Jury Deliberating In 1st Joint Colgate/Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Talc Trial

Posted by David Siegel on Jun 7, 2019 11:12:43 AM

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CVN's FREE Feature Trial: 7-Figure Verdict Over Crash That Killed Florida Doctor

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jun 5, 2019 5:03:42 PM


Key moments of Willie Gary's fiery opening at trial over a crash that killed a South Florida doctor. Watch the full trial on demand for a limited time, with a free CVN account. 

CVN’s Feature Trial of the Month — available on demand for our FREE CVN accounts —  turns the spotlight on a wrongful death crash case that featured a slate of Florida’s most prominent attorneys.

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New Study Reveals Startling Hidden Costs to Law Firms & How Practices Combat Them

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jun 3, 2019 12:20:51 PM

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Promoted Content: From time to time, CVN will highlight partner-provided services that we believe are of interest to our readers.

A recent nationwide study of law firms revealed surprising results on the hidden costs of medical records requests, and a stark contrast in how those requests impact their practices’ bottom lines.

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|VIDEO| The Testimony Central to $11M GA Crash Case Verdict | AMFS Expert Commentary

Posted by Gary Gansar, MD, FACS, AMFS Senior Medical Director on May 31, 2019 6:33:56 PM


As part of CVN's partnership with American Medical Forensic Specialists, Dr. Gary Gansar analyzes testimony from Dr. Angela Ashley, whose testimony proved instrumental in securing an $11 million verdict at trial against Papa John's Pizza over a crash with one of its delivery drivers. The full analysis can be found at the AMFS site. You can watch extended video, along with the analysis, on CVN Essentials.

The Trial: Williams v. Papa John’s Pizza, a 2016 Georgia trial in which a driver involved in a crash with a Papa John’s pizza delivery driver contended she suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The Expert: Dr. Angela Ashley, an Atlanta-based neurologist and professor at Emory University, testifying for the plaintiff on the severity of the plaintiff’s brain injury and delivering an opinion on its cause.

The Verdict: $11 million.

Dr. Angela Ashley, an Atlanta neurologist and professor at Emory University, testifies in a 2016 Georgia trial over a traumatic brain injury a driver claims she suffered in a rainy night crash with a Papa John’s Pizza delivery driver.

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$17M+ Verdict Smacks R.J. Reynolds Over Massachusetts Smoker's Lung Cancer Death

Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 31, 2019 3:38:20 PM

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Lowell, MA— Jurors this week hit R.J. Reynolds with a $17 million-plus verdict for the part they found the tobacco company played in a Massachusetts woman’s lung cancer death. Coyne v. R.J. Reynolds, 1681CV00266.

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