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Video Vault: Bob Cheeley Delivers Powerful Closing at Trial Involving Survivor of Crash That Killed Five Nursing Students

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Mar 16, 2017 11:29:47 PM

Attorneys drew battle lines at trial over the brain trauma a nursing student suffered in a fiery tractor trailer crash. While a settlement during deliberations ultimately carried the case, Bob Cheeley's stirring closing rebuttal helped sway jurors to deliver an eight-figure verdict.  Richards v. Total Transportation of Mississippi LLC, SUV2015000174. 

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Topics: Georgia, Transportation, Richards v. Total Transportation, et al.

CVN's Trial in 20 Minutes Delivers Highlight Reels of the Most Powerful Courtroom Moments

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Mar 6, 2017 1:33:38 PM

Stock image. 

This week, CVN debuts its new, subscriber-only feature, Trial in 20 Minutes, which delivers the biggest highlights of select cases across the country. In just about 20 minutes, you’ll see the most important, explosive moments that led to a trial’s verdict. 

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Topics: Trabue v. Atlanta Women's Specialists LLC, Trial in 20 Minutes

Experts On The Experts: A Deep Dive Into The Make-or-Break Scientific Testimony Deciding Talc Powder Trials

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Feb 16, 2017 2:40:21 PM

The following is a guest post courtesy of Innovative Science Solutions.

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Topics: product liability

CVN Florida Plaintiff's Attorneys of 2016: Lawyers Whose $140M Verdict Broke Media Giant

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Dec 22, 2016 10:56:49 AM

Billions of dollars were at stake in CVN-covered trials throughout Florida in 2016. However, the two lawyers who earn this year’s title as CVN Florida Plaintiff’s Attorneys of the Year spearheaded a win in a landmark trial over celebrity privacy that ultimately toppled a media giant.

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Topics: Florida, Bollea v. Gawker Media, Florida Attorney of the Year

CVN Georgia Plaintiff's Attorney of 2016 Earned Honor with $20M Award in TBI Trial

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Dec 22, 2016 9:54:50 AM

CVN covered major verdicts won by some of the best plaintiff’s lawyers in Georgia in 2016. CVN Georgia’s Attorney of the Year distinguished himself by going 2-1 in front of CVN cameras, including a critical eight-figure award in Cobb County.

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Topics: Georgia Attorney of the Year, Reboulet v. Schlosberg, Khan v. Moore Freight Service Inc.