|VIDEO| The Birth of the Application That Upends Medical Records Collection

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jul 7, 2022 1:45:00 PM

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The pioneering application that changed the way attorneys collect their clients’ medical records was born from an industry pro’s surprising discovery.

Chris Carpenter had spent decades working in the medical records industry, not knowing who ultimately paid the high rates those companies charged for the documents lawyers needed to build their clients’ cases. 

“I met a young litigator and she explained to me, ‘Do you realize what you’re doing? All these patients are paying the bill…. We pass those fees on to the patient,’” Carpenter said. “It was gut-wrenching.”

The revelation led Carpenter down a new path, and to a solution that would upend the field. “I looked throughout the industry and there was not a single voice for the plaintiff. Not one. And at that moment, I decided I’m going to fix this problem.”

Carpenter created ChartSquad, and its industry-first application, which empowers patients to easily obtain their own medical records, then seamlessly share those digital documents with their attorneys or anyone else they choose. 

The application can reduce a $30,000 potential charge for an attorney’s records request to roughly $50 when going through ChartSquad and its patient-centered approach. 

Attorneys sign up online for free, refer their clients to ChartSquad through the online portal, and the company does the rest, updating patients and their attorneys as records are delivered. The service fulfills a client’s entire medical records request in just 15 days on average, significantly reducing an attorney’s on-desk time. Meanwhile, the system’s flexibility allows for easy scaling, from solo practices to some of the largest firms in the country. 

In the end, all of those benefits are passed on to a firm’s clients in the form of quicker, better resolutions to their claims. 

“Most people think, ‘Civil justice? That happens in the courtroom,’” Carpenter said. “You know where civil justice happens? It starts with the medical record.”

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