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Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 27, 2022 2:10:50 PM


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CVN cameras have covered a host of major trials from coast-to-coast over the past several weeks, featuring claims ranging from medical malpractice to auto product liability. Check out key moments in six of the most recent big-ticket trials we've covered. 

Las Vegas Jury Awards $7.2M+ in Wrongful Death Crash Case

Jurors in March awarded $7.24 million to the parents of a 19-year-old woman killed in a collision with a flooring company van and they found the flooring company’s owner liable for negligently entrusting the van to the driver. 

In closings, the plaintiffs' attorney, Christian Morris, of Nettles Morris, highlighted what she termed the “series of bad decisions” that led to the deadly crash. 

"It was a perfect storm [that] left destruction in its path.”


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Nurse Practitioner and Doctor Prevail in Wrongful Death Med Mal Trial

Earlier this month, a nurse practitioner and her supervising physician were cleared at trial over the death of a Georgia woman following her discharge from a hospital emergency department, where she had gone complaining of chest pain. 

The woman’s daughter contends the healthcare providers were grossly negligent in discharging the woman from the emergency department without properly addressing what was an ongoing cardiac event. 

But in openings, the nurse practitioner’s attorney, Brinson Askew’s Stephen Moseley, told jurors blood tests showed the patient was not having a heart attack when she was in the emergency department, and the defendants were not the healthcare providers who made the final decision to discharge the patient. 

“To diagnose a heart attack, you have to have a rise in the troponin [level]. If you don’t have a rise in the troponin, you’re not having a heart attack.”



And the physician’s attorney, Huff Powell & Bailey’s Michael Frankson, told jurors in openings that the patient’s chest pain did not match the type of pain someone with acute coronary syndrome would experience. 

“Chest pain is one of the most common complaints [of patients], and it’s usually not because of cardiac disease.”

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7-Figure Verdict for Motorcyclist at Trial Over Crash With Big Rig

A California jury awarded $3 million to a deaf motorcyclist injured in a 2018 crash with a big rig. The trucking company, C.R. England, had admitted liability for the crash, leaving the 8-day trial over damages alone. 

In openings, Simon Law Group’s Bob Simon walked jurors through the impact the crash had on the motorcyclist, including the hours immediately after the accident when doctors believed they may need to amputate his leg. 

“These doctors are trying to communicate that they want to cut his leg off, and he’s going to explain to you how that’s caused him severe post-traumatic stress disorder.”


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Jurors Clear Nissan in $25M+ Wrongful Death Rollover Trial

A Las Vegas jury cleared Nissan of liability for a 2017, multi-fatality rollover accident. During closings of the month-long trial, in which plaintiffs’ attorneys sought $25 million, Nissan’s attorney, Klein Thomas & Lee’s Thomas Klein, told jurors there was no evidence that design changes to the Nissan Xterra at issue would have prevented the crash.

“There is no test plaintiffs ever showed you where they said ‘Here’s a two-vehicle impact into an Xterra, with a wider track width or a lower center of gravity, or [vehicle dynamics control], and look at this, it doesn’t roll over.”


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$12.35M Verdict Awarded at Trial Over Rehab Facility Patient’s Pressure Sore

A Florida jury handed down a $12.35 million verdict for the pressure sore a woman was found to have suffered after a month-long stay at a Life Care Centers of America rehabilitation facility, and they found the defendant 87% responsible for the wound. 

During closings, Morgan & Morgan’s Keith Mitnik told jurors the facility knew the patient’s spina bifida limited her mobility, and that it required their providers to pay more attention to prevent pressure sores from developing. 

“They said ‘Come on in, we’ve  got your back. Even though we know you can’t feel it, you can’t see it, we’ve got it.’ And they didn’t.”


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Nevada Jury Clears Traffic Safety Company in Motorcycle Crash Trial 

In March, jurors found in favor of Superior Traffic Services at trial over a 2017 crash that severely injured a motorcyclist. Plaintiffs contended the traffic safety company failed to follow appropriate procedures in the placement of an orange construction drum they said caused the accident. But Springel & Fink’s Leonard Fink walked jurors through the placement inspection process he argued was appropriate. 

“The evidence is going to show that the barrels that were placed in this area… were there for a reason. All of them.”


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