Watch This Month's FREE Feature Trial: Ambulance Crash Case Yields Multi-Million-Dollar Verdict

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jul 9, 2019 5:28:42 PM

CVN’s Feature Trial for July — available on demand to all of our FREE CVN accounts — ended with a multi-million-dollar award to a Georgia woman whose car was rear-ended by an ambulance. 

Nelson v. Beiner saw Mike Goldberg and Eric Rogers, of Atlanta’s Fried Rogers Goldberg, win a $3.5 million verdict for Stephanie Nelson, who claimed she suffered ongoing back and neck injuries when an ambulance struck her car from behind in 2011. 

Goldberg and Rogers argued injuries from the wreck forced Nelson, 55 at the time of the crash, to leave her job as a pharmacy technician. 

The FRG team faced off in the three-day, damages-only trial against Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer’s Reginald Clyne and John Farrish, who argued Nelson's injuries were not as severe as she claimed and did not necessarily stem from the crash. 

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