Trial Opens Over Deadly Florida RV Collision

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Jan 13, 2022 9:51:25 AM


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Daytona Beach, FL— A Florida jury heard competing narratives as to what happened in the moments before a recreational vehicle fatally struck a pedestrian, as trial opened Tuesday against the RV’s driver and the dealership that employed him. Branen v. La Mesa RV Center, et al., 2019-CICI-31641. 

Jacob Branen, 29, was fatally struck by the side mirror of an RV driven by Ronald Scirrotto as Branen walked to work along Williamson Blvd. in Daytona Beach in February 2019.

Branen’s family contends that Scirrotto, who was driving the vehicle for his employer, La Mesa RV Center, is to blame. 

During Tuesday’s openings, the Branen family’s attorney, Searcy Denney’s Brian Denney, told jurors evidence would show Branen was obeying traffic laws by walking along the road’s shoulder facing oncoming traffic.


“Walking in the shoulder of the road should not be a death sentence when you’re walking to work,” Denney said. “This did not have to happen.”

But the defense contends Branen caused the collision. During Monday’s openings, Bromagen Rathett Klee & Smith’s Brooks Rathett told jurors evidence would establish Branen walked into the RV’s path just before the crash.

“Ron Scirrotto never left his lane,” Rathett said, “and Jacob Branen wandered into the mirror of that motor coach.”

Trial in the case is expected to go into next week. 

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