Trading Card Tuesdays: CVN's Engle Litigation Trading Cards Series 2 Coming Next Week

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Aug 26, 2014 6:39:15 AM

It's been nearly eight years since the landmark Florida Supreme Court decision in Engle v Liggett Group Inc., which decertified a massive tobacco class action suit and launched thousands of cases against the tobacco industry that continue to be tried throughout the state. In 2011, CVN introduced our Engle trading card series, a light-hearted way to track verdicts and trends over the course of this litigation. By popular demand, and beginning next Tuesday, we'll introduce Series 2 of our Engle Trading Cards. Each Tuesday, we'll release one card highlighting an attorney, team, or case that has played a central role in Engle progeny litigation.

Today, in anticipation of our Series 2 release, we're looking back at three key cards in our initial 2011 series.

Card #1, Kenneth Reilly


As our Engle card #1 noted, Kenneth Reilly, of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, was known for trying more Engle cases than any other attorney. Since this card was issued, Reilly has been involved in 10 more Engle proceedings covered by CVN.

Card #11, Jeffrey Sloman


With only one CVN Engle trial, The Ferraro Law Firm's Jeffrey Sloman was listed as a rookie in our initial series. In the last three years, Sloman has tried four more Engle cases covered by CVN, including one currently underway. Sloman's record is 3-1 in Engle proceedings CVN has covered to date.


Card # 13, Kirkland v. R.J. Reynolds


This case card highlighted two attorneys that continue to play key roles in Engle progeny litigation. Willie Gary was a member of the team representing Cynthia Robinson in her record $23.6 billion punitive damage win. Since 2009, Stephen Kaczynski, of Jones Day, has appeared in six Engle proceedings covered by CVN, including two this year.


Check back next week for another flashback from our first series.

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