Engle Trading Card Tuesdays: Flashback Part 3

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Sep 30, 2014 2:15:18 PM

Because our Engle Trading Card Series has been so popular and we've been asked where to find our earlier, Series 1 cards, we'll periodically revisit the subjects of our first set of cards and provide quick updates on their Engle litigation history.

Card #2: Adam Trop


Adam Trop, who hasn't tried any CVN Engle cases since we first issued this card back in 2011, remains one of the more successful plaintiff's attorneys in Engle progeny proceedings, with an 80% win rate and an average award of more than $12 million.

Card # 21: The Law Offices of Sheldon Schlesinger, P.A.


Since we issued this card, the Law Offices of Sheldon Schlesinger, P.A. cemented a place as one of the preeminent plaintiff's firms in Engle progeny litigation. The firm boasts an 8-3 record with one mistrial through 12 total Engle trials.

Card #22: Stephanie Parker


Since her card was issued Stephanie Parker lost her only CVN Engle progeny trial, as Smith v. R.J. Reynolds concluded with a $30 million verdict before apportionment of fault. However, she has turned much of her Engle attention to federal cases, and won the first ever federal Engle progeny trial, 2012's Gollihue v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co, et al.

Come back next Tuesday to learn who'll be featured on our next Engle trading card.


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