advice and resources on improving your solo practice or small firm’s business, from a pair of veteran of attorneys with decades of success. 

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