Engle Trading Card Tuesday: Gary Paige

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Dec 2, 2014 5:36:00 PM

Each Tuesday we issue a new trading card featuring an attorney, trial, or firm from Florida’s Engle progeny tobacco cases. Our exclusive cards provide a light-hearted way to track important statistics throughout this landmark tobacco litigation.


Card #10 Gary Paige


Gary Paige, of Gordon & Doner, brings an 80% winning record with him as this week's Engle card feature. Click here to see the larger version of the card. 

Gordon & Doner's Gary Paige is one of the most successful attorneys in CVN's Engle litigation, with an outstanding 8-2 record that extends back to 2009. The awards in those eight wins place Paige in the exclusive 9-figure club, with more than $175 million total. In fact, Paige has only one Engle award under $5 million. His most recent win, in Schleider v. R.J. Reynolds, yielded a $21 million verdict and is one of only two awards that didn't include punitives. 

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