Airgas COO Michael Molinini Takes The Stand

Posted by msch on Oct 6, 2010 3:28:00 PM

Michael Molinini Airgas TrialThe Air Products v. Airgas trial returned to "public" mode this afternoon with the testimony of Airgas COO Michael Molinini, who discussed the commercial gas business, and Airgas' competitors.

Mr. Molinini said he understood that Air Products was sorry they had sold their packaged gas business because packaged gas buyers of cylinders would eventually become bulk purchasers, which gave Airgas more customer leads than a company like Air Products, whose limited product offering of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon, which he compared to "chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry," was inadequate to attract new customers. Mr. Molinini also described why SAP would be a transformational technology for Airgas, specifically because of the role of Airgas's packaged products.

Airgas COO Michael Molinini Testifies

CVN is webcasting all public portions of Air Products v. Airgas. Onsite viewers have been repeatedly moved out to the hallway, but CVN viewers conveniently monitor the proceedings from their desk.

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