Watch Live via CVN: Chang, Littlepage, Dordick, Fell & More at the TBI MedLegal Conference

Posted by David Siegel on Sep 23, 2021 5:07:10 PM

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San Diego, CA — On Saturday, September 25, Courtroom View Network will provide free all-day video coverage of the TBI MedLegal Conference featuring panel discussions about trial and litigation strategy including top attorneys like Debbie Chang, Gary Dordick, Bibi Fell and Zoe Littlepage.

Saturday’s event, part of the 3-day conference and billed as “Athea Trial Lawyer Masters In Trial” will also include a presentation from Cliff Atkinson, author of Beyond Bullet Points and one of the country’s leading experts in visual persuasion strategies.

Additional panel topics will include mastering Zoom depositions with Littlepage and Athea colleague Bibi Fell, a session on virtual focus groups, and a session on handling high-damages cases headed by Chang, widely considered one of the best plaintiff trial lawyers in the country. 

CVN will provide free video coverage of the day’s proceedings, which will be available both live in real-time, and on-demand to watch afterwards.

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Interest in live attendance vastly exceeded available ticket capacity, so CVN’s coverage offers a convenient free option for attorneys and other legal professionals across the country to watch these top tier panels safely and remotely.

Courtroom View Network is the only news organization in the country exclusively focused on providing gavel-to-gavel video coverage of civil trials that are of interest to the legal, educational and professional communities. CVN offers the only online archive of gavel-to-gavel civil trial video available anywhere, featuring members of the faculty at the TBI MedLegal conference in trial such as Lanier, Chang, Littlepage and many, many more including Brian Panish, Gary Dordick, Keith Mitnik, Joe Fried, Arash Homampour and others.

Athea Trial Lawyers boasts some of the top women trial lawyers practicing today and describes itself as having “harnessed together for the first time the boundless legal talents, creativity and energy of some of the most successful trial lawyers in the country into one powerhouse firm with a common important goal: to ensure that women trial lawyers succeed.”

TBI MedLegal is an initiative by the Brain Injury Association of California to offer education to medical and legal professionals serving brain injury survivors.

The day's events kick off at 9am Pacific.

Please note the panel led by Gary Dordick at the end of day will not be streamed live, but will be available for free on-demand viewing shortly after its conclusion. 

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