CVN's FREE Feature Trial: 7-Figure Verdict Over Crash That Killed Florida Doctor

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jun 5, 2019 5:03:42 PM


Key moments of Willie Gary's fiery opening at trial over a crash that killed a South Florida doctor. Watch the full trial on demand for a limited time, with a free CVN account. 

CVN’s Feature Trial of the Month — available on demand for our FREE CVN accounts —  turns the spotlight on a wrongful death crash case that featured a slate of Florida’s most prominent attorneys.

In Donley v. E&S Landscaping, Willie Gary, of Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary, spearheaded a case against a landscaping company whose crew was accused of causing a bicycle crash that killed a South Florida doctor.

The plaintiff’s legal team claimed the landscaping company’s crew negligently parked their truck in a path frequented by bikes, while the defense countered that the doctor crashed into the back of the vehicle because he was dehydrated and not paying attention.

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After a nine-day trial focusing on who caused the wreck, jurors awarded $3 million but ultimately found the landscaping company 30% responsible, reducing the post-verdict award to $900,000.

Attorneys for the defense included Peterson Bernard’s William Martin and Lewis Brisbois partners Todd Ehrenreich and Noel Johnson. They faced off against Gary, Glenn Crickenberger, Mia Pintard, and Sekou Gary.

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