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|Video| Trent Speckhals' Closing Delivers $5M+ Verdict for "Life That Will Never Be"

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Apr 13, 2017 1:31:41 PM

A plaintiff can recover “the full value of a deceased’s life” in a Georgia wrongful death suit. However, where the bulk of a damage claim is for non-economic value, or what made the lost life at the heart of a case special, the damages argument becomes more complicated. In a wrongful death case involving a 22-year-old hairstylist and mother of two, Trent Speckhals’ closing argument emphasized the importance of non-economic damages and helped deliver a hefty award. Mitchell v. The Estate of Otis South, 09A03669.

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Topics: Georgia, Transportation, Mitchell v. Estate of South

The First Four of CVN Florida's Legal Legends

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Apr 5, 2017 4:26:33 PM


CVN has covered some of the most successful attorneys in Florida in their biggest trials. To highlight their powerhouse performances, we are launching Florida Legal Legends, specially curated video featuring the state’s legal elite in the most electrifying moments captured by CVN courtroom cameras.

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Guest Analysis: Key Takeaways from Recent Talc Powder 'Science Day' Hearing in California

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Mar 24, 2017 8:46:15 AM

The following is a guest post courtesy of David H. Schwartz, Ph.D. of Innovative Science Solutions LLC and Nathan Schachtman, Esq. 

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Video Vault: Bob Cheeley Delivers Powerful Closing at Trial Involving Survivor of Crash That Killed Five Nursing Students

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Mar 16, 2017 11:29:47 PM

Attorneys drew battle lines at trial over the brain trauma a nursing student suffered in a fiery tractor trailer crash. While a settlement during deliberations ultimately carried the case, Bob Cheeley's stirring closing rebuttal helped sway jurors to deliver an eight-figure verdict.  Richards v. Total Transportation of Mississippi LLC, SUV2015000174. 

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Topics: Georgia, Transportation, Richards v. Total Transportation, et al.

CVN's Trial in 20 Minutes Delivers Highlight Reels of the Most Powerful Courtroom Moments

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Mar 6, 2017 1:33:38 PM

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This week, CVN debuts its new, subscriber-only feature, Trial in 20 Minutes, which delivers the biggest highlights of select cases across the country. In just about 20 minutes, you’ll see the most important, explosive moments that led to a trial’s verdict. 

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Topics: Trabue v. Atlanta Women's Specialists LLC, Trial in 20 Minutes