Big Rig Rollover Trial Set to Start Against Companies Trucker Blames for His Paralysis

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Mar 6, 2020 11:38:57 AM


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Lawrenceville, GA— Trial is scheduled to begin next week against makers of a tractor-trailer seat and seat belt involved in a 2015 rollover crash that paralyzed a trucker. Hill v. Indiana Mills & Manufacturing, Inc., et al., 17-C-07188-S1.

According to documents in the case, a tractor-trailer driven by Joshua Hill crashed on a rural Virginia road in December 2015, rolling onto its side. The rollover's impact paralyzed Hill. 

Hill, who says he was properly belted when the rollover occurred, contends a combination of a defectively designed seat belt from Indiana Mills & Manufacturing, Inc. and the defective design of Commercial Vehicle Group Inc.’s truck seat failed to adequately protect him in the crash. 

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IMMI and CVG contend that they each manufactured component parts of a larger restraint system specified by PACCAR, the manufacturer of the T-660 Kenworth that Hill was driving. The companies maintain PACCAR specified the design and approved each component they manufactured and they had no authority to change the individual designs or overall restraint system.

PACCAR, originally a defendant in the case, is no longer a defendant at trial. 

According to documents in the case, Hill is represented by Conley Griggs Partin’s Cale Conley, Davis Popper, and Scott Farrow, and by Noah Abrams, of Abrams & Abrams. 

IMMI is represented by Terry Brantley and Alicia Timm, of Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, as well as by Kevin Schiferl and Blake Shelby, of Frost Brown Todd. 

CVG is represented by Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial’s Frederick Sager, Jr., Christopher Byrd, and Benjamin Ralston.  

Trial in the case, before Judge Emily Brantley of Gwinnett County State Court, is expected to last 10 days. Courtroom View Network has applied to cover the trial. 

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