September's FREE Feature Trial: Ford Prevails Over Claims Its Airbag System Caused Deadly Crash

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Sep 5, 2019 2:52:46 PM

September’s Feature Trial on CVN — available gavel-to-gavel and on demand to all of our FREE CVN account members — saw Ford Motor Co. prevail in a product liability trial over a deadly South Florida crash.

In Llera v. Ford Motor Co., McDonald Toole Wiggins’s Francis McDonald and Courtney King helped clear the automotive giant against claims that a faulty airbag deployment system in its 2003 Ford Mustang killed 20-year-old Anthony Llera.. 

The 2013 late-night crash, which killed one of Llera’s passengers and injured two others, occurred after the group had left a West Palm Beach-area bar. Th Llera family’s attorneys, Esther Zaretsky, Max Zaretsky, and Daniel Franks, of The Zaretsky Law Group, argued that an improper air bag deployment caused the crash. 

McDonald and King countered that the airbag deployed properly and Llera’s drunk driving caused the wreck. 

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