Kia Faces $20M+ In-Person Trial Over Allegedly Defective Seatbelts, CVN Webcasting Gavel-to-Gavel

Posted by David Siegel on Jun 16, 2021 1:56:35 PM

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Topics: Products Liability, Traumatic Brain Injury, automotive, California

BREAKING: $23.7M Awarded To Motorcyclist Injured In Collision With Truck Following LA’s 1st Post-Shutdown Live Civil Trial

Posted by David Siegel on Feb 10, 2021 2:49:19 PM

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Topics: Negligence, Transportation, automotive, California

Potentially $35M+ In-Person Bench Trial Begins In Los Angeles Over Motorcyclist’s Collision With Truck

Posted by David Siegel on Jan 28, 2021 2:14:19 PM

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Topics: automotive, California

In-Person LA Civil Trial Over Motorcycle Accident Begins This Week, CVN To Webcast Live

Posted by David Siegel on Jan 22, 2021 10:46:37 AM

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Topics: Negligence, automotive, California

10 "Must Watch" California Plaintiff Verdicts in CVN's Trial Video Library

Posted by David Siegel on Oct 22, 2020 12:38:56 PM

Courtroom View Network covers civil trials throughout the United States, but one of the states we’ve focused on the most in recent years is California. The depth and breadth of the California legal community and the volume of litigation just in venues like the Los Angeles County Superior Court system alone make The Golden State one of the most active jurisdictions for civil jury trials anywhere in the country.

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Topics: Negligence, Products Liability, automotive, California