Frank Bayuk's Outstanding Tobacco Defense Record Earns His Spot on Our Latest Engle Card

Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 19, 2020 2:43:57 PM


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Our Engle card series continues, spotlighting some of the best attorneys across more than a decade of Florida’s “Engle progeny” tobacco litigation. That litigation includes thousands of cases spun from a class action against the nation's tobacco companies, which was ultimately decertified by the state’s supreme court. This week we feature Frank Bayuk, a leading Engle vet who has cleared R.J. Reynolds in more than a half-dozen Engle trials CVN has covered. 

Engle Trading Card Series 4, No. 4

Frank Bayuk, Jones Day


Bayuk, who practiced with King & Spalding before a 2018 return to Jones Day, where he began his legal career, has built an outstanding 7-6-3 Engle defense record in CVN-covered trials stretching back to 2011. During that time, he has gone undefeated in two different years, earning a pair of wins in 2013, in Weinstein and Brown, and another brace of victories in 2018’s Hardin and Morales proceedings. Moreover, his 2018 directed verdict win in a punitives-only trial in Hardin is a rarity in Engle litigation.   

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