Closing in Storage Unit Crush Case Paves Way for $5.5M Verdict | Florida Trial Video Vault

Posted by Courtroom View Network on Jun 7, 2015 12:18:00 PM

Ervin Gonzalez tells jurors there were no plans for modifications to a storage unit rented by Gonzalez’s client, Stephen Wolkoff. The unit collapsed on Wolkoff, who sued its owner Sunshine Storage. Jurors awarded Wolkoff $5.5 million in the suit. Click here to watch the trial.   


Click Here FREE Florida Trial Video Samples Walking the fine line between reiterating to your jury the narrative underlying the case without simply repeating what they've heard before can be difficult. In Stephen Wolkoff v. Sunshine Storage Inc.  Ervin Gonzalez, representing Wolkoff, delivers a powerful argument that reinforces, rather than merely repeats his claim. Gonzalez argues that the storage unit Wolkoff rented from Sunshine Storage, was a "death trap" of improper design and construction that ultimately collapsed on Wolkoff and left him with permanent injuries. It's a closing argument that set the stage for a $5.5 million verdict for Gonzalez's client and a finding assessing 90% of liability in the incident on the defendants.

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Topics: Premises Liability, Negligence, Florida, Wolkoff v. Sunshine Storage Inc.