In $100M Brain Injury Case, Was ATV Driver Negligent After Crash? | Florida Trial Video

Posted by Courtroom View Network on May 18, 2015 6:20:00 PM

Click Here FREE Florida Trial Video Samples As trial opened last week in the $100 million suit of a woman who suffered lifelong brain and spinal injuries from a 2007 ATV accident, attorneys focused on whether the ATV driver was negligent in getting the woman emergency medical care. 

The Martinez-Odom Law Group's Gene Odom contended that his client, Brittany Falkner, sustained the bulk of her permanent brain and spinal damage because the ATV's driver, Edward Murawski, transported Falkner from the crash site himself to a hospital ill-equipped for her injuries.  

Murawski's attorney, John Wilke, told jurors that his client and two companions acted to the best of their ability, given the panic and stress of the accident, which launched Falkner head-first into a tree.  


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