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Posted by Arlin Crisco on May 18, 2023 3:49:18 PM


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Over the last month, CVN has covered a host of blockbuster trials across the country, including a $9 million medical malpractice case and an auto defect claim against Nissan. Check out key moments from just a few of the most recent headline-making proceedings we’ve covered. 

$9M Med Mal Verdict for Child’s Debilitating Hand Injury

A Georgia jury awarded $9 million for the life-long hand injury a child suffered after being treated for a broken arm. Plaintiffs contend an orthopedist wrapped a splint around the child’s arm too tightly, cutting off the blood supply to the child’s hand. In closings, The Moses Firm’s Moses Kim told jurors the doctor ignored the child’s complaints concerning the splint. 

“It doesn’t matter whether your patient is 7 or 70. You as a doctor have a responsibility to listen to your patients.”

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California Jury Awards $21M in TBI Trial, But Clears Nissan of Liability 

Earlier this month, jurors handed down a $21 million verdict for the severe injuries two women suffered in a crash with a drunk driver. However, the California jury apportioned 100 percent of liability to the drunk driver and cleared Nissan of fault. Attorneys for the women claim the 2011 Nissan Altima in which they were traveling contained passenger seat airbags that were defectively designed, leading one of the sisters to strike her head on a structural support and suffer a traumatic brain injury. However, Nissan’s attorney, Thomas Klein, of Klein Thomas Lee & Fresard, argued the airbags were not defective and the car met applicable safety standards.

“Maybe [claims surrounding inadequate safety testing] is all MSU: making stuff up.”

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Jury Deadlocks in Wrongful Death, Dangerous Condition Trial 

Following six days of deliberations, a California jury failed to reach a verdict at trial against the City of San Diego over claims that a dangerous roadway condition led a car to strike two pedestrians, killing one and injuring the other. 

During closings of the trial last month, Brett Schreiber, of Singleton Schreiber, told jurors the city knew the roadway had a long history of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. 

“Whether the car’s going northbound or southbound, whether pedestrians are going eastbound or westbound, what the City of San Diego has known for decades is that people and vehicles were smashing into each other.”

But an attorney for the City of San Diego, Kelly McGeehan, countered evidence showed the pedestrians failed to look for oncoming traffic when crossing the roadway.  

"Because they were looking down at a cell phone, they didn’t see [the driver] coming at them and they got hit by a car.”

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