Free CVN Webinar: Real World Trials & Real World Tactics w/ Nick Rowley & Joseph Wilson

Posted by David Siegel on Sep 21, 2020 2:31:18 PM

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CVN screenshot of attorney Joseph Wilson delivering his closing argument 

This Friday, September 25th at 1pm Eastern, Courtroom View Network will present a free webinar featuring nationally renowned plaintiff attorney Nick Rowley of Carpenter Zuckerman & Rowley and rising Georgia legal star Joseph Wilson of JL Wilson Trial Law, focusing on video clips from a trial ending in a $584,000 verdict that Wilson secured for a client injured in a collision with an armored truck.

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Much of CVN’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of civil jury trials focuses around “blockbuster” cases that draw national headlines, like a bellwether talc powder trial in 2018 that ended in a $4.7 billion verdict awarded to 22 women with ovarian cancer. However an equally important part of CVN’s ongoing trial coverage involves so-called “real world” trials - the types of cases that in normal times regularly go to trial week in and week out throughout the country.

In an era of shrinking newsroom budgets these cases too often fall through the news media’s cracks, even though they are still of real interest both to the parties involved and the broader legal, educational and business communities. That’s why CVN commits to covering these trials gavel-to-gavel, and is proud to offer the world’s only online video collection anywhere of gavel-to-gavel civil trials, with hundreds of trials available in a range of practice areas.

The trial featured in Friday’s webinar involved a certified nursing assistant whose arm was shattered in 2017 when a Loomis Armored-owned truck hit her car after its driver failed to stop at a traffic signal. That injury required surgery and treatment totaling nearly $100,000, with doctors saying she’d likely never be able to return safely to work as a nursing assistant.

The jury’s eventual award of $584,000 was in the upper half of a focus group range.

Joseph will curate video highlights from key moments in the openings, witness testimony and closings that he feels showcase effective best practices for presenting a personal injury case like this one to a real jury.

Nick will bring his trademark “brutal honesty “ to bear on Wilson’s performance, focusing on moments he found persuasive and noteworthy and also mentioning alternate ways he might have presented an argument, since trial practice isn’t “one size fits all” but largely depends on an individual attorney’s personality and style.

Nick and Joseph will leave ample time for Q&A, and participants will leave the webinar benefiting from the rare opportunity for the type of hands-on trial instruction that no attorney learns in law school, and that you can normally only get by sitting in the courtroom and watching trials in person. Participants will also receive an exclusive coupon code for discounted access to the hundreds of civil jury trials in CVN’s video library.

Nick Rowley was recognized in 2018 as Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles - one of the most exclusive awards within the sprawling California legal community. He is nationally known as one of the most aggressive and formidable trial attorneys practicing today. Nick has secured numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts for clients throughout the country that far surpassed any pre-trial settlement offers, and he is the co-author of Trial by Human.

Joseph Wilson was recognized in the Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2016 in their “Who’s Who” 30 Under 30 section. Wilson was also selected to the prestigious Georgia Trial Lawyers Association LEAD Program, which is a leadership training program for the top trial lawyers in the State of Georgia. He has secured millions of dollars for clients in difficult liability cases.

Courtroom View Network is the only video news service exclusively dedicated to gavel-to-gavel coverage of civil jury trials. CVN covers trials throughout the United States, ranging from bellwether product liability cases to slip-and-falls. Many of the country’s most accomplished trial attorneys, for both plaintiffs and defendants, are featured in CVN’s online video library.

Registration for this webinar is available free of charge and to all participants.

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