Watch Asbestos Defense Attorneys Analyze Real Trial Video in Upcoming Webinar

Posted by David Siegel on Aug 24, 2020 11:47:01 AM

Suddleson closing

CVN screenshot of attorney Todd Suddleson delivering his closing argument

On Wednesday, August 26th at 2pm Eastern, Courtroom View Network (‘CVN’) and Perrin Conferences will present a webinar featuring some of the top asbestos defense attorneys in the country reacting to and analyzing video clips from real asbestos trials.

This webinar is your chance to learn from experienced, veteran asbestos trial attorneys and to actually watch critical moments from real asbestos jury trials that normally you would have to sit in a courtroom to see and learn from firsthand.

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Using video clips recorded by CVN during actual trials, participating attorneys will provide candid advice to explain courtroom strategy and break down why they framed an argument a certain way, the reason they rephrased a question in the cross-examination, and additional trial techniques for inside the courtroom. Panelists may also share some “what not to do” advice when trying a case to a jury.

The panel will draw on their deep experience in asbestos jury trials nationwide and will provide varied perspectives ranging from working as 1st chair in trial to coordinating counsel. The panel includes:

Todd J. Suddleson, Esq., Partner, DeHay & Elliston L.L.P.

Bruce T. Bishop, Esq., Member, Willcox Savage

Eric D. Cook, Esq., Member, Willcox Savage

Valerie E. Ross, Esq., Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP

The webinar will focus on three trials: one that ended in a defense verdict, one in a plaintiff verdict, and one in a mistrial with a hung jury. Panelists will focus on both opening and closing statements and critical moments in expert witness testimony, including experts that testify frequently in asbestos trials. Attention will also be given to the exhibits and demonstratives that play such a critical role in explaining the complex medical and scientific information asbestos trials often entail. 

The trials include Herrera v. CertainTeed, a 2018 trial in Arizona over the death of a pipefitter whose family claimed he developed cancer after years of inhaling dust generated by sawing asbestos cement pipes, which ended in a defense verdict.

Also included is Taylor v. Georgia Pacific, a 2015 trial in Florida resulting in a $15 million verdict awarded to a construction work, and Boyd-Bostic v. Johnson & Johnson, a cosmetic talc/asbestos trial in South Carolina that resulted in a mistrial in 2018.

Time permitting, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with the panelists. Webinar attendees will also receive an exclusive CVN coupon code offering a 50% discount on a CVN video library subscription, which includes numerous talc and asbestos trials.

Courtroom View Network is an online video news service that provides gavel-to-gave “C-SPAN style” video coverage of civil jury trials of interest to the legal, educational and business communities. CVN is the only news media outlet that routinely covers multi-week talc and asbestos trials in full, gavel-to-gavel. CVN maintains the only online video library of civil jury trials anywhere in the world, and among the hundreds of trials viewable with a CVN subscription are numerous talc and asbestos trials in jurisdictions across the United States, including some of the most significant plaintiff and defense verdicts of the last decade.

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Topics: Products Liability, Asbestos, Talc