|VIDEO| Top Trial Attys on the Social Media Content That Can Boost Your Law Practice

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Jun 4, 2021 3:00:21 PM

One of the hardest parts of using social media to build your law practice is publishing consistent, compelling posts. But in a recent CVN webinar, top trial attorneys Eric Rosen and Bethany Schneider talked about how they come up with the content that has built them strong online followings. 

One common misconception that can stifle content creation, they agreed, is that all of your posts must contain some substantive piece of Learned Hand-esque wisdom.

“At the beginning, I think I was really putting a lot of pressure on coming up with something very interesting and substantive every day,” Schneider, of Atlanta's Schneider Injury Law, said. Instead, she said, she's learned that a mix of material, from snappy to substantive, and sometimes both at once, can be the best way to remain consistent and build an audience. 

“Every post doesn’t have to be the most substantive thing ever…. You know how people scroll through Instagram,” Schneider said. “Where I still focus on the content creation is my videos and trying to make sure my videos are giving good information for the people that actually watch them.”

And the best source of content, Rosen added, often comes from experiences that your audience can relate to. “I try to think of a good story,” Rosen, of Fort Lauderdale's Rosen Injury Law, said. He noted a particularly popular post on what not to do when pulled over by police. “I see what strikes a chord with people…. You’ll see how it gets a lot of traction.”

Rosen said that using that source material across multiple channels can also make the process much more efficient. “It takes, say 20 minutes [to] do a quick TikTok, then I can get that over to… someone I work with for social media, and then she gets it into Instagram Reels, then it shows up on LinkedIn," Rosen said. “You can cross-use those videos, as long as they’re platform appropriate." 

Schneider and Rosen are two nationally recognized trial attorneys who have built large followings across social media channels ranging from LinkedIn and YouTube to TikTok and Instagram. Their discussion on content development was just a small part of a larger webinar on using social media to boost your law practice. The webinar covered a range of topics, including:

  • Which social media channels work best for specific audiences.

  • How to build a reputation as a thought leader in a particular practice-area niche.

  • Tips to gain early traction on social media.

And much more. 

They also shared examples of their more popular posts and discussed why they were successful. The webinar is particularly valuable to any attorney looking to use social media to strengthen their business. 

Now the webinar is available, on demand and fully indexed, as part of CVN Discovery, our ever-expanding library of in-depth interviews and webinars aimed at helping attorneys succeed in and out of the courtroom. 

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