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Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jun 29, 2021 6:13:15 PM


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CVN has given you a virtual gallery seat to watch the nation's best attorneys try their biggest cases for more than a decade. Now you can learn from those attorneys, and the country's top legal experts, as they break down what it takes to be a successful trial lawyer today. CVN Discovery is our archive of video webinars and deep dives into the biggest trials and best trial techniques.

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Rowley & Wilson: Real World Trials and Tactics

Join Joseph Wilson and Nick Rowley as they break down Wilson's $584,000 win at trial over an armored crash that shattered a woman's arm. It's a deep dive into the techniques that win the real-world "tough cases." 

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Product Liability Supergroup on $150M Jeep Trial 

Jim Butler, Jeb Butler, Brian Panish, Chris Spagnoli, and Tab Turner analyze the Butlers' landmark $150 million verdict for a Jeep fuel tank explosion that killed a toddler. The in-depth discussion highlights the best techniques to win product liability cases.   

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Homampour & Vartazarian: Beating Settlement Offers 

Steve Vartazarian and Arash Homampour break down the techniques that helped Vartazarian win eight-figure verdicts far in excess of settlement offers in a pair of crash cases.  

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Huff & Bailey: Med Mal Defense-Winning Keys


Dan Huff and Scott Bailey discuss the techniques they used to clear a pair of doctors at trial over a former patient's cancer death. And they outline the keys that help win defense verdict in high-stakes cases.  

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Bethany Schneider Outlines Her $5.5M TBI Trial Win

Bethany Schneider analyzes her $5.5 million trial win for the traumatic brain injury a taxi driver suffered in a construction accident. She also details the approach that has won cases on both sides of the courtroom. 

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Lloyd Bell Talks Med Mal Trial-Winning Techniques 

Lloyd Bell discusses issues ranging from creative demonstratives to how to make a powerful damage request, using examples from several blockbuster medical malpractice trial wins.  

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Ricci & Schwencke On Their $4.9M Med Mal Win

Ed Ricci and Matt Schwencke do a deep dive into their $4.9 million win for a man whose leg amputated following blood clot-related complications. The two attorneys address topics ranging from the best way to educate jurors to prepping experts for trial.  

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Fried Goldberg Attorneys: The Art of the Close

Join Fried Goldberg’s Joseph Fried, Michael Goldberg, Brad Thomas, and Eric Rogers as they use courtroom video to break down the closing techniques that were critical to four of their biggest verdicts across a range of cases. 

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Ball & Claggett Break Down $16.4M Slip-and-Fall Verdict

Sean Claggett and David Ball highlight the trial techniques Claggett used to win a headline-grabbing $16.4 million verdict against Lowe's for the traumatic brain injury a customer suffered in a fall at one of the home improvement giant's stores.  

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How to Build a Pandemic-Proof Solo Practice

In this hour-long webinar, Michael Geoffroy and Gordon Glover deliver practical advice and highlight the tools solo practitioners and small firms need to streamline and strengthen their business. 

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Trial Pro Panel Breaks Down Blockbuster Crash Case

Watch Karen Koehler, Andrew Ackley, Randi McGinn and Artemis Malekpour in the first part of this multi-part series analyzing the trial and the techniques used to win a $123 million transportation verdict. It features extensive trial video and covers a range of topics, including: using courtroom space to your advantage, structuring your case to tell the most effective story, when to turn up the heat on hostile witnesses, and more. 

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Building a Better Law Practice With Social Media

Watch top trial attorneys Eric Rosen and Bethany Schneider share the keys that have led them to build large followings on social media and discuss the techniques that can boost your law practice’s business. They detail topics ranging from content creation and channel selection to branding and share many examples of their content.

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Bell and Geoffroy: Demonstrative Deep Dive

Using courtroom video from some of his biggest trial wins, Lloyd Bell talks with Michael Geoffroy about his approach to demonstratives. The two attorneys detail the most effective ways to use them to tell the compelling courtroom stories that set up major verdicts. 

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