CVN Georgia's Defense Attorney of 2019 Won a Pair of Major Med Mal Trials

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Jan 3, 2020 12:30:00 PM

CVN cameras covered an impressive slate of Georgia's finest lawyers last year. And CVN Georgia's 2019 defense attorney honoree earned the accolade by clearing his physician clients in a pair of high-profile med mal trials. 

CVN Georgia’s Defense Attorney of 2019

The Weathington Firm’s Paul Weathington

Attys of the Year 2019_WeathingtonThe Trials: Lockhart v. Bloom, et al. and Izundu, et al. v. Choi, et al. 

The Verdicts: Weathington, practicing in Atlanta’s Weathington McGrew defense firm before a late 2019 split led to the Weathington Firm, opened the year by securing a directed verdict in Lockhart. Weathington followed up on that win by clearing a Georgia neurologist in Izundu

The Details: In Lockhart, Weathington represented Dr. Glenn Bloom, an ER physician accused of negligence that led to the loss of a patient’s leg. Although another physician was ultimately found responsible, the case against Bloom never made it to the jury, with Weathington leading a defense that helped win a directed verdict. 

Izundu, a $10 million medical malpractice case over a condition that left Kimberly Izundu blind, turned on whether Dr. Brice Choi, a neurologist, could have done more to save Izundu’s sight. Weathington powerfully argued evidence showed Choi properly ordered follow-up care with an ophthalmologist, but that Izundu did not follow through in a timely manner.

“We told her to go to the eye doctor because she’s got vision trouble. That’s why you go to the eye doctor, because your eyes aren’t working good, and you might lose vision,” Weathington said in closings. “I guess we had to drive her. I guess we had to get an Uber. I guess we had to follow her around and make sure she’d gone."

Weathington’s standout work in the courtroom cleared his clients in two major medical malpractice cases and earned him CVN’s honor as 2019 Georgia Defense Attorney of the Year. 

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