Crucial Moments Leading to 8-Figure Verdicts, Newly Added to CVN Essentials

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jan 5, 2018 10:25:00 AM


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CVN Essentials opens 2018 by adding more than an hour of additional curated video to its archive and by featuring highlights and analysis of three of the biggest trials we covered last year.

Learn how Lloyd Bell put jurors in the shoes of a patient who suffered catastrophic brain damage from a blood clot that constricted her airway, as he opened a trial that ultimately ended with a $26 million win.

Follow the critical moments leading to a jury’s $24.9 million award against Nissan over claims that faulty brakes in one of the company’s vehicles caused an accident that killed three people in CVN’s newest Trials in 20 Minutes episode.

Discover how Steve Vartazarian won a $10.8 million verdict by turning the tables on what he told jurors was L.A. County’s attempt to use a worker to avoid liability for a forklift crash that maimed a pedestrian’s legs.

Plus much more.

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CVN Essentials features more than 200 video clips curated from the most important cases we’ve covered, along with in-depth analysis; Trial in 20 Minutes episodes that condense the most important moments from entire trials into compelling, focused features; and themed highlight reels centered on successful trial techniques.

It’s CVN’s most efficient tool for video study, news, and insight. And most importantly, it’s regularly updated to keep you up to date on the techniques winning trials across the nation.

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