Late Night, High Speed Tractor-Trailer Collision Trial to Open

Posted by Steve Silver on Jan 15, 2015 12:03:00 PM


Jury selection is underway today in a DeKalb County State Court case arising out of a late night Cook County traffic accident in which a tractor-trailer rear ended a Jeep, injuring the Jeep’s driver. Lee Scott Collins v. Lonzia Collins, KCH Trucking, LLC and Westfield Insurance Company, 13-A48999-6.

According to court documents, the accident occurred on I-75 in Cook County about 4:00 a.m. Plaintiff Lee Scott Collins was driving a Jeep Cherokee in the far right hand lane while hauling a dog trailer. Defendant Lonzia Collins was following Lee Collins’ Jeep in a fully loaded tractor-trailer he was driving for his employer, defendant KCH Trucking.

Lee Collins claims that the truck was traveling about 70 mph when it struck the Jeep’s trailer, spinng the Jeep, and dragging it along the roadway before nearly crushing it against the highway median wall. In addition to physical injuries, Lee Collins was also diagnosed with PTSD following the accident.

Defendants dispute the collision’s severity and the extent of Lee Collins’ injuries, noting that he denied needing medical attention at the accident scene. Defendants also contend that, when the accident occurred, the truck had moved into the interstate’s center lane to pass Lee Collins’ Jeep. The Jeep then briefly swerved left as well before returning to the right hand lane. As he attempted to make the pass, Lonzia Collins struck the Jeep’s trailer.

Trial is expected to last two-to-three days. The parties' attorneys could not be reached for comment. 

CVN will provide news updates as the trial progresses and will provide gavel-to-gavel, on-demand video at the trial's conclusion. 


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R. Scott Hamilton, of Atlanta's Shiver Hamilton LLC, represents L. Scott Collins. Christopher Penna of Penna & Mendocino, in Conyers' Georgia, represents the defense. 

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