CVN Discovery: Trial Heavyweights Break Down Their Winning Techniques

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jan 26, 2021 2:49:06 PM


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You know Courtroom View Network offers subscribers thousands of hours of real courtroom footage from trials around the country with our unrivaled Video Library.

Now, CVN is going beyond the courtroom to bring you webinars and interviews with some of the best attorneys in the country, breaking down the techniques that won their biggest verdicts with CVN Discovery.

Subscribers to our Video Library will now have access to hours of expert analysis, including interviews and webinars with the best legal practitioners dissecting their own strategies featuring real courtroom video.

These legal heavyweights don't just tell you how it's done, they show you, in a real courtroom, along with the real results it delivered.

Trial pros Jim Butler, Steve Vartazarian, Dan Huff, and more share their courtroom-proven approaches to every aspect of a case. They're just a fraction of the content you'll be getting when you subscribe to our expanded Video Library that now includes CVN Discovery. 

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Each of the features in our ever-growing collection is fully indexed. You can jump to the exact subject you are looking for without watching the whole video.

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