Ethicon Trial in 20 Minutes Feature, and More, Just Added to CVN Essentials

Posted by Arlin Crisco on Dec 21, 2017 10:07:59 AM


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As the year winds down, CVN Essentials has added a slate of new curated video and analysis, allowing subscribers to see the crucial moments of some our latest trials, as well as delve into the courtroom techniques that led to the verdicts.

Watch what led to the $15 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon in CVN’s newest Trial in 20 Minutes episode.

Learn what Searcy Denney’s Matthew Schwencke believes led a jury to more than double the damages he requested in a breach of settlement suit against the University of Florida.

See how closing arguments in the nation’s first talc-asbestos case trial turned into a “battle of the red flags” that saw J&J prevail.

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Plus much more, including key video highlights from CVN’s most recent trials.

CVN Essentials features more than 200 video clips curated from the most important cases we’ve covered, along with in-depth commentary; Trials in 20 Minutes episodes that distill entire trials into compelling, focused features; and themed highlight reels centered on successful trial techniques.

It’s CVN’s most efficient tool for video study and insight.  And most importantly, it’s regularly updated to keep you abreast of the trial techniques winning cases across the country.

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