FREE Webinar - CVN and TBI Med Legal Present a Video Deep Dive into TBI Trial Tactics and Strategy

Posted by David Siegel on Aug 7, 2020 11:49:21 AM

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CVN screenshot of plaintiff's attorney Bethany Schneider delivering her closing argument 

On Wednesday, August 12 at 11am Pacific, Courtroom View Network and TBI Med Legal will present a unique webinar based around courtroom video from a real TBI trial focused on the moment-to-moment trial tactics and strategy that no attorney learns in law school and can only grasp by watching real pros, in action, live in the courtroom.

Atlanta-based attorney Bethany Schneider of Schneider Injury Law will curate video clips highlighting key moments from a TBI case she took to trial in 2019, which ended in a $5.5 million verdict. The case involved a plaintiff struck on the head by a falling metal pipe while waiting under a hotel’s taxi stand.

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Bethany will be joined by two of the most accomplished trial attorneys in the country, Zoe Littlepage of Littlepage Booth Heckman and Athea Trial Lawyers, and Lisa Blue of Baron and Blue and Athea Trial Lawyers.

Attendees will get to watch critical moments in the trial filmed by CVN from both opening and closing statements and witness testimony. Bethany will delve into granular but important moment-to-moment trial details like why she worded something a certain way in openings, why she rephrased a question during direct-examination, even why she used a certain tone - and how it all came together to deliver a $5.5 million verdict.

Attendees will also get an up-close look at the exhibits and demonstratives, as seen in the screenshot above, that play a key role in conveying the complex medical and scientific information involved TBI cases to a jury of laymen.

Zoe and Lisa will bring their decades of jury trial experience representing plaintiffs to the table, providing an outside perspective to critique and analyze what they found effective about Bethany’s choices in the courtroom, what they might have done differently, and how you can use this experience to better prepare you for your next TBI trial.

Zoe Littlepage is a member of the prestigious Inner Circle of Advocates, an exclusive organization made up of some of the most accomplished plaintiff trial attorneys currently in practice. She served as Lead Counsel of the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for the landmark Hormone Replacement Therapy MDL Litigation and took more than a dozen of the cases to trial, in addition to myriad other multi-million verdicts in other practice areas.

Lisa Blue is a legend in the Texas legal community and nationally. She played a senior leadership role at Baron & Budd, the largest environmental law firm in the United States, and she has been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America and one of the Top 50 Women Litigators in the U.S. by National Law Journal. In addition to her JD, Lisa has a doctorate in psychology.

Hosting the panel will be Erica Chavez with the California-based firm BD&J, who also serves as chair of the Brain Injury Association of California.

Courtroom video will be provided by CVN, the leading Internet video news service dedicated to gavel-to-gavel coverage of civil jury trials. Attendees will receive an exclusive CVN coupon code upon the conclusion of the webinar, which will provide a 50% discount on an annual subscription to CVN’s trial video archive, featuring hundreds of trials in a range of practice areas including numerous TBI-related cases.

TBI Med Legal is one of the largest attorney and health care provider educational associations dedicated to education surrounding traumatic brain injuries.

This free event is open to all registrants, so don’t miss this rare and valuable opportunity for real-world, actionable, practical advice you can use in the courtroom at your next TBI trial.

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