|VIDEO| Watch Key Moments in a Quartet of Recent Crash Trials

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Dec 28, 2021 12:30:55 PM


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CVN cameras covered crash trials from coast to coast over the last few weeks, with cases ranging from low-speed collisions to major product defect claims. Check out some of the key moments in four of our most recent cases.

Los Angeles Jury Hands Down 8-Figure Award in Crash Case

Jurors last month awarded $21.6 million to the parents of a teenager fatally struck by a metro bus

In closings, Mardirossian Akaragian's Garo Mardirossian argued that evidence clearly showed the bus driver caused the crash. 

“You don’t necessarily have to be the professional bus driver that’s been ‘trained’ to do what she should have done… to see these girls.”


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Michelin Cleared in $17M+ Trial Over Motorcycle Crash

A South Carolina jury cleared Michelin at trial over allegations that a motorcycle tire defect caused the crash that left the vehicle’s driver paralyzed and his wife seriously injured. 

In closings, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell's Michael O'Donnell argued the tire was properly inspected when it left the factory, and he pushed back against potential claims that the company’s inspection practices were irrelevant.

“I think these great inspection practices, respectfully, are very relevant. I don’t think there’s anything more relevant in the case.”


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Florida Jury Awards $1.3M to Woman Injured in Crash

A Florida woman won a $1.3 million verdict for neck, back, and other injuries she says she suffered in a 2017 crash. 

In closing arguments, Morgan & Morgan’s Keith Mitnik told jurors evidence proved the woman’s shoulder injury stemmed from the crash, rather than age and work-related issues. 

“Ms. Osvath has spent a lot of years folding these [napkins]. And she’s a good folder. And she likes her work. And that did not tear that shoulder up….”

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 Jury Delivers Defense Verdict at Trial Over Parking Lot Crash

Earlier this month a Florida state court jury rejected a woman’s claim that a chain-reaction crash in a parking lot left her with long-term back and shoulder injuries. 

As trial opened, Aaron Baker told jurors evidence would show the crash exerted no more force on the plaintiff than typical activities of daily living.

"Standing up and sitting down causes more force on her body than any of the forces generated in this accident."


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