Med Mal Trial Begins Next Week Against Docs Accused of Role in Return of Woman's Breast Cancer

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Sep 7, 2018 10:20:11 AM

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Atlanta—Trial is slated to begin next week against a pair of physicians accused of negligence that a Georgia woman says furthered the return of her breast cancer. Ross-Stubblefield v. Philips, et al., 15EV002846.

According to the case’s pre-trial order, Helen Ross-Stubblefield claims Drs. Rogsbert Phillips and Yara Robertson failed to notify her of suspicious test results related to the breast cancer she had been treated for a year earlier.  

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Ross-Stubblefield, who was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2012, had seen the doctors the following year regarding options for surgical reconstruction. During that 2013 consultation, they ordered imaging to determine whether the disease had recurred or spread. She claims that, despite recommendations from two radiologists for follow-up testing due to concerns of a metastatic tumor, the defendants told her she was “clear” of cancer.

By 2015, imaging showed a recurrence of her cancer, which Ross-Stubblefield, represented by Kurle Law’s Jennifer Kurle and Steven Justus, claims stemmed from the suspicious areas noted in the 2013 tests.

The defense, led by Huff Powell Bailey’s Daniel Huff and Sharonda Barnes, claims Phillips and Robertson tried to promptly discuss the 2013 imaging results with Ross-Stubblefield. However, the doctors canceled two office appointments to go over the imaging and ignored calls to reschedule.

Further, Phillips contends that, when she eventually saw Ross-Stubblefield in 2014, she told her of the previous year’s imaging results and ordered a follow-up scan, but Ross-Stubblefield left the office without making an appointment for the tests.

Trial in the case is expected to last five days. CVN will cover the trial, providing news updates as they are available and offering video on demand as soon as possible after its conclusion.

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Helen Ross-Stubblefield and Edward Ross are represented by KurleLaw’s Jennifer Kurle and Steven Justus. 

Rogsbert Phillips, Yara Robertson, and Metro Surgical Associates, Inc. are represented by Huff Powell Bailey’s Daniel Huff and Sharonda Barnes.

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