Florida Gas Wins $82M in Pipeline Dispute

Posted by msch on Jan 27, 2011 11:39:00 AM

Attorney Daniel BishopThe jury in Florida Gas Transmission v. Florida Department of Transportation today awarded over $82M in damages against the Florida DOT for breaching an agreement to reimburse for the costs of relocating a gas pipeline.

The jury rejected most of the claims asserted by both parties, including trespass, breach of easements, and promissory estoppel. However, on Florida Gas's reimbursement claim, the jury awarded the precise amount requested by the plaintiff: $82,697,567.

In his closing rebuttal, Daniel Bishop, of Bishop London & Dodds, reminded the jury that a DOT witness had testified by video deposition: "I guess we would have to provide a place for [Florida Gas] to relocate...because they have a compensable interest in our right of way."

"That was their own person's testimony," said Mr. Bishop. "Not ours, not taken from any of the documents."

Florida Gas Transmission Co. is a subsidiary of Citris Corp, which is 50% owned by Southern Union Company (NYSE:SUG) and 50% owned by El Paso Corporation (NYSE:EP).

CVN webcast Florida Gas v. DOT live.

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