eBay Trial Testimony Focuses on Corporate Governance Matters

Posted by msch on Dec 16, 2009 11:43:00 AM

The CVN eBay-Craigslist trial coverage was interrupted briefly this morning due to a power outage at the Delaware Chancery Court (the courtroom went dark and the judge left the bench).  When testimony resumed, questions to Craigslist counsel Ed Wes focused tightly on the development and implementation of the Craigslist corporate governance provisions at issue in the trial, as well as the options considered.

Asked whether eBay's proposed information firewalls were sufficient to obviate the need for a staggered board of directors, Wes testified, "eBay should have had firewalls in place all along.  This is stunningthat they're only putting in firewalls after they launched acompetitive threat.  We didn't trust eBay." 

Craigslist counsel Ed West testifies in eBay trial

The eBay trial is being webcast live by Courtroom View Network.  CVN is also making video highlights of the eBay trial available for each day.

Topics: Securities, eBay v. Craigslist