As Coronavirus Spreads, Firms Turn to This High-Tech Answer

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Mar 11, 2020 10:36:42 AM


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The rapid spread of coronavirus has left businesses across the globe scrambling for responsible solutions to help protect employee and client health. As COVID-19 makes business travel increasingly unpredictable, firms are relying more than ever on secure teleconference options, said a representative of one of the industry’s leading providers.  

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in room requests since the outbreak began,” Lisa Thomas, Scheduling Supervisor at Remote Counsel, told CVN. “More people are looking for reliable, effective ways to minimize travel for meetings and depositions, so it makes sense that they’re turning to video conferencing.” 

Remote Counsel brings more than a decade of trusted court-services support and technology experience to professionals looking for full-service, video conference rooms around the world. The company’s international network of meeting and video conferencing rooms includes a full complement of options, such as HD connections, WiFi, and copy services. All while reducing travel and the risks that come with it. “We have hundreds and hundreds of rooms globally,” Thomas said. “Even in remote areas, places you may not otherwise expect to find a room, we can generally get you one.”

That network is crucial to RC’s reputation for quick response and scheduling flexibility. “We say we aim to respond to people’s requests faster than they can blink,” Thomas said. “If you call us today and need a room tomorrow, we’re going to do everything we can to get it for you. You’ll be our top priority.”

The company has built its reputation on its concierge-level customer service and support, which begins the moment a client first calls RC. Experts match each client with the room that meets their specific needs, and importantly, ensure supporting services are tailored to their individual preferences. “I know which of our clients are going to need a conferencing bridge, or which ones like to dial in five minutes earlier than normal, just to prepare,” she said. “We remember things like that and handle it automatically. 

“That’s something they appreciate.”

That unsurpassed service continues into the conference room itself. “You can literally know nothing about technology at all, and just walk into one of our rooms and sit down to your meeting, completely confident that everything will be taken care of by on-site staff and our support team,” Thomas said. 

It’s a level of service and support Thomas said firms don’t find with larger companies. “Often, when lawyers deal with other companies, that personal experience is lost. They’re going through teams that don’t know their names, don’t know their specifications, don’t know what they want,” Thomas said. “And if problems arise and they’re panicking, that makes things even more difficult. 

“There’s a completely different level of personalization when you deal with us. We make sure we know our clients.”

Thomas added that RC’s expertise in conferencing ensures a quick solution to any unexpected problems. “I don’t think there’s been any event where we’ve had to just call it quits and say we can’t do it,” Thomas said. “There’s always an option and a solution.”

And those solutions come with some of the most competitive price tags in the industry. “For many sites, you’ll get a better rate through us than you will through anyone else,” Thomas told CVN,  “with all of our personal service and peace of mind included.”

As the impact of coronavirus worsens, Thomas said that peace of mind is what lawyers say they value most. “We always fight for our clients,” Thomas said. “From the moment you call us, you’ll know you have someone in your corner.”

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