Why More Lawyers Are Turning to a Concierge-Level Teleconference Solution

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Dec 19, 2019 1:18:27 PM


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It’s a nightmare faced by far too many lawyers: you spend weeks preparing for a key pre-trial meeting or a critical deposition, only to have it scuttled by last-minute teleconference tech glitches, made even worse as you try to navigate a maze of limited support. 

It’s why legal professionals are increasingly turning to teleconference rooms featuring concierge-level support, says a representative at one of the nation’s top providers. 

“You can literally know nothing about technology at all, and just walk into one of our rooms and sit down to your meeting, completely confident that everything will be taken care of by on-site staff and our support team,” Lisa Thomas, Scheduling Supervisor at Remote Counsel, told CVN. 

Remote Counsel applies more than a decade of trusted court-services support and technology experience to provide professionals with full-service, video conference rooms across the globe. Conferences are run on its proprietary Cameo system or a direct link to help ensure a secure, stable, worry-free connection. 

But Thomas said it’s their concierge-level support that attracts more and more attorneys. “Often, when lawyers deal with other companies, that personal experience is lost. They’re going through teams that don’t know their names, don’t know their specifications, don’t know what they want,” Thomas said. “And if problems arise and they’re panicking, that makes things even more difficult. 

“There’s a completely different level of personalization when you deal with us. We make sure we know our clients.”

Thomas said that personalized care begins the moment a client first calls RC. Experts walk them through the process, matching each client with the room that meets their specific needs, and importantly, ensuring supporting services are tailored to their individual preferences. “I know which of our clients are going to need a conferencing bridge, or which ones like to dial in five minutes earlier than normal, just to prepare,” she said. “We remember things like that and handle it automatically. 

“That’s something they appreciate.”

RC’s network of rooms include HD connections, court reporting, and a host of other options, while the company’s experts leverage that vast network to seamlessly accommodate clients’ last-minute requests and schedule changes. “Just a few minutes ago, I had someone call, needing something in Spain for just a couple of days from now,” Thomas said. “And we’ve already taken care of everything.”

She added that RC’s concierge-level support can be most important if a technical issue arises. The company’s expertise in conferencing ensures a quick solution to any unexpected problems. “If you do run into any issues at all, you have our support team and you have the on-site staff that are there for you, making sure you’re connected, no matter what,” Thomas said. 

“I don’t think there’s been any event where we’ve had to just call it quits and say we can’t do it. There’s always an option and a solution.”

And those solutions come with some of the most competitive price tags in the industry. “For many sites, you’ll get a better rate through us than you will through anyone else,” Thomas told CVN,  “with all of our personal service and peace of mind included.”

When the stakes are at their highest, she said that peace of mind is what lawyers say they value most. “We always fight for our clients,” Thomas said. “From the moment you call us, you’ll know you have someone in your corner.”

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