|VIDEO| Karen Koehler & Trial Pro Panel Break Down How a Surprising Opening POV Set Up a Blockbuster Crash Case Verdict

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Apr 7, 2021 12:32:15 PM

Delivering an opening statement from an unusual point of view can be a powerful way to grab jurors’ attention and pull them into the narrative of a case. In a recent webinar with an all-star panel of trial pros, Karen Koehler detailed her approach to creative openings, including how one eye-popping opening statement set up a $123 million verdict at trial over a crash that killed five and injured dozens.

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Topics: Washington, Dinh, et al. v. Ride the Ducks, et al., CVN Discovery

|VIDEO| Karen Koehler Channels Boat Captain in Opening That Sets Up $123M Crash Case Win

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Apr 25, 2019 8:03:06 AM


Video: Karen Koehler delivers her opening statement in the role of a duck boat captain during trial over a boat crash that left five people dead and dozens injured. 

Delivering a compelling opening can be a challenge in product liability trials, where equipment specifications and similarly dry material are often central to a case. However, in openings at trial over a fatal duck boat crash, Karen Koehler artfully channeled a duck boat captain to detail her case and set the foundation for a nine-figure verdict.

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Topics: Products Liability, Washington, Dinh, et al. v. Ride the Ducks, et al.