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Posted by Arlin Crisco on Oct 19, 2023 10:15:00 AM


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Across the last few months, CVN cameras have captured a number of trials that made news across the country, including a blockbuster verdict against a school district for a child’s death, a defense win in a med mal case involving a dancing doctor, and more. Check out key moments from just a few of the most recent headline-making proceedings we’ve covered. 

$30M Verdict for Child’s Death at the Hands of School Employee

A California jury handed down a $30 million verdict at trial over the death of a child beaten by an L.A. Unified School District employee. Plaintiff, the child’s mother, contended the school district negligently hired the employee, who killed the child while babysitting him. Jurors apportioned 90 percent of responsibility to the school district and the remaining 10 percent to the child’s mother. 

In closings, Steve Vartazarian, of The Vartazarian Law Firm, argued that the school district compounded its error in hiring the employee by failing to properly monitor him. 

“If you are going to negligently hire somebody and not ask them any questions and just let him come through, then, at least, don’t negligently supervise them.”

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Six Flags Prevails at Trial Over Roller Coaster Rider's TBI Claim

In August, a California state court jury cleared Six Flags of responsibility at trial over claims that a roller coaster at the company's Magic Mountain park gave a 13-year-old rider a traumatic brain injury. 

In her opening, Sanaz Cherazaie, of Amaro Baldwin, walked jurors through the roller coaster’s design in arguing that the coaster could not have given the teen a TBI.

“Every single expert in this case will testify that the forces of the Green Lantern ride were not sufficient to cause a head injury in a rider.”

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$20.2M Med Mal Verdict for Man’s Death After Receiving Painkillers

Jurors in Florida handed down a $20.2 million verdict after finding a physician responsible for the death of a man being treated for acute pancreatitis. 

The patient, who had a history of sleep apnea, suffered a fatal respiratory collapse after receiving multiple doses of the opioid painkiller Dilaudid. During her closing, Freedland Harwin Gander Valori's Deborah Gander, argued that the doctor’s failure to ask if the man suffered from sleep apnea was a critical error that led to his lack of proper observation.

“That informs the care plan that you come up with. That informs the telemetry monitor, the pulse oximeter, all of the safety nets that would have prevented [the man’s widow] from being in this courtroom for the past 10 days.”

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Anesthesiologist Cleared of Fault in Trial Over Dancing Doctor Video

Jurors cleared a Georgia anesthesiologist of liability for his participation in a viral music video made by Atlanta’s so-called “Dancing Doctor” during surgery on a patient.

The anesthesiologist danced, gestured, and appeared to sing during surgery on the patient as part of a series of viral videos made by the Atlanta surgeon. Jurors found in favor of the patient but apportioned 100 percent of fault to the surgeon, who was not a party at trial, and awarded $0 damages. 

During closings, Hall Booth Smith's Terrell Benton III told jurors that, although the anesthesiologist’s conduct was unprofessional, it did not violate the standard of care. 

“Nowhere in the statute, which is how we evaluate doctors, how you’re going to evaluate this doctor, does it talk about behavior, or unprofessional behavior.”

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