From Crash Cases to Product Liability Trials and More: The Latest Trials You Can Watch in the CVN Library

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Over the past several weeks, CVN cameras have covered headline-grabbing trials from coast-to-coast, including a pair of 10-figure verdicts, as well as a bellwether mesh trial, a key trial against Monsanto in Missouri, and more. Check out what's new to the CVN library. 

Medical Malpractice

Threat v. Gamble-Webb, et al.: A Georgia jury delivered a $30 million verdict against a hospital and obstetrician for the profound birth-related injuries a mother and her child suffered.

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Dinallo, et al. v. Kayat, et al.: A physician assistant prevailed in a Florida med mal trial over the death of one of his patients. 

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Product Liability

Alesi, et al. v. Monsanto: Monsanto prevailed in the first Missouri state court, multi-plaintiff trial over allegations the company’s Roundup weed killer caused cancer. 

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Hill v. Ford Motor Co.: A Georgia jury handed down a $1.7-plus billion verdict against Ford for the death of a couple in a rollover crash. 

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Trevino, et al. v. Davol, Inc., et al.: A Rhode Island jury awarded $4.8 million in the nation’s first state court trial involving allegedly defective hernia mesh implants. 

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Product Liability - Tobacco

Wlasiuk v. R.J. Reynolds, et al.: A Florida jury handed down a $6 million verdict against R.J. Reynolds for the role it found the company played in a woman’s death from respiratory disease. 

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Tuttle v. Philip Morris, et al.: Although a Florida jury handed down an $850,000 verdict against Philip Morris for the death of a Florida smoker, they apportioned only 20% of responsibility to the tobacco company, likely significantly reducing the post-verdict award. 

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Negligent Hiring 

Goff v. Charter Communications, et al.: Texas jurors hit Charter Communications with a $7.375 billion verdict at trial over a woman killed in her home by one of the company's field technicians. 

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Transportation - Not Product Liability

Dhalai v. FedEx: Jurors in Nevada awarded $8 million for the injuries a woman suffered in a collision with a FedEx delivery truck. 

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