|Watch| The Crucial Moments of Trial Against CrossFit Over PI Attorney's Back Injury Claim

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Nov 5, 2020 11:55:07 AM


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A Missouri state court jury cleared CrossFit Inc. of all liability in a lawsuit filed by a personal injury attorney who claimed that a weightlifting coach’s inadequate training caused her to suffer a herniated disc.

The trial was named one of CVN’s Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2018, and now you can watch the most important moments from the trial, including key openings, expert testimony, and closing arguments, as part of our Trial in 20 Minutes feature, thanks to our partner ChartSquad!

Plaintiff Julia Kerr, a personal injury attorney, sought $3M in damages after performing a “deadlift” exercise in a gym offering the CrossFit training regimen, a popular fitness program that involves motivational coaches encouraging clients during their workout.

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CrossFit denied any responsibility for Kerr’s herniated disc, arguing that she didn’t seek medical attention until five weeks after the incident, and that when she did tell her doctor about back pain she made no mention of her time at the gym. The company’s lawyers told jurors that Kerr had prior back problems she did not disclose to her coach, and that if she had she would never have been allowed to perform the deadlift.

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