Trial Over Fatal Collision With RV Set to Begin

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Jan 7, 2022 2:52:43 PM


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Daytona Beach, FL— An RV dealership faces trial next week over claims it is liable for a 2019 collision that killed a Florida pedestrian. Branen v. La Mesa RV Center, et al., 2019-31641-CICI.

According to documents in the case, Jacob Branen, then 29, was walking along Williamson Blvd. in Daytona Beach when he was fatally struck by an RV driven by Ronald Scirrotto. 

Branen’s family claim Scirrotto’s negligence caused the February 2019 crash and La Mesa RV Center, Scirrotto’s employer at the time of the accident, is responsible. 

La Mesa counters that Branen himself was responsible for the collision. 


Searcy Denney’s Brian Denney and Matthew Schwencke represent the plaintiffs. Attorneys for the defense include Bromagen Rathett Klee & Smith’s Brooks Rathett and Herbert Armstrong, according to court records. 

Trial, before 7th Circuit Judge Mary Jolley, is expected to open Tuesday and last less than two weeks. 

CVN will stream the trial live and on-demand and provide written coverage of the proceedings via its news page.

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